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Aniruddha Dec 2020
Down with fever on a Saturday night,
I just wish for a glance of her soothing light.
No pleasure is perpetual.
Grief stricken, hopeless I’m,
Began a quest -
A cry for immortal bliss.

Journey is long,
Slowly showing its toll.
Ageing rapidly through the time,
Revealing her tenacious paradigm.

Where is the money,
For it can bring only agony.
Peace is temporary,
And they say war is necessary.
Why shall I agree to her words
which are equally scary.

This life, finite in its expression,
Caught up in some pseudo socialism.
Through intangible portals of death and rebirth,
How do I transcend this dualism!

For nothing interests me more,
Come blindfold me with your lore.
I was never free,
And they wish that I could flee.

You don’t get it, or do you.
Might wonder I’m in folly,
Driven by insanity.
Take a step back,
Or will you rather not.

World is filled with dejection,
Still I hope for serenity,
Coz I'm ******* by this ****** lunacy.

As she laughed at this mighty plight,
And I cried through my whole night,
Wishing for a bliss that's eternal.
But settled for a song that's so mortal.

— The End —