no time for great sex
no time for grey love
no time to run errands
no time to pet your animals
no time for the drive thru
no time for alcohol
no time for coffee
no time for children
no time for fishing
no time to watch birds
no time to brush teeth,
comb hair or make toilet
no time to drive cars,
abroad trains or planes
no time for incest, rape
and murder
no time for fire, flood
and hailstorms
no time to be alone or lonely
no time for 35 cent pears
no time to buy gingham dresses
and striped bathing suits
no time to throw a bowling
ball through the window
no time to egg the
neighbors house
no time to borrow
jumper cables
no time to cry
no time to travel
no time to create
no time to dream
no time for sleep
no time for poems
no time for music
no time for movies
no time for hate
no time for religion
no time for politics
no time for opinions
no time for the needy
no time to make money
no time to enjoy yourself
no time to live life and dance

so no matter
how much the world
tries to push you,
always remember
to set aside time to
chew your poetry slowly and
write your food with grit and
Nateive Son Jul 1
Listening to talk radio,
Paint a portrait of reality.

Talking to my parents,
Painting a portrait of reality.

The cashier at Safeway,
Paints a portrait of reality.

My water colors lie at my feet,
And the brush strokes back and forth,
Crazy colors.

"What are you doing?"
The passerby ask...

"Painting a portrait of reality!"

And they stare at you
Like you're the crazy one.
Inspired by a bizarre street fight I witnessed in Boulder, CO once.

For some reason it brought to light what Phillip K Dick once said about nobody being able to understand each other because our own private, individual lives are so complex and odd and viewed by only us (completely) that it might actually be better to just agree that nobody will ever understand each other.

Like I said, bizarre.
  Jun 30 Nateive Son
she gave me her nudes
she was bare
and naked
and so out
and open
and i willingly
accepted it
because it wasnt the nudes
that showed her body
the physical aspects
that made her beautiful
it was the words
she didnt choose
and the spontaneity
that left her
either from her lips
or her fingers
or ink

she was as bare
as her nudes
and i accepted
her for her.
10:02 PM 5/1/2018
  Jun 22 Nateive Son
Mike Hauser
There's a calmness to the air of the trailer park
As the dumpster in the back slides to the right
Underneath is where our Super Hero has his lair
And where adventure starts out every night

For years now it's been the same old routine
Belches as he wobbles to his feet
Throws the remote down on the beer stained couch
Scratches his rear at the same time picking his teeth

Yes, the night belongs to Beer Belly Batman
Who spends his time fighting petty crime
From spitting on the sidewalkers to mouth full of food talkers
Putting them back in their place and back in line

Sure he used to be a top notch crime fighter
Evil forces he always did foil
But after years and years of beating crime up
The beating on him has taken its toll

If the neighbors music is to loud feel free to call him
Nothing he likes better than knocking heads of unruly kids
Hey Punk! Pull Your Pants Up! Is his favorite motto...
Giving Super Hero Wedges like nobody's biz

I don't know about you but this much is true
I always feel a little more safe and sound
And sleep that much better at night
Knowing there's a White Trash Super Hero around
Keep one foot in front of the other
And move towards the light
Find your inner strength
Continue to make your world bright
Always possess the winning attitude
This will take you far
Put your heart and soul into everything
In order for you to be that shining star
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