I am no good
Or so they tell me
Maybe they have told you this too
Maybe they have gotten to you
And right now
You're doing something you hate
A meaningless way to pass the time
When is it going to be enough?
How long will you put up with it?
The toil and the triumph over
When are you going to have enough money to
Because it is not that long until you
When is there going to be peace
And easy flowing people through the streets
Dancing in harmony with the natural rhythm
Of the stars and planets
Totally free
Way out there
Way out there
Way out there
Where things are different
And you don't have to be the same person
That you are now...

You could be yourself.
Drinking grapefruit juice naked is the only way to live:


This piece of writing is 46 calories and provides 2% of your daily value of truth.
People are so scared
To be themselves
It makes me sad
As I shuffle from side to side
On the concrete walk
Dreaming of pussy
That tastes like pears
And kisses
Listening to psychedelic ramblings
Through inner workings
Of gears we all have
But fail to use....

I see buildings that look the same
Full of goobers doing groupthink things
And the thought comes back that
I am a square peg in a round hole
Never dying to get in
But trying to look like
I'm not up to know good....

It's OK to cry if yer a guy
I do it all the time
And I am not mushed up yet
I still get hard
And can chop wood
Though I don't drink that beer
Because I'm smoking that

Sitting on the grass in City Park
Watching the ducks go by
I know that it doesn't really matter
But I miss her
And if I could
I would tell her
I was sorry.
I live in fantasies that always reveal elaborate truths:

The choice is yours
Try a little harder
Believe that you can do it
You can always be better
It is all in your mind
Continue to reach
Envision greatness
So you can make your victory speech
Nateive Son Sep 17
You still wake up at 5 AM sometimes
And think about her
The way her hair smelled
And smiles of innocent laughter
Turning you into a puddle
Of true emotion
That is not welcome outside
Because you're a man
And men are manly
Which means nothing, actually
It's a load of horse feed that weighs you down
Not allowing you to
Ride off into the sunset of truth
That you know is there
Whenever the memories come in
And you just bask in them
Loving that things were once so perfect
And calm
It's hard to be mad about anything
Once you think about it long enough
And the way things turned out
It was for the best
Even if it's still not
Maybe one day you will meet in the old folk's home and eat ice cream together, oblivious of the past:

  Sep 16 Nateive Son
Mike Hauser
She is just an arsonist
Setting hearts on fire
Strike a match to her latest catch
Ash deep in desire

She is just an arsonist
Fanning hot the flames
Adding twigs in the shape of men
Burning each of them

She is just an arsonist
Destruction in her wake
Trial by fire burns hotter
If you're caught up in her blaze
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