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Nate Evans May 2014
I've been writing poems in my head again.

Maybe soon I'll start writing them all on paper...

I hope it doesn't come to that.
Nate Evans Mar 2013
Remember where you were,
before you were born?
What if we simply go back there
after we
Nate Evans Dec 2012
The first time I told anyone I loved them
was under a speed limit sign.
I said now every time you see one
on the road,
you will know I love you.

But that wasn't good enough,
nor was it often enough,
so I went out and bought you one.

I hope this is the good kind of lame
that you are always talking about.
Nate Evans Dec 2012
Every moment you spend sad
is a moment I consider myself a failure.
As if your happiness should be solely dependent
on me.

Am I really this arrogant?
Nate Evans Dec 2012
The other week
I was driving home from work.
I passed a cop
hiding in the dark
trying to catch people speeding.
I flickered my lights to warn oncoming traffic
to slow down,
and every time I saw their brake lights
in my rear view mirror,
I felt relieved knowing I'd helped them.

Last night I was driving home-
same route as always.
A car passed me
and I found myself thinking,
****** you. I hope there's a cop up ahead.
Nate Evans Nov 2012
They say the big bang started it all,
and before that,

Our lives are meaningless.
You've all felt it.

Someday, I will cease to exist.
will cease to exist.
Our planet cannot last forever.
The sun will die, and us with it.

Spend an hour watching the news
and you'll hear all sorts of stories about
people rebelling against the system;
doing things they shouldn't do.
Politicians lying.
People stealing.
Gangs murdering.

But remember, we live in a world where nothing
really matters, so
who's really rebelling?

I say, it's the selfless.
The one's who choose
to do good for no other reason
than the sake of doing good.

I want to be a rebel.
Nate Evans Nov 2012
I work 40 hours a week delivering pizzas.
Minimum wage, plus tips, (if there are any)
from some of the most unpleasant people
in existence.
Their cynicism is contagious, and I
find myself growing ever impatient.

I'm going to school, though. So I guess that's good.
My major is Classical Guitar Performance.
(I don't know why I capitalized that.)
Currently, I'm only part time at a community college.
I don't qualify for enough financial aid to be full time
cause I haven't been living in the district for long enough.
At this rate it's going to take me over 4 years to get a 2 year degree.
And I still want to transfer after that.

I could barely manage to pay rent this month.
My electric bill is 2 months late.
I haven't had car insurance in 6 months.
My car is on the verge of breaking down.
Final exams start next week, in which I will
have to perform in front of a jury.
(I'm no where near ready.)

I'm not listing all this stuff to gain sympathy.
I'm not trying to complain. I know my life is pretty awesome.
I find reasons to smile every day.

And someday I'm going to look back at all this stress
and be able to utter the words,
"I succeeded."
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