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Mar 2016 · 483
It's Ok
Natalie Brittain Mar 2016
Its not knowing whats comimg next
That’s the scariest part
To be completely unaware
Of what might happen next
But don’t think
Why should it matter what happens next
It will pass eventually
Youll get through
Just Keep your head down
Don’t ask questions
That takes time
We don’t have time
We need to get to tomorrow already
The days need to pass faster
But why?
Why do we push and push for the end of the week
Only to start another one
But hey
Try to escape from all the mess
Just once in a while
get away
your crazy mind needs a break
So just leave
And join another world
Just for a little while
Then come back and worry about the little things that we stress
And stress
And stress over
Oh and its ok
The unknown is ok
It makes life scary
Sometimes life is scary
And that’s ok
Its ok

— The End —