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Mar 2016 · 147
Heart To Heart(Part 1)
Heart to heart connected through our veins.
Fears and everything that plays emotions in exchange for pains and gains.
Emptied heart tanks a refill is needed.
Loneliness creeps in, this shadow of boredom has tremendously succeeded.
Managed to push buttons of a loveless lifestyle.
Tons of words to put together and make you smile.
Welcome to this loveless island of broken hearts.

Trembling voices of our heartbeats.
Our lack of words is too timid our love it supersedes.
This coat of sadness is too cold, I'm remarkably freezing.
Stars and skies fuming with people's love excitement *******, i'm just standing here gazing.
I'm running short of emotions.

My Heart is about to wear the midnight and take it off the next couple of hours of sunset.
I'm bracing myself for a fake celebration of being in love.
We play a role of a couple that fell for love.
The connotations of our story chases away the sleep in me.
For it all boiled down to a sentence with the word I and not we.
Slipped these ideas into some love infested corners of my brain.
They are escaping this free ground I put together, losing their way in this daunting fast lane.

— The End —