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Feb 2019 · 132
We be Art
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
You look like art
Male and female
Way beyond the veil
Hard yet soft
A drink and a cough
You're the up
When there is down
You're the sun
For ever moons around
Heat to the cold
Fire to ice
I'll  be your lover
Not once nor twice
You be my husband
I be your wife
We be together
No ***
No strife
Cause you are art
And I flow inside you
As life and all that is due
You be art
And I be you
We be one
Art is true
You be art

I'll be the art
You the muse
For me to bring to light
Only for me to use
I am the art
But you the inspiration
Taken to my blank canvas with much dedication
Delicate strokes
Paint a vivid picture of us from the mind
The art and inspiration
Two in a pair
One of a kind
I'll be the art
Neither feminine or masculine
You're the beauty I draw from deep within
You the muse
For me to bring to light
And only for me to use

A muse for you to use
A light
Beyond the shadows of night
You be art
I be light
We be one
In the moon
As her light
Im the secret
You long to keep
I'm the essence
That make you weak
You be art
I be muse
Your lust
Your passion
Your love
Never would I refuse
I be bright
You be brighter  
You be heavy
Making me lighter
Eclipse of the sun
Where you stay
I begun
You be fuse
I be muse
We be art

Nova St. Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Feb 2019 · 119
Never Knew
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
I love you
Though we've never met
You're the sun on which I've longed to set
Your eyes
Your skin
Your lips
I've longed to be within
The flesh of you
All that you are
Could be all that I ever knew
Your taste
Your touch
The very essence of you
I drink you like the moon
You are my taboo
Though you are far
I feel so close to you
Here I walk in freedom
There I'm restricted from you
I want to kiss you
In the light of the moon
I want to walk inside you
Half past noon
I want to feel your manhood
In my garden so sweet
My strawberries in nectar
They yield as you do eat
You're so far away my dream
My child
My today
My smile
I want to lose me inside of you
Release my nation
Find freedom in your taboo
The love
The kiss
Of a beloved
Who I never knew
The love
The kiss
Of my beloved
One I never knew

Nova St.Paul
Feb 2019 · 97
Till The End
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
You are my friend
I reached out to you
I remember all the times
And the things we would do
You made me happy
My smile was with you
You were my friend
We were one never two

One instrument and of one sound
Always in harmony
Nothing taboo or out of bounds
You are my friend
And the truest love I've found
For you I'd give life
My joy of future I'd lay it down  
Just because we are one
Beyond all that can see
We are one
I love you
As I love myself
You love me as though there is no one else
you are my friend
I would die for you
I am your friend
Your life is my view into all that is and all there is to be
We are one
Flowing in harmony
Not many know of a friend
Like you and me
You are my friend
For now and throughout eternity
Blood, bone, flesh life
Forever and eternity
You are my friend
You are me

Nova St. Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Feb 2019 · 333
Divine Humanity
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
For I was made not created
Carved from the very bone of you
Therefore you were deep inside me
Before I even knew
Your blood flows like a river through mine
As I'm sipped like wine at dinner time
Languid, slow
Breathe me in
Let lust take control
Famished and starved
Take my bread and eat ye all of it
Holy sacrament
Because we were made in his image
And HE died for our sins
I've bathed in your iniquities
Time and time again
For I was shaped in innocence
But my ***** contained original sin
You had me for three days
Felt like I'd died and arose 'gin
My worlds been in a drought
But the Father sent the rains
That brought a sensual flood about
Because we were made in his divinity
Fingers grasping, breath hitches as the world spins
Blurred visions of you
More than the trinity
I me and him
You he and we
Born flesh and infinity
Divine and humanity

Naomi Sa'Rai and Nova St.Paul
Feb 2019 · 296
Funniest Thing
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
It was not love
That stayed me here
I need you to listen
Open mind be clear
Love never stayed me
Want kept me
With you
Flowers to the wind
Things I thought you knew
Want stayed me
By your side
Want of the life we've made together in our pride
Me wanting the life I had with you
Our beautiful children
And all the things that were in view
I wanted the life we worked hard for
I wanted you in spite of your *****
Ohh really
You thought I did'nt know
Lisa was your side piece
Your ever loving *****
She knew me too
I made it my business to let her know
You could never have this unless I let it go
It was want
Want for all I had with you
My past, my present yet not in view
But on today I give you back to you
I want you no more
I've found love
One that is true
I close the window
Set shade on I and you
Tell Lisa you're hers
walk in her view
Things I thought you knew

Nova St.Paul
Feb 2019 · 309
Check Mate
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2019
I hate you!
From the look in your eyes
To the bitter sweet words you choke out
I hate you and everything you're about
The way your hands caress my frame
Leaning in close to whisper my name
I hate that I can never...NEVER love you again
How I thought we would last a lifetime
An eternity
I hate how now you've decided that can never be
I hate you and all that you've done to me
Bewitched my mind with thoughts of you
Cursed my soul with your witches brew
I hate that I love you more now than I use to
When I dream at night it's never a dream come true
I hate that I hate myself more than I hate you....

You hate me
As I hate you
For all of the things that you put me through
I gave heart
Mind to you
You ******* me literally
Slapped me
Played with my blue
My blue that rained for only you
I spread my wings just to be cut by you
You drink me deeply
Swallowed me whole
Played with my intellect
Straight ******* my soul
Yet you hate me
That cant be true
Just last night
I received all of you
You came into my intellect
Seized my soul
******* my mental
Made me your  own
You say you love me
But that's not true
I hate you more
Bout time you knew
My flowers yours
your horn I've already blew
You hate me
But i hate you too
Where do we go from here
Is what I ask of you

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova St.Paul
Jan 2019 · 97
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
I kissed you in the sunlight
We made love in the rain
I held you close
You pushed me away
I've opened up
There was no straight or gay
I was pink
You were blue
We made love it was true
We blew up
Black and purple
Made me **** on your blue

You caressed me under the pale moon
After we made love in the afternoon
You cuddled my entire being
I ran from everything I knew to be true
There was no gender
Only you and I
Me and you
Hands running through the red of your locks
Animalistic love making
Prowling like a fox
I was blue
Hands tangled in red
As i suckled, teethed and stuffed my mouth with everything you fed
Black and purple
Bruises above and below
The artistic connection of our beautiful souls
Jan 2019 · 52
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
True love was never meant to be easy
Like a late night drive
Down a straight road
Often times it winds and turns
Even stops at tolls
The day you gave me the green light
I held your heart in my hand
We took it slow
I smiled with yellow teeth
And yielded everything to you

And you ran with me
Wind with no wings
Sand to dust
Dust to sky
Sky to me
You ****** on my relevance
We related to my intelligence
As a rose in the middle of the sand
No thorns yielded to man
No I'm as one with you
Face to face naked and in view
You take me and i emerge myself in you
We are one
What do you view
I'm a rose and sharon
I'm a rose in sharon
My exodus was you

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova St. Paul
Jan 2019 · 418
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
I love you
I love you beyond myself
I love you in and out of season
I love you so deep and without reason
You make me hot and cold at the same time
I want to slap you and kiss you
Lay me down and unwind
I'm open and I'm closed to you
I'm your yes you’re my taboo
You love me
I love you beyond yourself
You're deep into my essence
You make me cry because of your intellect
You've got me ******* on your intelligence
My wings are open
I'm wet with relevance
Now be careful
What you say to me

You love me
And I love I
I'm the center of your Earth
And the apple of my eye
I can be as cold as the winter
As I fall into your summer and bring about the spring
You love me beyond yourself?
I'm not even sure if I understand what that truly means
I want to delicately treat you rough
Lay you down for my pleasure
I'm selfish especially in this
You've tasted my mind
And the tip of my existence
Take me in deep
Shh quiet now don't speak..

I'll be quiet
Like an angel I wont weep
Wide open
You got me
Drop deep deep
I'm fading into all that is you
I surrender
There's  no one
There's no two
We are abstract
We live in taboo...

Nova St.Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Jan 2019 · 128
When It's Real
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
If you want to be free just let me know
I love you enough to let you go
I just want to see you smile
In the moon
or in the sun
In the rain
Thats where we had our fun
I know that you care for me
And you know
That Im into you..but if you need to be free
Know that I love you enough to let you be

Written by Nova St. Paul
Jan 2019 · 331
White Heat
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
Icicle limbs
Frostbitten lips
Tell me if this darkness is as good as it gets?
No one said it would last a lifetime
I truly thought it would be hasty
Simply because this defeated broke down mind has been going crazy
Tell me if the abyss is any deeper than this?

I've searched through my vision and I thought my vision was a view
But i've come to realize that my vision was not in view
Icicle palaces
Rain and then there is sun
I've born my soul
Your flesh has won
You drink me like water
My tears are dew
But I'm so tired of yielding to you

Tell me if anything about us was true.
Antarctic shoulder that you gave
Put me in this despair I now name my grave
You chew me and spit me out
Bits and pieces of my heart on the floor
Glaciers become my feet.

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
The Answer
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2016
The answer to your question is yes...
I will love you.
Now until you’re grey as ash.
I will love you into the future and beyond your past.
Even when passion, pleasure, and pain do not last...our love will be everlasting as the sun and moon.
I'll rise to any occasion and spread warmth within your soul, whilst being dark as the nights sky.
I'll be the knight in your eye.
As the sun and moon...
I will love you as I have since I noticed it first bloom.
The feeling was unnatural to me...but hands against hands, hearts connected and tangled like vines quickly changed my mind in no time.
I will love you even if you aren't mine.
Yes if someone can love you better, they are welcome to try, but I have loved you without bounds or lies.
I will love you with happiness or tears within my eyes.
I will love you because loving you comes as easy as my breath...I do it and do not notice or wonder why.
I will love you now and forever...until the day i die.
Aug 2015 · 338
If ever
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2015
If ever I kissed you..
You'd spit in my face
Because that's the kind of person you are...
Aug 2015 · 491
Into the blue...
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2015
Her favorite color was blue
I saw right through
Her favorite color was blue
And she was patient
As the moon
Awaiting the sun
For its rein to be done
Stars were her eyes
They would shine
Light up my lies
I couldn't hide
Her favorite color was blue
Though she wore the colors of pride
Neon like the signs
She drew attention
She took my mind
Held conversation
Touched hearts
Never was complacent
Her favorite color was blue
A color of the nation
Red were her lips
Full of excitement
Anticipating more than lust
White bright stars
Looking straight at me
Searching for secrets
I had no place to keep
And so we loved
And so we loved
And so we loved
We loved right through
Skin to skin
Bone to bone
Just wouldn't do
She caressed the spirit
Her favorite color was blue
Like the veins
She kissed my wrist
Told me we were the same
An equation
That leaves two equaling one
Her favorite color was blue
Never thought I'd be saddend by you
Lying cold frigid
Her favorite color was blue
As her lips
Weightless fingertips
Dimmed eyes
They use to shine
Neon like the signs
She gave me her heart
Took mines
And so we loved
We loved until
She was through
Into the blue
Aug 2013 · 974
How to stand
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
This is where I learn how to stand
When the lilies have died and I'm holding your hand
We connect through the breeze
Here is when I know you’re hurting
'Cause the soils gotten cold
The warmth under me no longer exist
This is where I learn how to hush
To listen as the forest whispers around us
We transform through the grass
Here is how I know I love you
'Cause the separation has killed us
But you've kept getting stronger
This is where I learn how to speak
When the silence hasn't helped
An communication was key
The air around me you've always breathed
We transcend beyond the grave
Here is how I see
When the redish tips of your hair
Turn grey
The warmth surrounding me no longer exist
This is where I learn how to stand
When the roses have died an you’re in Gods hands...

How to Stand
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
The boy Named Oklahoma
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
I can see your face
It's those hands I can't quite remember
I know the exact day we met
The 15 of 1946
I just can't put my finger on
If it were November or December
I can feel your veins
And I've wondered why our heart beats the same tune
I know where we had our first kiss
It was in June and the flowers bloomed
Whilst some wilted to die
I know your lips
But I've completely forgotten the twinkle in your eye
The soft honey brown
I had a dream
About a boy
The one with the eyes like you
I pressed him from my very womb
My vision faded by morning
I couldn't much arrange his birthday
Oh but I knew his birth place
Oklahoma Oklahoma
He gave me a memory
And I'd loan it out to you
I know he knows your eyes too
I can see your face
It's that touch I can't quite place
It's comforting
And uncomfortable
But it brings awkward joy to you
Honestly I feel it surge through me too
I know the exact day we met
I just can't put my finger on
If it were April or May
We would take our handsome son
Out to play
Oh he had a smile
sweet as honey dew
Oklahoma Oklahoma
He gave me a memory
A memory that you

The Boy Named Oklahoma
Aug 2013 · 1.7k
The Art of Communication
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
Lets talk now
Hold my hand
I've only known one kind of touch
You sat down to listen...
In you I trust
Lets value each other
Look at my heart
I've never known my worth
You stood
Calming my nerves
I choked on *****
I hadn't realized was there
Lets flow together
Like the long locks
Of your curly hair
Grow with me
'Cause I'm bald to the roots
Metaphorically speaking
Lets talk now
You hold me like silk
I melt to you
I've only known one type of touch
You swiftly kiss my forehead
I never felt trapped laying in your bed
"Relax my love" is what you said
"Look at my knows your worth"
I heard the pounding of my heart
I hadn't realized was there
Lets flow together
Like a river to the stream
Being together and
Being one
Are two different things
Lets be one
Your veins will run through me
Hold my hand
In you I trust
I melt to you
You stood and said "I do"
And I knew
I would never love anyone
But you
Aug 2013 · 860
America the Beautiful
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
Cause darling you were born here
You were raised to grow like the wheat
Golden brown
The tips of your hair and teeth
Tell me if I over step my boundaries
I've been walking too far
Cause baby you were conceived here
Bred to be strong like the roots
Supporting the tree
The bending of your bones
Never weak
Tell me if I cross the line
They are painted red and white
Oh the stripes the stripes
Cause honey they tell you whom you are
Right below the blanket of Earth
Left are the stars
Background of blue
Cause darling you were born here
So America is you
Bred to be strong like the roots
Supporting the tree
Cause sweet pea you were forced here
Grabbed from the confines
Of mothers loving cave
Forgive me if I trip over my feet
I was pushed into being brave
Given a number
Lost my name
The bending of my bones
Never leak
Stitched are the wounds
Internal bleeding
Bled red white and blue
Cause darling we were born here
So America is we
We were launched in wars
With the purpose to maintain our free
So America is we
Yes you
Yes me
Tell me if I over step my boundaries
I've been walking to far
The ugliness of this world
Won't leave us scars
No our beauty shall never be marred
Aug 2013 · 619
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
I've been waiting 68 days
22 hours
13 minutes
and 51 seconds
To literally bump into you
I hear the things they say
But they couldn't be true
You my friend are not small and shallow
With a height of 5'9
You tower over me
And your boyfriend is unattractive
So you must look deeper than
What the eye can see
Yes i've been waiting 69 days
21 hours
14 minutes
and 52 seconds
For you to notice me
Is it really that difficult
I know I don't stand out in a crowd
But if anyone were to go against our love
Your hand I would hold proud
Proud to have you as mine
I've been waiting this long
So what's a little more time??
Day 70
Is only one more than 69
And I'd love to 69
Well only if you'd let me
I've heard of your history with Jeffrey
He was boy 71
You smiled and laughed with him
Was he that much fun?
I know about the others too
Like Hinson boy 42
Or John 38
Didn't he show up to your date late?
And Kahlil 37 supposedly got robbed at 7/11
I know that must of been hard for you
But I've waited 2 long
Yes I've been standing by this pole four 3 hours
Just waiting to catch a glimpse of blue
Your favorite color
It honestly has become mines too
I've been waiting 71 days
19 hours
16 minutes
And 54 seconds
For my 1 and only....
Aug 2013 · 660
Max The Ax Murderer
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
He would walk into clubs
And watch
The under-aged girls chugging down
Adult shots
Waiting for men to fill them up
Clinking their glasses
And ***** filled cups
He would ****** them
They would misuse him
He'd pay for all the liquor
They required
After all their lush fits
They would taste the harm that he desired
Waiting for men to feel them up
He'd take them to a field
So he could play
Soon enough
Cold their bodies would lay
Waiting for him to pick them up
Chunks of hair
He would tuck
Into his pockets
No or stop they never yelled
To deep within his spell
Waiting for help
But had no luck
His body shook
As he'd erupt
Waiting for sirens to shut them up
Oh the voices in his head
He would walk into clubs
And leave out with girls he knew
Were sure to be dead
Aug 2013 · 1.7k
Locker 38
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
Locker 36
Brought about much bliss
How you twisted my **** and made me free
You were locker 38
Just two spaces down from me
I'd stare at you from a far
In the lunch room
Just hoping one day you would see
The hair you had spiked to the t
With hands gentle
And a smile so soft
You said your name was Stacy
But that I could take to calling you Jack
You loved when I called you Jack
You also enjoyed football,wrestling and tickle fights
I adored things like that
I bet I could pin you down in three seconds flat
I was to weak to flip you over
Your head you'd rest on my breast
You said they fit better on my body anyways
Locker 38
Where we discussed our first date
You swallowed spit to say
"I know it might be weird...ya know being seen out with me"
I pulled you close and embraced you
Feel my love my dear?
Heaven knows I had my fears...but none of them had to do with being seen with you.
I whispered hummingbird in your ear
'Cause the nights I couldn't sleep you would hum the sweetest tune
I unraveled the moment the testosterone bloomed
Hearing depth in your voice for the first time
You asked how could I love someone like you, the day I called you mine.
Locker 38
You leaned against with eyes unsure
I knew the question was pure
So my answer would always be genuine
I explained that I had fallen
I was never to get up
Jack I said
Stacy is just your long forgotten twin...I except who you were and what you've become simply my dear because you are my love...
My only one...
Locker 38
Where my life begun.
Aug 2013 · 821
Spoken Word For Sophie Bird
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
My dear your clothes out grow you
Heavy they are upon your back
The life of you they lack
Black and grey
My love your face betrays you
Your legs sway
Leading you down a helpless road
Gravel can't feel any rougher
Your ribs can't get any tougher
Yet they have concealed your backbone
My darling your lies
Reveal you
Your stares make me weak
We had lunch and tea
You spoke but never munched
Your words fed me the sweetest honey treats
My dear your clothes out grow you
Tell me may I walk in your shoes?
You step on my feet as we dance
You tip-toed around soft subjects
Rejecting me a chance
My pet your knee's bend away from me
They uphold the legs too petrified to walk away
You hold me close as we sway
With clothes to big for the body I feel so near
Oh my dear my dear
Eat a bit just to stay
A word mentioned
I'd never say
But I've noticed the things others may
Heavy they are upon your back
The life of you they lack
The soul our good God has taken back....
Jul 2013 · 995
Naomi Sa'Rai Jul 2013
I would have taken Medusa
Held her in my palms
Freezing you from delicate feet
To high strung arms
I would have knelt to Athena
With a smirk
To deflower a goddess
But you were too wise for that
My flirts would be accompanied with a smack
I would have carried Zeus upon my back
Walking  88,729 miles from the sun
In a race
Where being fifth place
Lets me know I've won
Yes i would have been your reason
Your brown leaves bringing about a new season
I would have brought with me
A silver bow
And golden lyre
Bringing about songs of Apollo
As embers from the fire
Hollow trees
The holes in my heart
I have filled with wine
Dionysus in true of his time
I would have called you mine
I would have loved your beauty
Touched your desires
As i admired
Aphrodite in blue
The color i witnessed
As i kissed you
I would have been clever
As i pulled the levers to your mind
Quick as lightening
To put out the thunders of our fighting
Yes I'd be your Hermes
And I would have named you ****
When your lust for youth was taken
I would have awakened as Aries
Prepared for war
When you had battles within
I would have been a god
To slay your demons
Naomi Sa'Rai Jul 2013
I live in the town
Where kids sip champagne
To forget pain
And chug hennessy
With their enemies
Simply licking down *****
And eating their frienemies
Life's a bottle of tanqueray
Have a seat, listen, stay
The worlds a shot of tequila rose
Complex as a stiffened pose
I live in a town
Where the kids
In a hush
May 2013 · 911
sweet little nothing
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
They said she was saved
Oh but she's a hell raiser
the pages in her Bible don't flip
but her hips shake
faster than a ***** turns tricks
they say she was baptized
by John the Baptist himself
but she came out to her mother
in a christian book store
her cheeks blushed
pink red
They say she flew with the angels
but seduces demons at night
Gods her captain
but she missed the flight
she didn't wanna fly to close to the heavens
But she kissed her rosary
as she clutched the book of Mormon
the star of David tatted across her shoulder
A hell raiser in the true
But she seduces Satan himself
with the holy water sprinkled over her lip gloss
because her kisses are heavenly divine
The scriptures in her Bible
Have no name
unrecognizable from her pain
Shes just Rose Marie
the daunting seductress
dressed in nuns clothes
Flying in religion
to hide her shame
May 2013 · 896
finger print
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
My detective father
told me my identity
was in my finger prints
so i gazed  upon my finger tips
with no explanation
I pointed to a friend
who said he knew
like the back of  his hand
as he caressed my palm
tracing the lines of the future
I asked if he could tell me something
about my finger tips
he said they were stubby
and dropped my hand
I collected this information
without taking a stand
He doesn't know me at all
My detective father
told me lies
conceal the truth
so why bother?
I lied for twenty seven days
I figured
no one would pay attention
did I mention
I carved the mayan  calendar
my fingers
shaped the future
my essence
On display
tapping my fingers
against the pavement
corrupted Earth
no one knows me from a hand shake
tho they've touched my identity
so when looking at your finger tips
remember it takes so much more
to know who your gonna be
May 2013 · 448
Call me up..Im your girl
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
I began to scratch
and pick
because I no longer had a need for my skin
I feel trapped and suffocated within
its been bought
I began to *****
and moan
because I refused
to moan
and quiver
his lips hadn't made
my legs shiver
or heart race
in fact after he left
the covers I chased
hoping they'd hide all shame
I continue to scratch and pick
and ***** and moan
I refuse to lay in hotel rooms
acting as wife
and be disgusted
When he returns home
May 2013 · 542
explicit memories
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
So lets search for the blue
leaning towards the moon
because no one tells the truth
now a days
id expect nothing less
from a homeless man
than to beg for money
or expect anything more
from a *****
than to be cunning
or *******
shes probably stunning
when she does
because no one lets loose
now a days
so lets look under a rock
hoping to find
the lost city
because I'm African American
you'd expect me to say
my "podnas rolling with me"
But I don't blend with the trend
and strive not to be deprived
of intelligence
so take a hint
because no one tells the truth
now a days
May 2013 · 692
Ms. Northsoutheastwest
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
Oh and her compass
Seemed to lead me everywhere
As her body swam around the dance floor
Story of a hypnotic girl
Should i say more?

Oh the waves of the water rocked
Floating in the sea
I was drownin
I was a fool
A painted face for thee

Oh north, south, east, west
Id follow a gypsies magic
If it lead me best
Her body dived into the mosh pit
Should I quit?

Oh the waves of the water rocked
Floating in the sea
I was drownin
I was a fool
A painted face for thee

Oh and her compass
Never points north
Im going down
Lavish laughs
Smiles all around

Oh the waves of the water rocked
Floating in the sea
I was drownin
I was a fool
A painted face for thee
May 2013 · 3.3k
Prom Night Memoir
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
Its as if
A solemn oath
To reminiscence
Had memories
Had dreams
Are you tired of me yet?
It just seems
A luxury given
Fluffed pillows
Explaining the simplicity of slumber
Had a memory
Your a dream
Are you gone from me yet?
It was fact
Nirvana upon purple hills
Had memories
Haunted dreams
Are you done with me yet?
It was peaceful
A gloomy rainy day
A solemn oath
A luxury given
Fluffed pillows
Nirvana upon purple hills
Delicious night
Filled by yellow pills
Are you high off me yet?
Its as if
You were a memory
Within a dream
A haunted nightmare
So it seemed
Stuck in limbo
Or purgatory
No longer deserving your glory
Sweet and simple
Sent me flying high
Are you tired of me yet?
Leave me to runaway
I'm Wilson
I am gone from you yet..
Nirvana on purple hills
Fought the fray
Are you done with me yet?
To home im phoning
Night walkers
Street and sweet talkers
Getting high off me yet?
Feb 2013 · 532
Naomi Sa'Rai Feb 2013
I figure i liked you
The curves
Form the body
Sirens call
To the tree
They tied me
I guess they feared the same
The motions that came
Shaking, biting, snatching
Horrendous shame
Put up fight
Begged sacred witch
Take my life
I figure you liked me
Evil coven brew
Sipped upon
Slain and slaughtered
Grasped women that fought her
Took their embrace away
Clawed marks deep within my face
I figured i liked you...
Jan 2013 · 1.8k
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2013
Mumbles to explain words
Hands that examine curves
Delicately rough
I say
I say
Oh my i pry
Hidden beneath corners
In the coroner's hold
Office blank
Tables cold
Body shivers
Desperate to remember
Way to a road
Ladders unfold
Pulled into the basement
Coroner's hold
Naughty laughs
Joke untold
The air taunted
As he choked
Mute with no words
hands that dwindled
Tormented torn
Coroner's office
Seeds spread
NO children to be born
Jan 2013 · 654
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2013
Open chambers of the mind
Prison of ones soul
Keys jingled
Locks turned
Id ask the warden
But i already know
Sentenced to life
Cheating husband
Sinful wife
Yet open chambers of the heart
The warden
Twas what broke us apart
Jan 2013 · 369
fuck you
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2013
I happen to hate that I care
And love the look on your face when I pretend I don't
If the road stops at a dead end
You ask me to follow you...
I won't
Jan 2013 · 952
Jet Lag
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2013
The night will **** us
Days haunt
Coffin open
What more could slaves want
The waters will lead us
Wade wade
As the songs say
Drug my feet
I swung
Tiptoed over oak
Couldn't catch ground
The runaway
They've found
John told Annabelle
Who whispered truths to Sally
Shovel heavy
Pouring sand over
Covering man
Coffin open
How often slaves taunt
To an essence
Molded from clay
Adam told Eve
Gardens where all should have stayed
Feet fell to earth
Simply rethinking life
Death births
I swung
Couldn't catch ground
Tiptoed over oak
Wade wade
Rivers flowed
To heavens gates
Waited till sun down
Till the soul escaped
Dec 2012 · 719
Naomi Sa'Rai Dec 2012
The body has spoken
The words it shall be
With a mind quiet
Limbs of peace
The ears have witnessed
The abdomen saw
With pointed hairs
Sticking straight foward
The legs have held
The feet kept still
With water as reflextion
Captured possession
Fishing net
Little boy
Man child
The body has spoken
The sunrise it shall see
With Earth quiet
Quiet as if free
The teeth have mentioned
The gums chattered ease
With phrases
Filled mazes
Circling round
Garden tiles
The body has spoken
The feet drifted miles
The ears whispered memories
With wind beating drums
The abdomen clinched
The legs trembled
The teeth strained
The gums
With numbing echoes
Waters reflection
Simple complextion
Love is possesion
Your body has spoken
To me...
Dec 2012 · 315
Days After Death
Naomi Sa'Rai Dec 2012
Eventually I'll leave
Miraculously breath escapes lungs
Eventually this body will rot
Hopefully with an essence of  pure heaven
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Ballet Dancer
Naomi Sa'Rai Nov 2012
Unfinished I am
Left those ribbons flowing
Fluid and slow
Tipped across floor
These cracked toes
Unfinshed I am
No water to reflect
Face unshown
The build up
En L'air
Made love to wind
Touching cheeks
The essence of air
Whispering over ground
For as i went up
A grand allegro
Slithering around hugging wood
I came down
Leg heavy
An ox I am
Held perfectly
Examined by man
Unfinished I am
Left those ribbons flowing
By the river
Fluid and slow
Tipped into pond
A sensuous grand finale
Of floating below...
Nov 2012 · 698
Glass House
Naomi Sa'Rai Nov 2012
The uplifting spirit
Taste of wine
On surfaces of glass tables
Reflections of peace
Laughter echoes
Leaving behind
Chilling aspects
Happiness a foreing intruder
Don't feel compelled to fight for love
If your destined to loose her
Through sight of glass mirrors
Reflected horrors
Sorrow shadows
Black heart
Black heart
The uplifting mixture
***** spirit
Happiness a forgotten thought
Forget the cheap ***
And everything else bought
Infectious as cancer
Attacking the mind
Crippling slowly surging
Rippling throughout the spine
Bucking and bringing
The knees you cried upon
Forget the forshadowing love
All thoughts of it gone
Reflect on feelings
Emotions shown
Through glass windows
Nov 2012 · 1.0k
Naomi Sa'Rai Nov 2012
It was morning before dawn
She spoke with words light
Sun tasting those teeth
Galaxy between thighs
Searching beneath
Darkness follows
******* feet tremble
Strength wasnt given to him
So his feet hit sand
Mesh quickly with burning sensations
Fire was a friend
As lips sink in
First bitten
Smoothed over
It was night before noon
Left in the past
Future blossomed
He bloomed
Voice spoke with words light
HE was her child
SHE was his fight
Darkness follows
Hands studdered unsure
Grasping for air
Tainted and unpure
She was his fight
Smothered feather light
Weight lifted from a galaxy
******* spoke with words of fright
Strength wasnt given to him
Darkness followed
Covered the sand he marched on
Fire set ablaze
It was reverse after backward
Body moving foward
Head facing opposite
******* filled with sin
The fight he could not resist
Aug 2012 · 1.6k
The Knowing
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
If it is true
You had loved me
As I love you
Your lips had touched skin
Flushed red
Shades of splattered pink shown within
Yes I know
The moon hugs the sun
Never let's go
As stars are children
They multiply in number
We've hidden for far to long
Under blankets of night
Loving the embrace
Grass to epidermis
Holding minds
Filled with fog
Let it be true
Tell me there's a me
That meets I
Standing next to you
If it be real
I shall reach
For a star
Loosing what hasn't been claimed
My Achilles heel
You had loved me
As I love you
Poseidon in an ocean
Sailing a sea of blue
Bring thoughts to mind
Adventurous endeavors of memories
Lips curved upward to smile
Loved you once I'd known
You loved me for awhile

The Knowing:
Aug 2012 · 589
Love n War
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
Shameful feelings
Open my hand
Oh it's time
Hour glass
Tipping sand
Can it be real
I'd think it true
False statements said
Of I not loving you
So we held conversation
Instead of palm to palm
Touched topics
Over dinner
Laughter kissed our tongues
Friends held together by bond
Circle of eternity
Second to last finger
Invisible yet showing strong
Oh it's time
You've worked my mind
Caressed my emotions
Nice and slow
I've been a sound friend
That we both know
Ohh we know it isn't lust
From time to time
I've been the one to trust
Test passion
Fuel fire
Become a satisfying being
Compliment desire
Yes it's time
Friendliness aside
Please commit the crime
Break a rule
Fighting with this love
Mind over heart
Who shall win the duel.?
Aug 2012 · 750
Hidden View
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
Just a moment
Held me close
I won't tell
If no one knows
Clear as day
Cold as night
Owls turn heads
To catch sight
Vultures pick at prey
Calm down
Be happy
I won't tell
If they don't see
How your dress hides
Them from me
Femininity warped
Chiseled down
While a breast
Warm in touch
Cant be found
I won't tell
If they dont ask
You've transitioned
A thing in the past
Left behind lips
Gaining beard
You feared
Ohh but I accept you
Connected as one
Though I'm a single
With two
Curved and abstract
Satisfied by the things I do
Tell me something...
Can I tell her
If she loves you
As I do

Hidden View
Aug 2012 · 534
The Beginning pt 1
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
If the moon
Was our son
Could the stars
Be our baby girl
If tonight
Was your last
Id pick up the Earth
To give you the world
Pray a prayer
Of innocence
That sin leaves us alone
Dropping seeds in my garden
To find a way back home
Mixing black
With white
Energizing spurts
Holding tight
Calming sea
Please tell me
The moon is our son
As we consume our baby girl
Blood sweet to taste
Sticky as we touch
Sin is pleasure
In our world

The beginning part 1:
Aug 2012 · 788
Breathe Again
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
Rain pours
Kissing sidewalks
Making love to green grass
Crawling upon hands
Trickling blood abusing lips
Cursing words of the past
How could!!
Who the hell??
Rolling over
Feeling of rose pedals
Smells of perfume
Is it gone?
Legs tremble
Muscular frame
Violently crushed
Time and time again
Thunder clashes
Cigarette ashes
Cancer fills lungs
Grabbing dirt
Just a taste
As if soil
Could erase
Pains of the night before
Crawling upon hands
Legs tremble
Won't walk
No more
Lightening scraps
Reminders ****
Your thoughts
Clenching fist together
It was a summer day
She was Heather
Love songs play
Sweet warm whether
Smells of perfume
You breathe in
Waiting to exhale
Hands touch
Smokey glance
Lost in lust
True romance
Rain pours
Slapping sidewalks
Only she knew
What was in store
Making love to thick grass
Spread cheeks
Forced smiles
Thrown down
Dogged for a while
Crawling upon hands
Legs tremble
Trickling blood abusing grace
Is it gone..?
Slain innocence
Forgotten face
Rolling over
Violently crushed
Lies hidden
Words hushed
She was Heather
Waiting to exhale
Nathan's scent
Feeling of lilies
Pedals rotten upon grave
Moments replayed
If only the trap
Was set to save

Breathe again:
Aug 2012 · 464
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
I've chosen you
Step into my garden
Feel the leaves
Smell the flowers
So to speak
Whispered words
Night is young
This body
Grown old
I've chosen you
Let the branches unfold
Vines curling around
Tree strong and mighty
Revealing life
Lived long
Would it be wrong
Your fingers
Running through grass
Step into my garden
Roses buds falling
Telling stories
Lovers in bloom
Young man
Young woman
Thorns so wickedly divine
Chest strong
Legs kind
Ohh it isn't ******
As you may think
Touch the bushes
Smell the flowers
So to speak
I've told you all
The leaves shiver and die
Leaving you awaiting
The spring
In the fall...

Aug 2012 · 1.5k
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
Do you ever wonder
About the moon
The tide it brings
Do you ever
See in the darkness
Storm after hurricane
Battle before war
Do you ever wonder
About the stars
Shooting for the planets
Cutting through the galaxy
That armor
It held together
You and me
But the moon
Twas a friend
A being
Wrapped and warped
In femininity
She's a cold cruel spirit
With eyes that shimmer
And brighten the heavens
Do you ever wonder
About the sun
Her kind sister
Who entertains
The thought that the days begun
With her gentle soul
Arms stretching
About east and west
The moon knew the father
But the sun
He loved best
Do you ever wonder
About the wind
It's a touch
Kind lover
Bones taken from skin
That armor
Held together
Piece by piece
Do you ever wonder
About the moon
Sure the sun fades
Pain comes soon
When crops died
Because of a harvest
Not in bloom
But the wind
Knew the earth
He knew that the son of man
Gave water
As a gift
And a curse
Storm after hurricane
Ocean and tide
A tide the moon brought about
With much pride
Do you ever see
In darkness?
War and catastrophe
That armor
That gave out
On you and me
But the moon
'twas a friend
A lover like the wind
Who knew the earth
Whom heard of the waters
Of hate
You know
A gift and curse
The sun and her
That hugged a father
From east to west
A father who knew the moon
But cherished the sun best
Do you ever wonder
About the moon??

The unspoken..
Aug 2012 · 3.2k
The RUnner
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
Universal love
Corresponding hearts
Beating tandem
In tune
In tune
Ohh if I was sure
Id let it be known
Cause we've been here
Taken me there
High upon high
Laying beneath soil
Touching skies
In bloom
In bloom
Tell me of something
Has poison ever ***'d lips
Making it unreasonable
To mistake this
Tune in bloom
Sweet David and Joseph
Blasted hits
Beyond stars
You've dragged me closer
Still so far
In tune
In bloom
Vile bitter taste
****** from a tip
Drank slowly
Drunken sips
I've dreamed
Excuse nightmares
Visions of you
Sweet you and I
One hell of a guy
The face that kills
Murderer of the night
In tune
In bloom
Given up fight
Ohh Mary
Martha too
It wasn't I
But demons
That chased you
Sweet David
Dance your jig
With a fiddle mans tune
In bloom
In bloom
Only by the day
Has the end come clear
Holds Martha
Out of fear
David clutch his hand
Beg for mercy
On our behalf
Once again
Universal love
Corresponding hearts
Adam loved Eve
As the time starts
Ohh what a lovely garden
Hidden between thighs
Cause we've been there
High upon high
Laying beneath you
Scratching skies
Sweet David and Joseph
Has poison ever ***'d your lips
****** from a tip
Mary visions of you
Murderer of the night
The face that kills
Martha too
Dance your jig
Forget the demons
That chase you

The runner
Aug 2012 · 740
Little Joy
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
Oh you were small
But a heart did swell for the
Yes hands reached up
Grasping away at me
With eyes
Obscure and wide
I felt my cheeks burn with pride
Something like a summer day
When the fresh smell of rain
Whisked us away
And the brilliant blessing from God
Was to blame
It was hectic as I approached the fray
Ohh battle
Love grenades
Bursting around the doors
Eroding in my soul
Forcing the walls
To fall
It was hectic
The fray
But it was a beautiful day
Cries were heard
And love was made
Callings of God
Were prayed
As a push
And a shove
Brought about an angel from above
Oh you were small
Tiny infant
Who knew it all
As my heart swelled for the
Yes hands reached up
Grasping away
Hands awkward and free
With hair
Soft as deer skin
Your mother slept heavily
After caressing you out
From within

Little joy
Aug 2012 · 1.2k
Awkward Midday
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2012
London roses
German daffodils
Man and wild
A beast quickly tamed
A name
Japanese blossoms
Sweet herbs
A mixture
Sought out vengeance
On a curse given
A name
Held against will
Power to fill
Empty chest
Man and wild
London daffodils
German roses
Put on display
Left a tamed beast
In dismay
Confused from
Very thought
Caught lust
Fought what it brought
For love
Soon to come
Brewing a mixture
Potent potions
Key component
To figure out
A name
Japanese flower blossom
With stories so sweet
Wild man
Beating carcass
In streets
Forgetting the already lost
Sought out vengeance
For a curse given
A beastman tamed
Surely his heart
Fair gain
Although tainted
Potent potions
Power to fill
Empty chest
Man plus beast
Ruined nest
A bird
Didnt fly
Oh but a woman cried
Absent body mind
A wild beastman
One of a kind
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