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Aug 2017 · 385
There's just Tea
One drop
Two drops
Three drops of tea
Spilled as I witnessed
They now connect
Emptiness it brings
Within the undisturbed
That holds the space
And stillness
To unfurl the moment
And let go
All things pass
#tea #buddhism
Mar 2016 · 288
You stood there in front of me
Alive in the World tonight
Kept wishing there was something
I could say
But I didn't have the answer
Come closer
There is something that I feel
In your presence
And it's starting to emerge
Under a desolate star
Mar 2016 · 294
I waited every moment for you
You are the true nature
Different from the rest of us
And you came
In your loneliest hours
Feb 2016 · 370
You sing
In my lucid moment
Blissfully innocent
Your subtlety
I hear all night
Through my glass window
As you enter my ear
Drum-ming, humming
Leading every drop
Winning, whining
My complete attention

I close my eyes
As it dims
My night opens
Unmasked the vividness
Of your reality
Through your fragrance
As it travels into
Deep tunnel of my nostril
grows softly
Wearing your smile
In a golden aromatic saffron
Or Asian ripe mangoes

You silently pour
My earth's tongue
sweetened with your lips
Thick, I kissed
in thirst of your wetness
I taste you
Red, lush and succulent
you were inside
my torso
I drink you
down to my hips
My thighs, my shin
turns over
Tears of joy drip
as I empty you
Spreading your moistness
Drowning my weaknesses
Arousing our existence
As you fall on my shoulder
Filling my skin
Sparse like trees
In dying forest
Tossing, turning
I cannot sleep
Oh stop
Tickles my toes
I swear!
You were the same fellow
I've met
You just hit my ground
Not long ago
-Earth  (thankful to be moist again)
Feb 2016 · 241
A drizzly Tuesday
Sun shall rise...soon
Be yours
Nov 2014 · 257
Open up a page
Watch alphabets slam dancing
Soon 'comes poetry
Nov 2014 · 1.9k
Blank Canvas
The room was quite warm. My head has turned to look at you. You have caught my attention. Long after the stare, I saw you gradually appeared but you quickly faded away. I attempted and brought you back and soon embraced your presence. Every part of you is my discovery. Others do not see beyond your surface but I do.
Aug 2014 · 309
Eyes gazed on east wall
Brooding as the night fading
A stale cubbyhole
Aug 2014 · 251
I write so I can savor
Those words in my tongue
Everything tastes like honey
Aug 2014 · 4.8k
Parenthood tells me
Eating ***** daily
Deliciously hard work!
Aug 2014 · 2.3k
Moment has come

I remain, occupied
And content

What is left
I never saw you
To meet me
Now you're here

My thoughts
Completely surrendered
To rest
Aug 2014 · 219
Night simmers
Pulling down
2 heavy lids
Aug 2014 · 671
I sat all night
My mind rambles on
133 thoughts
Harmlessly invaded
My isolation
Until the night is over
I imagine you
Creep through my senses
Not a single night
Where you don't pass
My possession
Until you came along
Only to find comfort
To live in me....
A hot spring
In the midst of Brooklyn
She walked in
An empty basin
Suddenly rained
The water moving
No wind to sail
No sun glare
Raveling black fiber
Ravened the rain
Stabbing through
Awakened millions
Thirsty pores
Two hands walk
Ten fingers
Doing push ups
From head to toes
Bubbly bubbles
A bouquet of cloud
Smells of utopia
Rinsing off!
The curtain opens
A middle aged woman
Leaped out
A naked trickling rain
Aug 2014 · 355
It rained!..
now I can mold the earth..
My very own hands!
Aug 2014 · 4.3k
Roof of the sky leaks
A plumber looks for a tissue
In the duskiest summer
Aug 2014 · 532
Intsy bitsy spider
You're hanging on to a plan
...that's exactly what I mean!
Aug 2014 · 2.1k
You may still catch me
Or there'll be nothing left
Of me buried
Soaked in brine
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
Night dreams
Of death, of mask, of wings
Laughing day you fear
Unlike stars in heavens
Arrayed and proud
Playing guitar
Aug 2014 · 899
Block I.
I came to see you yesterday
Just what I was hoping for
You haven't changed a bit
You still taste
Like iced matcha green tea
But today
Your trickle is just about to start
And your iced matcha green tea
Now warming up
Since you betrayed me
Turning hot
For another woman
Her name is Rain
So I'm leaving you
You will always be real to me
But I've got something else
To replace you for now
His name is Cape
Just like you
A long story
And a desirous body
I walked 1009 feet
And reached the comfort of
Your tippy toes
Soon I'll be rubbing
Your knee
Aug 2014 · 319
2 fluctuating eyelids
Look like they're declaring war!
But can't fight
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
I see an indentation
I fill you
My empty hours
Room grew pale
Like white ash
Folding eyelids
Fell into abyss
Nocturnal space evolved
Scattered like silvery dots
Between my ego
Remain seated
With pride
And a glinting ceiling
Watchful like moon

You gravitate slowly
Toward center
Like a sulkiest universe
You lean over my shoulder
I shrug you off
Tilts against my back
I turned over
Merged those dots
I wish to blend
It disappeared!
All colors in me
Vanished ...
As it cleared away
Everything was wasted
Left deep marks
On yours
My eyes opened
I wailed!
Silence stared at me
She was there
In black.....

Here take my seat
Aug 2014 · 4.8k
(Spring 2008)

I have a sore
My throat
I have an ache
My head
I have a strain
My eye
I have a chill
My body
I, resist
And sang with them

I am heading to
My brain
As I think
It smells like
But melts like
Feels cold like
Blue ice
My lips are pale
Wild like honey
On a caramelized
Sweet red pepper, I
Disguised like roses
In the garden
You pricked me

Flavored pain
As I feel
I have warmth
My forehead

I have flu
To bed
Aug 2014 · 948
(Summer 2014)

In the room where a fan waves at me
The night comes in tired and sweaty
Nothing but a dull moment
Dressed naked and inconsolable
And walking all over me

If I could only measure
The thickness of time
Like dust rising every minute
From one's own flesh
Waiting to be lifted
Dead of the night
Ruled by zombies
Night after night

Here I am
Time has caught up
Departing dreams
Was once dense
Bounded chances letting go
Waiting for next return

Streams of hope
Lightly drifting apart
Or hollow dreams
Staring at me with an evil eye
Looking back through you
As you slowly thin out
Until something comes along....

I tried holding you around my arms
But you have turned against me
As I leave the room
Reality comes back
Click clack click clack tipity tap....

— The End —