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Oct 2016 · 365
Nameless Oct 2016
My own unrealistic expectations I cannot fulfil
Finally I can breathe
Finally I can be
Nameless Apr 2016
So you're back again
Knocking at my door
I'd been fooled into thinking we were over
But you were waiting
you've been hiding under those veils of smiles and hope
I feel you wrapping your claws around me
Waiting to immerse yourself into me until we are completely one
Apr 2016 · 355
Life goes on
Nameless Apr 2016
People come into your life for reasons and seasons
Imprints left upon your heart
Life never quite seeming the same
Memories and nostalgia heightening your senses
The moon beckoning her shore on this day
Until the rising of the Sun
A new day dawning
Freshness engulfing all that she sees
Your heart repairing itself to breathe
People come into your life for reasons and seasons
Just pondering if a love will last
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Nameless Apr 2016
I'm weary, I hear myself say
My eyes closing as I walk on my way
The day just beginning when all I wish it to do is go away
Weary of the day ahead, what's gone and what's yet to come
This weariness draining my heart through my noisy head

The chill of the breeze my weary heart wanting to cease
And then the loving sun shinning her rays upon me, come closer I beg of thee
Take me to another place
Do not disappear near that cloud I say
wash away my weariness today
Mar 2016 · 423
The trip of a lifetime!
Nameless Mar 2016
Destined for a never ending journey, not a destination....
Mar 2016 · 319
Life goes on
Nameless Mar 2016
One day there was stillness
... Life shortly followed
Mar 2016 · 240
New beginnings
Nameless Mar 2016
The darkness is rarely the end
Mar 2016 · 197
The Dance of Apprecaition
Nameless Mar 2016
She tingles
As the energy flows within her
Mar 2016 · 255
Nameless Mar 2016
I tremble
But it's not shaking
Mar 2016 · 296
To be or not to be?
Nameless Mar 2016
I'm Learning
How to be
With thee
Independent or a little dependent
What's your definition?
What works?
You tell me?
Or can I just
Be me...
Mar 2016 · 229
Nameless Mar 2016
As she lay there waiting for him to arrive she adored him, his chest, his arms, his vigour. Caught up in the moments until he came. Finally a knock at the door....
Mar 2016 · 601
What happens next?
Nameless Mar 2016
The highs and lows of the tide continue, but it remains to be seen what will wash up on the shore...
Oct 2015 · 201
How can it be ?
Nameless Oct 2015
How can it be that I want to say I love you when I've only known you days
How can it be that I want to be called your girlfriend when we are new to one another
How can it be ?
Oct 2015 · 233
Nameless Oct 2015
Let the loud voices continue on their own path... Let the whispers of your heart guide you home..
Oct 2015 · 281
Missing you
Nameless Oct 2015
He said I was amazing,
My eyes now blazing,
I watched as he walked away,
To his home, the Lords bay,
I didn't fit there,
Then where?, I say as I lay
I miss you,
Waiting for these feelings to be through,
But you knew,
You were not with my/our long term view,
For a time you were,
We both concur,
And I knew that the time had come,
But my eyes and head felt numb,
Waiting for the feelings to pass,
The weight feeling like a mass,
Upon my shoulders,
Been hit with a boulder
Sep 2015 · 371
Nameless Sep 2015
The softness of you
Easing my worries
Caressing through me, to me

belonging to you
Heart and soul
Journeys different but destinations one

Letting go
But hopeful still
Momentous memories come to mind and overspill

The All knowing God guiding us to our truth
Belonging to ourselves
soulful journeys our only truth

Gone but never forgotten
Connected always
That's the ultimate truth
Jul 2015 · 494
Goodbye Fear
Nameless Jul 2015
God I feel I need you close
My heart in your hand to feed my soul
And when I feel lost or alone
Can you hold me like I've known?

God I ask you widen my sight
To come close so I feel your light
And when I feel scared and hurt
Can you show me your signs? I'll stay alert!

And then I hear a voice so clear,
" why Noor I never left you dear"
With this thought I take a breath, my soul at peace as I lay to rest..... Good bye fear.
Jun 2015 · 239
Nameless Jun 2015
Your light is within me
I learn to shine
Expressing your glory
The freedom to fly

I am your vessel
My soul Devine
We belong together
The vibration of life
Jun 2015 · 401
We bask together
Nameless Jun 2015
You call and I hear you
I understand the truth of your calling
I surrender to you
Oh the Peace, the Warmth of thee
My Soul breathing for what feels like the first time in a lifetime
I'm meant to be with you and you with me
No conditions, no expectations
Just engulfed in Love
The word Love unable to express the feeling of coming home
Oh the Peace
You call and I hear you
I hear you..
Jun 2015 · 345
The lack of love
Nameless Jun 2015
Don't let it happen I proclaim, but equally don't hold onto it and smother it I sigh,
Let it flow
Let it go
How I ponder
Really, tell me how?!
Show me, help me experience the Freedom of the Willow
For she bends with life
Teach me Willow?! Oh teach me for I am ready to learn
Jun 2015 · 450
A call to return home
Nameless Jun 2015
I hear you beckon me
The Sea she echoes
She breathes
Follow me for a time, to a place to be
And you will see,
You will feel where you are supposed to be
And if you find it blissful
Why not stay a while and visit when you can
Jun 2015 · 226
Nameless Jun 2015
Hope, where have you been?
What is it that you have seen and hidden from me?
Today I allow you to ensue me
I question, I ponder upon thee
GOD have you always been?
Did I deny you and was that cruel of me?
In noise and silence it's becoming clear that
You and I are one and will be
Jun 2015 · 313
Nameless Jun 2015
The real is becoming so,
The haze lifting,
A gaze at the Universe,
To be breathless again
Senses aroused... I tingle,
Overwhelmed with a grateful sigh,
To be here,
Ah to be here!
No more unconsciousness, just a peaceful sleep and a calm filled day

The birds they celebrate my awakening,
And the Seas they beckon my vision,
I see her glistening as I wonder,
Several blinks but the glistening remains,
I'm on the edge of the shore,
I'm one with her,
We exist in harmony,
This is reality!
Jun 2015 · 234
Nameless Jun 2015
The past is your lesson,
The present is your engine,
The future is your vehicle
Jun 2015 · 187
You're special
Nameless Jun 2015
To wish you were someone else is to waste the special person you are.
Jun 2015 · 409
Missing you
Nameless Jun 2015
Missing you
My focus is upon you
Near or far but always in sight
The feeling of peace cocoons us
Whilst deserts and seas exist between us
Intrigued by this I question and ponder to an overthought place
Soon back to peace with your touch, heart and soul in mind
Engulfed by your vibration
Until the day I'll lay with you
That's where I long to stay
Missing you
Jun 2015 · 370
The highest of the high
Nameless Jun 2015
To you I seek, question and gaze
Your words soothe my soul
Your wings protect me
Your arms give me warmth
I fear nothing nor no one
You are with me always
Our love eternal

I understand you and I speak my truth
I'm courageous and safe
I posses strength through the Seasons we see through together
I fear nothing nor no one
I am always with you
Our love eternal
Jun 2015 · 227
Nameless Jun 2015
That dull beating of the drum is your's time to let it beat!
Hear it, acknowledge it and then follow it!
Jun 2015 · 185
You want more
Nameless Jun 2015
You have my love
Why do you need my soul?
You have my time
Why do you need my essence?
Please let me be
I'm afraid to commit to much more
Jun 2015 · 178
Nameless Jun 2015
I hear you beckon me,
The Sea she echoes, she breathes,
Follow me for a time to a place to be,
And you will see, you will feel, you will know where you belong,
And if you find this time and space blissful,
Why not stay a while and visit when you can.
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
My peaceful place
Nameless Jun 2015
I hear you beckon me,
The Sea she echoes She breathes
Follow me for a time to a place to be
And you will see, you will feel, you will know where you belong
And if you find this time and space blissful
Why not stay a while and visit when you can
Jun 2015 · 190
So what?...forgive yourself
Nameless Jun 2015
Girlfriend- So I made a mistake
The plan to meet didn't happen
Boyfriend-  I wasn't focused on you
So what
I'm human, I make mistakes
But the guilt swallowed me up when I heard your responses
Anger from you both, I'm trying !
Cut me some slack!
Then you both calmed down but my peace disappeared
It's the day after and I haven't found my peace yet
Time to shift my state!
Jun 2015 · 190
Nameless Jun 2015
The sadness has slowly crept it's way back into my heart
With it's tiny pressures in tow
Eyes bursting with anguish
A release riddled with guilt and insecurities
I thought it had passed....
Mar 2015 · 166
Take me
Nameless Mar 2015
The waves of hope I look to engulf me
Take me in your arms and Envelope me
Never release me
I am yours
On the brink of Loneliness
Mar 2015 · 269
Last goodbye
Nameless Mar 2015
You beckon me and I haste
But this will be the last time I put my heart on the line
The skies are changing and there's a sign
That a lovely goodbye is dawning in the real world
In the fantasy world, of course, we still exist, hearts connected and spirits intertwined
The oneness of the universe felt for eternity between us
But for now its goodbye
Mar 2015 · 274
Muddled by you
Nameless Mar 2015
You whisper sweet melodies to my ears
Your words and harmonies invite me nearer
I slip through my boundary of restraint
In your arms I hope to fall if I should faint
But the fact remains that you're always a dream away
So I'll think of you often here as I lay
Feb 2015 · 249
Nameless Feb 2015
Let not the fear stop you from discovering yourself and going where  you belong
Feb 2015 · 320
Let's leave it as it is
Nameless Feb 2015
While we have nothing much to express to one another....let's allow this state to envelop us....
Nameless Feb 2015
I learnt a new word today
Forlorn, penned a fellow poet
The feeling of pitiful, abandoned or lonely
How this poem spoke to me
About you, but more clearly about me

Can I resist you Forlorn or will that increase our connection ?
Will I resist you Forlorn or have our existences now been firmly welding together?
Feb 2015 · 240
The thought of you
Nameless Feb 2015
We were once connected in happiness and sorrow, an attachment that I couldn't fathom

As we grew closer the lines became blurred and joy, anger, hope visited us often

Confusion and pain seemed to have overtaken anything that was before

Then you distanced yourself from me, to save any kind of memory and for focus

I thought I needed you and hoped to be in your life again soon

Time passed and my emotions were erratic, accepting, anger and then one of great loss which you echoed

As I saw you sitting there today, I felt ordinary to you, the connection seemed to have faded or at least my ego felt numb

The thought of you now leaves me analysing what was, what is and what will be
Feb 2015 · 193
Just being
Nameless Feb 2015
It doesn't matter if you are a rose or a dandelion, it only matters that you are.
Feb 2015 · 537
The art work of the Museum
Nameless Feb 2015
You entered the museum like a professional born to examine the pieces on display
And as you observed, questioned and pondered your face in turn reflected  your thoughts
My gaze shifted from the subjects to you
You drew me in
I observed, questioned and pondered upon my new subject, the real work of art that is you
With the other pictures on the wall existing merely as the background
Trying to convince my friend to go to the museum
Feb 2015 · 290
Nameless Feb 2015
Feed your soul
For She quenches for your thirst
Let her breathe
She's ready to touch, taste, see and smell all the world has to give
What are you waiting for?
Feb 2015 · 279
A souls yearning
Nameless Feb 2015
Feed your soul
She quenches for your thirst
Let her breathe
She's ready to elevate but depends on you
What are you waiting for?
Feb 2015 · 221
Love me
Nameless Feb 2015
If you ask if you can love me I'll say no
But if decide to love me, I shall submit!
Feb 2015 · 237
Nameless Feb 2015
Help, I yelp from under my breath
Can't you hear me, I pled?
Rescue me, my crying demand ! Take me to another place
Does my silence not awaken you?
Feb 2015 · 250
In between
Nameless Feb 2015
It's not love
It's not hate
It's not joy
It's not sorrow
It's a steady stream of unrest and sadness
I'm in between states
Feb 2015 · 240
Nameless Feb 2015
Today the rage gushed out of me like  water on tap
And I blame you, the one who made me react!
Seeking your needs and ignoring my own selfish wants,
Tonight I still dwell herein this dark place
That echoes loudly as the silent night greets me
And where peace escapes my reality
Jan 2015 · 262
Only live once
Nameless Jan 2015
It dawned on me that we only live once....It's not just a saying
The lie I live, its a lifetime commitment  
Got to be free
Free from my thoughts
Dec 2014 · 214
The solution
Nameless Dec 2014
What is the truth and what is the lie?
Only one man knows what's in the heart of his eye
Where lies the freedom to soar the skies?
Up into the Heavens with scented angels by my side
Ah, and how about the peace, where will she be displayed?
Why, of course everything you desire is in the right here and now...have you forgotten? Do not be afraid!
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