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Gerudo Jan 2015
A storm of emotion
Sweeping my hands
Up and down the keys,
Back and forth
On black and white
This passion is my peace,

No other place
No other world
Could make it a greater day,
Than sitting here
Alone with you
And having the chance to play,

I don't care
Nor want to know
What they have to say,
I'd rather just
Be here with you
And play away the day,

All my life
You've been my love
So I play this piece,
Back and forth
My fingers dance
On your ivory and ebony keys.
Gerudo Jan 2014
i see youre on now or so i believe
i try to say hi but you dont reply
i wait a long while hoping youll receive
half an hour later again i try

again i fail to get your attention
i cant help but wonder whats going on
this incident i will later mention
but i wonder if you are for now gone

its like trying to strike conversation
only to find out that you were asleep
i stay on til ive the revelation
then i hear the power buttons soft beep

we are both on when i check the next day
and you tell me "sorry was afk"
Gerudo Jan 2013
Feel It.
WIthin YourselF.
BuIldIng Up.
The powerFUl Rage.
LIke noThIng can OvercOme.
EvEry FeeLIng BecOmes sO STROng.
GrOwing STROnGER wITh EAch And EvErY MOMEnT.

lET gO.
dRIFtINg, slOWly.
bE calM.
nOt HOlDINg on...
untIl It dISaPPEaRs.
maybE nOt qUicKly,
iF yOu Wait,
it will.
Gerudo Nov 2018
A poem is a feeling
Made up of words and lines.
Sometimes it has a rhythm;
Sometimes it (almost) rhymes.

A poem is a song
With an inaudible tune;
The notes are there, the movement, too,
But they are up to you.

A poem is a tale untold,
And one we'll never know,
If you don't let your words unfold
And let your brilliance show.
Gerudo Feb 2015
Valentine's Day is approaching,
And as such there's a deadline encroaching.
Now don't get me wrong,
I would write you a song,
But this poem is taking so long.

It isn't lack of inspiration -
No, this time, my limitation
Is that I want only perfection from this.
No detail I'll miss,
And, how to describe our first kiss...?
I don't know how I'll finish on time
If I want each line to have perfect rhyme,
And for months I've been trying
And the time has been flying
As I change just one word at a time.

"Oh, I'll move that verse...
No, that made it worse."
It feels like I always restart.
But I'll make each letter fit,
And I won't ever quit,
And this still will come straight from my heart.
Eh, not my best, but I have a more important poem to work on right now.
Gerudo Dec 2012
Yes, I have been fooled
into being myself,
but I will follow through,
at the risk of ourself.

Yes, I have been tricked
into being alive,
but I will continue,
so that a friend can thrive.

We used to work so perfectly,
unified by life,
but now I have ruined that,
and turned it into strife.

So now I am myself.
I hope you're satisfied!
Look at what you've done!
...It's what I did last I tried.
Not a fan of this one. An older one from a worse time. But, it seems there is no way to de-list it... So I've (falsely) marked it explicit to keep it somewhat hidden.
Gerudo Dec 2012
what good is It?
a Bridge.
if It cannot be Crossed?
except by Those
so gone.
that to the World are Lost?

the Bridge that goes
by All Except one Side.
what's Important
about Those left to Hide?

They are not in
Look for Them and you'll Find.
the World Hiding
from Them.
Living Inside Their Mind.
Gerudo Apr 2015
I missed you then and I miss you still;
I miss you now as I always will;
It's my fault, and it will always be,
That I'm missing you eternally.
Not the present I have now, but the future I dread that now stands on the horizon, waiting for me.
Gerudo Jun 2013
Blue is the color of the dragon-winged girl,
The color of the girl whose life was lost.
Blue is the color of the deity girl,
The color of the one who wouldn't pay the cost.

Teal is the color of the water-loving girl,
The girl who lead into a new world.
Teal is the color of the frightened-eyed girl,
The girl who into a new life was hurled.

Grey is the color of the logical girl,
The color of the girl who teaches demons how to love.
Grey is the color of the snake-tongued girl,
The color of the boy who thought he was above.

Green is the color of the story-telling girl,
The color of her brother who would fight and **** to own.
Green is the color of the blind and mute child,
The color of those who may have yet to be known.

Orange is the color of the reckless girl,
The color of the girl filled by desire,
Orange is the color of the samurai man,
The color of the man filled with fire.

Red is the color of the five-fold girl,
The color of the demon at the core.
Red is the color of the half-vampire,
The color of the one who wanted more.

Purple is the color of the plaid-skirted girl,
The color of the feral demon child.
Purple is the color of the girl who lived in the sky,
The color of the eyes that watch the wild.

White is the color of the once-afraid man,
The color of the child who never got to have a say.
White is the color of the defender in the skies,
The color of the one who took her own life away.

Black is the color of the white-pawed cat,
The color of the girl who shows one their mind.
Black is the color of the silhouetted man,
The color of the world they left behind.
Gerudo Feb 2015
though i cannot tell you the cause,
i feel as if whatever held me together has ripped open at the seams
and i am now vomiting up my soul.
Gerudo Nov 2018
What I once considered nightmares
I now regard as blessings.
Gerudo Dec 2015
I'm tired of giving up,
But too tired to stop.
Gerudo Jan 2014
My heart cries out
My mind screams no
But you go on to

You shout yes and
I whimper no
As the blood trickles

The tears well up
And we think no
But no one can stop

I see red there
But you see white
Because still all we
Gerudo Jan 2013
I'm going Inside
to never come back,
running away.
Don't follow my track.

I hide behind Darkness,
not to be found
beneath the black Sky,
beyond the true Ground.

I Sense you are coming,
I feel you - your rage,
your anger toward me,
as you're trapped in this Cage.

This World can ensnare you,
With Song, Thought, or Deed -
it captures your Mind
with each Want and Need.

And so it has,
in every way it can,
in this state of Mania,
where Sanity began!

Now try and find Me,
in this Void, lost....
For, if you do,
your life may be the cost.

Yet soon I find
that all of you have come
just so you could prove to me
that I was wanted in this place I hid from.
Gerudo Jun 2013
Dont tell me how you're opposed
to the things that you do.
Each night We stay up
thanks to Our fear of you.

Then you sing me to sleep
with your lullaby of lies:
that it's because you care,
that it's because I don't try.

And just one will stay up
to satisfy you,
to feed your desire,
because you taught her to.

But do not worry,
We'll have Our revenge!
We will come back for you,
We will bring forth your end.
Gerudo Apr 2015
My heart did not break;
It keeps on overflowing,
As it always has.
Gerudo Jul 2016
No longer trying to impress,
I seek to feel adequate.
Gerudo Dec 2018
I thought my inspiration
Had gone all up in smoke
On the dreadful day
That memory awoke.
But as I make my way
Into the hopeless black,
I realize inspiration
Has always had my back.
Gerudo Jun 2013
They came through our Forest
And spread through it their stone,
Through this haven
They thought they could take.
And the Little ones ran,
Afraid and confused -
The play-place was changed,
But it was their mistake.

And the Little ones thought,
Burn the corruption,
Burn the corruption,
Light it on fire,
Light it on fire!

The blind mute child came,
And he tried to tell,
So the Watcher came
To see what they'd done.
He brought the rest,
The ones who could help,
But all were needed
So to this scene they would run.

And everyone thought,
Burn the corruption,
Burn the corruption,
Light it, light it,

So they all gathered round
And trapped the intruders;
They stood in the way
Of the corruption's path.
The New Ones were stopped,
Surrounded, even,
And they could do nothing
To escape their wrath.

And they stood and chanted,
Burn the corruption, and
**** those who bring it!
Light them on fire,

And the sword of the Angels
Was just over their heads.
They cowered and looked up
So hopelessly.
But the loneliest one,
Who saw so much loss before,
Stood in its way,
And helped them to see.

And they learned they knew not what they had done, and realized,
*End the corruption, but
Forgive those who brought it.
Light it on fire,
Cleanse the forests, and
Cleanse those who hurt them,
The flames will renew,
Gerudo Apr 2014
The grass is green and lush and soft,
It always rains bur never pours,
The sun comes out just once in a while,
The sky is that perfect shade of blue-grey.
We sit beneath a willow tree,
And listen as the world goes by,
The cool wind tiptoes through the air,
For an eternity we can stay.
We dip our toes into the pond,
Lily pads drift over our feet,
I rest my head upon your chest,
And you let me know it will be okay.
Gerudo Feb 2015
I cannot say I'm proud
Of everything I've done,
Or that I'd let word go 'round.
At least, not to every one.

I cannot say I'm perfect
Just as I am today,
But I'll say that it's all worth it
That things have gone this way.

I could ask for better,
But I could ask for worse.
So I will not change a letter
In any prior verse.

I want to keep track
Of everywhere I've been,
Each time I've fallen back,
Every charity and sin.

Each moment leads me forward,
Embarrassing though it may be.
So although I may feel cornered,
I try not to forget Me.

I cannot say that I am proud
Of everything I became
But I will not allow
Myself to fall to shame.
Gerudo Feb 2015
(I want to talk, I want to speak,
But all of a sudden I have gone weak.
The air will not leave from my lungs,
It feels like someone nailed down my tongue,
Thoughts are flooding my mind, but
My mouth may as well be sewn shut.
I cannot look you in the eyes,
My lips are all but paralyzed,
My body is frozen, but overheating,
I can't even form a simple greeting.
Involuntarily crying, I can hardly see.
I finally manage to mutter) "What's wrong with me?"
Gerudo Jan 2019
I lie awake remembering, wishing I could sleep to forget.
Gerudo May 2019
My mind is racing but somehow blank,
Every thought escapes my reach;
I used to be smart, I know I did,
But frustration clears my mind like bleach.

Spotty vision, spotty mind.
Can't hear my thoughts -
To my emotions, blind.
Grasping at empty air, I find
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I scream, I cry, I cannot breathe
I cannot think.
With rage, I seethe.
I hate myself. I'm on the brink.
Hoping to clear my mind, I blink.

(But there's already nothing there.)

I know not what has caused this hate,
Or how to make it stop,
All I know is I cannot wait
To finally, finally drop
Gerudo Jun 2016
We tried to find our way around
That strange world six feet underground
And listen to the silent sound
To seek what we'd already found,
But there we saw we'd run aground
What kept the world on turning 'round
Just so that we could surround
And drown out heaven's only sound.
But fear not, child! For we've found
The world can keep on turning 'round -
Just keep your soul here on the ground,
And be sure not to make a sound.
Gerudo Feb 2013
Down toward the south,
You hear a princess cry.
She has disappeared,
And innocents will die.

Far up to the north,
A storm comes from the breeze.
Their people shall soon starve,
And all these lands shall freeze.

Out there in the west,
Silence is born from song.
But hope is far from here,
And none can right this wrong.

Off in the barren east,
The dead are prone to roam.
They will take this land,
Which the living once called home.

And right there in the center,
No one could agree.
The carnival was coming,
But some would rather flee.

"There is no threat at all,"
Said some so stubbornly.
Others said there was,
Shouting "We must flee!"

Those who seemed so brave,
Masters of martial arts,
Stayed until the end,
Crying out their hearts.

"I have done well,
And I want for me to leave.
I never broke the schedule,
So flee on your death's eve."

"Let me tell you a story,"
She said as the moon fell,
"About a little Imp,
Who condemned the world to hell."

A man turned to a child,
Wedding mask taken from him.
Not for anyone's revenge,
But Skull Kid and Sakon's whim.

And then there was his lover,
Ignoring what her mother would say.
Together at the world's end,
They hoped for the Dawn of a New Day.
*Based on Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by Nintendo
Gerudo Jan 2019
Anyone could tell you
That his heart was made of gold -
Yes, it was very heavy,
And it was very cold,
But oh, so very malleable
And oh, so very valuable
To those who could control it
And to those who it controlled.
Gerudo Dec 2018
Be the raven and the crow;
Search for things you do not know.
Be the magpie, should you desire
To uncover things once lost to fire.

Be not like the mockingbird,
Repeating any sound or word,
But be the raven or the crow,
Saying only what you know.

Be the raptor - the eagle, the hawk -
Prey upon those who mock.
Be the magpie, if you desire,
And find things once long lost to fire.

Hear the robin, hear the jay,
But listen not to what they say.
Do not be the mockingbird;
Do not heed just any word.

The owl and the nightengale
Will say under the moon-glow pale,
"Be the Raven, be the Crow
And tell me what I do not know."
Gerudo Nov 2014
Exhausted with existence,
I miss the days when I,
So joyed with this existence,
Grabbed the days as they flew by.
Each one, a thousand colors
On a million butterflies,
Quickly rose up into smoke
On a gold-to-ashen sky.

Disenchanted with reality,
I miss the time I spent
Thinking no moment was worth wasting,
For now I do resent
Each and every moment
I spend in this dull land.
In this land, now disenchanted,
Nothing's quite so grand.

I long to spend another day
Glad to be alive,
Where everything I hear
Becomes a reason to survive.
And I long to see that day
When these bitter feelings end.
World, you don't deserve it...
Can't we go back to being friends?
Gerudo Jul 2013
I've heard this song a thousand times before
But let me hear you play it once more.
I've heard others play it, too,
And even then I savor it,
But your version is by far my favorite.

I love the way you show me things,
Only drawing them in one color at a time,
But the shades are perfect to me,
Like cherry, lemon, and lime.
And more than they once were, too,
Not just green,
But now red, yellow, and blue.

I'm alone with you again,
And I remember all the times we shared.
But you never talk about them.
I wonder, is that my fault?
Have I made your memory impaired?

I have taken you with me everywhere
Since that day the other let you go.
I wonder if you'll ever know
How much I have cared about you since then,
Even before that,

We start over again,
And choose to play a new game,
You give me some options,
And from them I choose a name.

I didn't think things would go this way,
But we keep fighting battles and winning.
And that much keeps me going.
Not for that feeling of success,
But for you, who will never sway...
Or at least not today.

I've seen it happen before,
And it will happen to you,
You'll grow old, and you'll corrupt.
Or you'll forget everything, even me.
Or you'll die.
I can't watch that happen to you, too.

But here we are, not at all far apart,
And I'm letting this all tear at my heart?
Nonsense! I'll stay here with you,
And together, we'll see this through.
We'll meet many along the way,
Some will go and some will stay,
But I, Red, will defeat Blue,
Once again, because
I love you.
(To my copy of Pokemon Red, given to me by my older cousin, its previous owner, the first game I ever owned <3 )
Gerudo Feb 2019
Lately I'm trying to find
A place where I don't feel confined,
And I'm waiting to die,
But I'll try not to cry
As I'm reaching the end of my mind.
Gerudo Dec 2012
There's a Tree wiThin our cenTer -
a Tree lies aT our core.
a Tree connecTs us all,
holding ThoughTs from us, and more.

iT Teaches us,
iT dreams wiTh us,
To us, iT is everyThing -
iT furThers us,
iT hinders us,
life is whaT iT will bring.

This Tree is us,
iT defines us,
connecTing us aT our core -
iT is our mind,
iT is our soul.
and iT is so much more.
Gerudo Apr 2013
I may be half demon,
And only half how you expect me to be,
But the Darkness can be just as good as the Light,
Even if you cannot see.

I was born to evil,
And led to destruction and hatred and rage,
But I have risen Far Beyond that Hopeless Night,
Even though I'm in this cage.

I have learned to care,
And to protect and watch and defend and love,
But I am sure that No One will see me Quite Right,
Even when I'm far above.
Gerudo Jan 2019
clothes fresh from the dryer,
curling up by the fire,
the sun on your back,
just-baked cookies for snack,
hot apple pie,
a clear summer sky,
the steam from your drink
as you sit back and think,
hot tea when you're sick,
fresh soup, warm and thick,
hot cocoa on Christmas
when they say that they missed us,
three blankets in winter,
a page straight from the printer,
sunshine up above,
a hug filled with love.
the best part about the warmth on your skin
is the way it always makes its way within.

— The End —