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 Dec 2019 name
I can't help
 Dec 2019 name
I guess one look was all it took,
to make me fall in love with you,
but i can't handle this right now,
because i'm too busy to love you,
But i can't help, steal looks at you,
I can't help but think about you,
I can't help loving you,
A little ago, i felt my heart grow,
and I know you're the reason for it,
I can't help it,
But, i'm so scared, to support and ask you
Over there, i don't you to not like me...
 Nov 2019 name
John H Dillinger
 Nov 2019 name
John H Dillinger
What was, what is and what could be,
all at once coming to a focus,
breathing through the eternal moment,
being yours to create,
allusions, illusions and delusions,
at play, together.
This one just came to a focus...
 Nov 2019 name
jeffrey conyers
I realize your importance.
Yes, both day and night.
I see the strength of you from the things you do.

I am so proud of you.
More than you know.
Proud to say to everyone and anyone, you 're the love of my life.
 Oct 2019 name


   i would


      to be

         the poem



         the poet
 Oct 2019 name
Salmabanu Hatim
An innocent child can give you the best lessons of life than a preacher.
 Oct 2019 name
Paul Hansford
Long ago a king of France
-I don't remember his name -
when asked was it possible
to love two women
at the same time,
replied that he loved,
equally but in a different way,
burgundy and beaujolais,
and if he could love
two different wines
how could he not love
two different women?

For me, an inexperienced wine-taster,
I could not tell the difference,
but give me elderflower champagne
fermented from sugar, lemon and hand-picked blossom,
fresh, golden and sparkling,
or home-‚ÄĆinfused sloe gin,
rich, fruity, purple and mature,
and I would say I love them both,
equally but in a different way.

Yes, but does this mean I could love
two women at the same time?
Ah, that is a question
that I must decline to answer.
You see, I might tend
to incriminate myself.
 Oct 2019 name
Heavy Hearted
Lonely day and solemn night
Guide this pallett to the light
& Let the fear and need create
What words cannot communicate

The Painter;

a slave to love and duty,
Passionate anguish;
Desire and beauty.
self poem vs self portrait

Poems pointed with meaning while paintings uniquely described certain feeling s
 Oct 2019 name
Heavy Hearted
The artists impartiality
Of their craft's integrity
Is their profound gift
May it set us all free-
& Vanquish all anxiety.

When each page is blank, and book empty
Its full with potential's entierity.
Our real gift is sweet opportunity
To create and contrive

Its in our art we become who we wanted to be
With truthfull eyes we garentee
That you'll one day begin to see

The artist's impartiality.
Grace & Reem
 Oct 2019 name
don't forget
 Oct 2019 name
don't forget
to breathe,
when all is
too much
that it suffocates

don't forget
to breathe,
when life
wrings your neck,
making you lose
your sanity.

don't forget
to breathe,
even if
it's harder
than not breathing
at all.

don't forget
to breathe,
don't wait
for the time
when you can no longer
save yourself
from drowning.
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