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Nagalakshmi kp Dec 2020
He sat there, dressing his wounds, most of his attention went towards the happenings outside the window, rather than, a week old wound. He was in a cell, bound by walls from all four sides with just a window for his entertainment! He could see far, off of the huge compound, guarded by fences.
He had no clocks, to set an alarm. But, his timings were unshakable! He was not just an early bird, but a night owl too, would spend most of his time witnessing the outside happenings, even though he was in jail, he had no regrets! He was all proud for whatever he did!
The wound wouldn't bother him much, but the state of his nation, which bothered him the most! Seeing lakhs and lakhs of people holding the tricolor, shouting 'vande mataram' , jai hind, long live Bharat, inquilab zindabad, was a everyday thing.
Yes, you guessed it right! He was a freedom fighter. He would rather die
And be called a martyr, than live a slave's life!
Nagalakshmi kp Dec 2020
Chandra and Indra, were born non identical twins, born different, even grew differently. Chandra was more drawn towards books, often called a nerd. While, indra was always found outside the house. Playing in mud. Chandra was silent, immersed in her own world. Indra wouldn't let Chandra sit quiet, would pull her hair, would tear her book into shards! Their parents were devastated, they thought, apart from being twins, nothing would ever go in sync with them! They thought, they would never match!
Their life toppled when Chandra was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis! The only thing that could save her was a liver transplant. And Indra was a suitable match! And after the successful surgery they both had a surgical scar to match! Even though non identical, their livers now were identical!
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
The walls around me,
Are the solo witnesses
Of everything that
I had been through,
My childhood, teen
My tantrums unseen!
They have witnessed
Them all in solitude!
Sometimes they whisper
Yet another time they pamper,
And as the sun dooms,
They put me to bed
Singing lullabies!
An introvert thingy😅🤓
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
Any thing can happen
@a cup of coffee,
A day that's shabby,
Becomes joyful..
Hair that's shaggy,
Goes back to a bun.
Hand which is tired,
Starts holding a pen.
Head that's dizzy
Gets back on track.
Life that's gloomy,
Gets a spark!
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
A halo around her head
Is a tiara embellished,
Her touch is of midas
Turns even mud into gold!
O giver of our daily bread
You are our forgiver,
You are somewhere
Hidden in the skys,
Your children we are
The beacons of hope!
Will never retreat
Till we have a leap!
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
Candle makes me believe,
In humanity,
In charity,
In selflessness,
In bringing clarity
To one's life,
In making the world
A better place,
Not judging someone
By colour and creed
Harvesting their purity
Just by their deeds!
Can one be like a candle, giving light to the world, by sacrificing itself ?!
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
I'm ready to sacrifice,
All earthly worries,
To reach the ultimate...
I'll relinquish the realm,
To get enlightened..
I'm ready to travel
The path less traversed,
To be tranquil and calm
To achieve the Buddha!
Man's ultimate goal is, to know the ultimate!
The Buddha
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