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 Jun 2017 N
Megan Grace
paint fingers,
jelly mouths,
katie's teletubbies
bike helmet.
mom said
now don't go too far
and the park was just
far enough to not be
able to see the house
but close enough to
smell dinner being made
and hear dad mowing
the front yard. no
skinned knees this day
just riding our bikes
through the grass,
down the big hill
that made us scream
until the bottom. wind
blowing through katie's
hair, too long then from
her refusal to have it
trimmed even one inch,
and capri sun's under
the weeping willow tree.
before the sun went all
the way to her bed, we
made flower crowns
from the dandelions,
picked an extra handful
for the dining table,
waved to donna as we
flew down the sidewalk,
ran hand in hand to the door
before dad had to call our
names one more time.
"want to meet up soon for lunch?"
 Mar 2017 N
 Mar 2017 N
I had a dream I die
I ride a taxi into hell
I'm sweating but my driver is kind
He taps the meter when I arrive
Says, "pay up," gently
There is no tax

A flock rises from the magma
My eyes narrow from the heat
They glow as they sing
and cut me when their wings spread
Red hot and beautiful
Birds made of knives
 Mar 2017 N
Sarah Elaine
 Mar 2017 N
Sarah Elaine
Sparkling, shimmering, shining..
Tortured, pleading, and full of sadness.
Each unique and full of beauty..

Quietly screaming,
Intensely studying,
Learning, yearning, burning.
Searching for a new depth.

     speak in silent glances.

Open and yet, unseen,
Unable to make that connection.
Disengaged and detached,


     encapsulate blind words.

The profundity of the mystery,
Lined with a silver band,
Bright and vibrant..

Forging, Pushing, Striving.
Constantly evolving.

     whisper secrets loudly.
 Jan 2017 N
maire rolin
The doll
 Jan 2017 N
maire rolin
Here I am thrown across the room
my feelings are in a disarray
what is right
what is wrong

You make me question
where I belong
You insist upon
never letting me know

telling the truth in wicked ways
monstrous desire to let you go
but your grip is tight
and so is your glare

Of all poisons
I like yours the best
drawing me in
and throwing me out
Withdrawals on high
love is low

I am addicted to you
and it's dangerous

That's something we both know
 Jan 2017 N
Clayborn Todd Wooton
It's been a while since I've seen the sun
The stars
The sky
That edge to edge expanse that goes on forever
It seems we've been under a heavy cloud
of doubt, fear and anger.
With the doom and gloom hanging so low overhead
And the tragic condition of we here below
It's hard to imagine that there's a ray of hope to be found.
Such loss and rage reflecting the dark and shallow canvas above us,
and where do you turn to add color to this gray existence?

It's been a while since I've seen the sun, but today, it warmed me.  It illuminated the sky, broke through the clouds, and for a moment, embraced us down here in the midst of all our doom and gloom.  And tonight, if the clouds stay away, I will look up at the stars, so many millions and millions of miles away, and be encouraged in the fact that no matter what happens to me down here, it is all incredibly small compared to the grand design of the Universe.
 Jan 2017 N
Hadrian Veska
Seven white lanterns
On a mountainside pass
The silver moonlight
Dancing on grass

A cool gentle wind
Blows down from the heights
The rivers above
The great northern lights

The earth here at peace
In reverent tranquility
Ever aware and secure
In its graceful fragility

That those lost be honored
On the mountainside pass
Where they died for all things
So that peace might last
 Oct 2016 N
b for short
Sweet, but not too sweet.
Life balances
on the tongue of fate—
clicking and rolling
behind her cackles and trills,
while we act as if
these bitters are all we’ll ever
have the chance to taste.
“Breathe and savor,” she says,
“Too much sugar will rot your teeth.”
© Bitsy Sanders, October 2016
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