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N LaTrice Aug 2015
I  have no answers...
only speculation for the situations
the progression of the demise
The why
the when
the who and how
the what
I wish I knew
but I don't
so I go forth
one foot in front of the other
Questions aplenty
No answers at all to why
My Life is the way that it is

-(c) N LaTrice 8/72015
N LaTrice Apr 2015
Welcome to My heart,
You beautifully tortured soul
I feel as if I am to Love You
Even though I barely know You
You want to save Me from hurt
and I want to save You from pain
the hurt and pain of Our pasts...
I can't let You go... not right now...
not right now.
(c) N LaTrice 4/2015
N LaTrice Apr 2015
I had to secure My things
Locks and keys
those locks and keys
did not give Me true security
I was still robbed
and in now in utter disbelief,
I can now throw away the locks and keys...
and You can Rest in Peace

(c) N LaTrice 4/2015
N LaTrice Oct 2014
You are one of them...
the main one... but,
one of them just the same
so, don't trip...
and don't ask... and I won't
just do what You came to do and go
no time to Love
no want for Love
at least that is
what Your mouth says...
so,  I now treat You as You treat Me
I Love You
at least that is
what My mouth says
(c) N LaTrice 10/2014
hey... it is what it is sometimes
N LaTrice Oct 2014
girl, *** is not love
it is time to Love Yourself
Let Love come to You

(c) N LaTrice 10/2014
wake up... and start searching for it...
N LaTrice Jul 2014
I have to
leave you
to wallow in your house
and fast fancy cars
your upper class misery
your self-inflicted loneliness
you are too damaged
to Love Me
and the Me of 42   is not
the her of 22
I can't settle
I won't settle for the
flighty and angry-
Blessed beyond measure -
hateful and hurting-
done dealing with that-
(c) N LaTrice
N LaTrice Jul 2014
the words I could use
to retaliate
but there is no need
(c) N LaTrice
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