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 Aug 2020 N Chairannisa
Val Vik
within the sea of northern lights . . .
within the blazing stars . . . within your heart
there is a tide. . . of sweeping energy, it rises and falls,
ebbs and flows, comes and goes. . .
Hammock Travel : )
Feb 2019
I miss you
Miss your words
I find you
Find your hands.

I know you
Know your heart
I want you
Want your new art.

Do you feel me?
Feel my emotions!
Would you reach me?
Reach my affections!

You look at me
Look at my heart
Do you feel that?...
We aren't so apart!
Don't get me wrong
I still miss you.........
Since I was very young
Can art and religion coexist
When art is about asking questions
And religion is about providing answers?
Really proud to have this published in Time of Singing Volume 47 Number 2 Summer 2020 issue.
the nightingale
in the
golden cage
singing his heart out
as the
dancing silhouette
of the
free birds
the orange rays
the radiant sun
 Jul 2020 N Chairannisa
Flower C
You’re much like the rain,
You can be soft or heavy,
Or kind to my drought.
your presence
is all
i need.
I want to talk to him
Who comes in my dream
and looks so handsome,
Yet I don't know his name
and where is his clime
But I have a crush on him!

May I talk to him?
Mom, may I talk to him!
He comes in my dream
I need him to talk,
'Cause I have a crush on him!

My eyesight is getting dim
everything except him,
'Cause he looks so awesome.
I can't sleep at night
It just I feel his light
and I melt into him!

I feel fly in the sky
like a bird so high
I feel this for the first time.
Sometimes I smile alone
and hide myself from everyone
Maybe I'm falling in love with him!
It's thoughts of a young lady
Roosters and swampy leaches,
always attacking the Georgia peaches,
darkened chasms oozing stench,
trying to control the velvet trench.

Leering eyes stare out at mountains,
saliva drools, like Trevi fountain,
imaginations in overdrive,
thinking about creating lives.

In the sty, squealing lies,
as the fairer fire fries,
in the grease, they exuded,
and the things, which they alluded.
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