Forgive yourself, even when they won't
For they dont always understand
When words are tossed about like stones
And you don't know if you can
When lies are spread like a wild fire
When your friends are blinded by fear
Even when you’re indescribably tired
And you can even manage a tear
Forgive yourself, Even when they don't
Your old life will be back soon
Nothing is unforgivable
Oh! And be humble and righteous too!

this is my favorite of all the poetry i've written because it applies so often, and leads to a better life
ella 4d

I kept staying in the field you were in
I was at a long distance from you
just so that I could keep my sight at you
sometimes I would turn my back
so that I wouldn't get hurt.

you never see me because
I'm in a white flowy gown,
it covers me while the breath  
out of you blows me away.

I'm in the wrong place
head over heels for something
that isn't real, it could never be us
this story is too easy to rewrite.
like strangers

  5d ella
Lilly Penn

I wish I was a Swan with grace and agility.
A bright white streak
of holy earth
that cam from the nesting place of love.
I wish I could die with no one to know
that my death was important.
I would be a Swan,
a beauty,
that a tear would be shed for.
Not knowing who that Swan was,
just knowing
that it was lost.

  5d ella

He was her lake
where every night
she'd transform
under the moonlight
into a princess
from a swan white
one day he left
blinded by daylight
trapped as a swan
she was a sad sight.

ella 7d

it happens every time
you try to take me in to crime.

your words escape with the wind
and it's like a child has sinned.

you take it with your thoughts
but all I do is turn them into knots.

ella Dec 8

I'm so scared
of you, future.
please keep me happy.
the past
haunts me.
the present
doesn't balance me

ella Dec 7

I don't notice until he shifts
that he's pulled his sketch pad
from his bag, he's sketching me!
I close my eyes just before he looks up.
I feel giddy.
"You're a bad actress, madame."
I smile although my eyes are still closed.

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