Within my soul I am lost
Weak for a need to comfort me
When I can't feel your presence
Your energy distant & cold
Within my soul , I am lost
Searching for the desire
I desire to be desired
Sadly no desire do I find
When you go you take away
you shatter parts of me
cutting & left bleeding
all over my soul
Within me , I need to hear
I need you to speak to me
any way you can
Within me , I need to know
I just need to know
© Jennifer Delong 10/14/18
  Sep 30 jennifer delong
I fell into the arms of the night
Hugging the shadow of her silhouette
She pulled me in
And swallowed my eyes

Her fingernails
Traced my lips
As she took a bite

And I caressed her darkness
Without the need for light

Over curves and starkness
My hands were sight

Then she stood tall in the sky
Thick and wide

And as she laid over my body
She cloaked our delight

We played in sweat and Fahrenheit

And as she pitched black
She arched her back and began midnight

A few more hours
The sun came bright

       Then she disappeared
       And spit out my eyes
Two can play that game
When you want it
You want it now
Its most important
When I may want it to
Then you act like it's nothing
You act like it's not important
So two can play that game
So remember that
When you want it again
It'll be not now
I got stuff to do
© Jennifer Delong 9/29/18
My body helpless as desire seems to consume

My bed so lonely without you

As steaming hot passion burns uncontrollably free

My lips are moistened with my feverish tongue

As inside my hearts flaming desires are definitely ripened

My breast bare as the night chill gives them a rush

I begin to moan but try hard to keep it hush

Tenderly my fingers dribble down my bare breast

To delicate places my fingers slowly come to a rest

I circle my ****** as a chill flows through

Inside of me a passion burns so deep with thoughts of you

As sweat begins to build upon my body so warm

I linger on to places that even more feelings can dwell

Down to my stomach my fingers seem to glide

Down to that spot where my passion seems to hide

A hot burning desire, I feel the flames flowing so free

As my fingers dip into the deeper depths of me

So wet and flaming the power of my desire

Inside this spot is the total passion of my extreme desire

My mind trapped in thoughts of you beside me

As , I begin to moan with excitement, 

The faster my fingers seem to go

A deep sigh a ****** purr a deep emotion breaking free

Sounds of rapture wanting to erupt, 

And open up to this total ecstasy

A burning desire inside my body so deep

So much hot passion that I moan

Unable for silence to keep

Thoughts of you consume my soul and my heart

As this burning desire within me comes forth to depart

I let go of myself and seem to float high above

As emotions inside me remind me of your sweet body

My bed empty where in my mind you lay

Upon my body a burning desire, I can't keep away

Oh tonight, I may dream and feel this
pleasure so true

But tomorrow my **** man

I will give all this desire to you and only you

A burning desire inside we both shall feel

As tonight may be just a fantasy

For tomorrow it will be so real

© Jennifer L DeLong 5/7/17
I feel like a trinket
Put up on a shelf
Only to be admired
You can only look
But please it's not a toy
Only taken down
for a minute or two
Then back to the shelf I go
You can't imagine
the thoughts or the feelings
I may have
It's easier to just put me on a shelf
How is this better
Why am, I not to be enjoyed
I know quite alot
I got a great sense of humor
But this isn't funny
Now ya got me feeling like a trinket
Can't tell me it's ok
I just can't live this way
Sitting on a shelf
This I cannot do
© Jennifer Delong 9/28/18
  Sep 28 jennifer delong
If you could see yourself the way I see you
For just a week,
For just a day,
For just an hour,
Or even for a fleeting glimpse in a crowd.

If you could see yourself through my eyes
Then hopefully you would see
That glow around your eyes when you smile
Especially when the smile is sincere
Even when your heart isn't in it, I see it still.

If you could see yourself through my eyes
Maybe you would hear the chimes
That accompany your voice when you laugh.
Maybe you would feel that warmth in your heart
Even when you're fake laughing at my jokes.

If you could see yourself the way I see you,
Standing ready even when you've been tested,
Holding your ground against wave after wave after wave,
Prepared to withstand your thousandth trial,
Even when you know you're on the edge of collapse.

If you could see yourself the way I see you,
You would be stunned into silence.
You would be amazed at the creature you saw.
You would let go of that last nagging thought.
You would love yourself as deeply as I love you.
  Sep 28 jennifer delong
Star BG
Do not plague me ego mind,
with your jargon
of judgements and fear.

For I do cast them to the wind
and move in precious light.

Do not emit your shadow to block
my sun of spirits wisdom.

For I do move in heart
celebrating the gift of life
inside moments magic.

Do not attack me when least expected,
spreading your vernon lies
that torch my cells.

For I shall merge with heart
and choose to sing with sacred song
and dance with grace.

Yes I do choose to move on freedoms highway.
A place where miracles sprout
in garden divine.

And YOU your weeds of voice,
they be needed no more.

For now I greet my spirits voice
to sing with grace.
inspired by jennifer delong  
Ego it always grabs me Put me in head. I bought its lies for a time than I reconnected and all is well.
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