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Well time to wake
Need to shower
Got alot to do
Wish I could wake
next to you
I do miss those mornings
Being close
Making your coffee
Kissing you till you woke
Those were the mornings
I miss I really do
Ok time to get my coffee on
Can't lay here all day
Ok there we go
Music's on
Coffee brewing
Hot shower
Now I'm ready
to get my got to do

© Jennifer Delong 1/23/19
Dripping wet
Feeling weak
Need a healing
It's you , I seek
They way you smell
They way you speak
But ....Dam your eyes
******* my soul
come here now
let's play hide & seek
Oh yes Oh now
Mmmm now you know
Now you feel it
you can't hide
tantalizing & teasing
till your deep inside
and healing me
© Jennifer Delong 1/2019
It comes and goes
When it stops
I'll never know
Living in this life
Its all quite a maze
Going here maybe there
Quite confusing
Time doesn't stop
So you really never know
When or how
So as you grow
Your dreams may not be
Only now can you guess
Live it now let it go
Don't reach to far
Keep it real feel it breath it
It's all just a maze
So as you go
Remember you never know
© Jennifer Delong 1/2019
Feeling this energy
It's racing through my body
Making me feel extra witchy
Pulling out out some herbs
Time to dance this out
Burn the sage
Shake & Shivey
Let my witchy out
Raise it high
Use it to empower me
© Jennifer Delong 1/18/19
Seeing the day arise
Seeing the lonely looking sky
It's no wonder I'm feeling so blah
It's mornings like these ,
I just wanna sleep the day away
No emotions no feeling the drag
Then awake to a sunny day nah
life's not gonna play it my way
So here I go anyway
© Jennifer Delong 1/16/19
How can so many continue to believe
How can so many be so trusting
Trusting in our failing government
Trusting in the daily lies spread
What is it gonna take ?
It's so obvious it really is
It gets so frustrating
When will we all be done
What is it gonna take
I mean seriously can it get any worse
It's plain to see no one's caring
about our freedoms our rights our needs
It's all just a competition
So many of us poor barely scraping by
So many treated like ****
Can't we all say enough
It's our government
It's up to us to say enough
and if we don't like now
I'm sure it's gonna end
It won't be pretty it will be distruction
Utter pain and devastation
© Jennifer Delong 1/14/19
It's a spiritual path , I  walk
Born with this gift
as I have learned
its a gift to cherish & appericate
It's a part of me it's not to fear
Though at times its a challenge
the things , I see & feel & hear
Knowing its been handed down to me
Its my path my spiritual
life lesson
it's who I am
I now show the souls
the way to go
I teach others to understand
makes me appreciate it more
it comes with wonderful intution
It comes with healing hands
It's not a curse it's my gift
My spiritual path , I must walk
Witch , Healer  , Psychic
I have them all in my arsenal
My Spiritual gifts
I am a witch
© Jennifer Delong 1/4/19
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