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I can be your friend,
until our lives end.

Don't be shy with me,
and just feel free.

You were so good,
but people misunderstood.

Lean on me anytime,
and I will write this with a rhyme.

That's the reason why we loved each other,
But you just loved me as your brother.

I was hurt, I was disappointed; and my heart was broken--
I was so sad until I was crying; and I just wrote a spoken,
A spoken will remind you; that I was hurt--
But it was all my fault; because I flirt.

Whenever we meet; I tried to avoid you--
To forget all my mistake; and to start a new,
But I don't think; that it will be a good idea and a good example in our lives--
I realized that it'll lead us to be a better person; that's what really God gives.
Don't you ever try to avoid someone, because you are hurt. Face the reality.

He loves his friend but his friend treat him as a brother.
Many years had passed; the woman still worries the loss of the man--
She's still blaming herself; and keeps carrying the pain.
Whatever she wants to forget; she still wondered what she could do and asked herself what is her plan?--
The damage has been done; but why still remain?

She keeps remembering the pain that she have done; she remembered that she's the only reason--
She's the reason why she lost her love; she's the reason why her loved ones were gone.
She's crying again; she's hurt and she thought that she had treason--
Many people told her that she need to forget it and it's not her fault for what had happened; but she still can't move on.
So this is the part two of reminiscence the past, i hope you like it.
They're both happy together; but suddenly, everything has changed and he had mistake---
The man, who had been guilty for some several times; but the day came by that they don't want it to happen.
The woman asked him; and said "Can we have a break?"---
The man was surprised at the question of the woman. So he didn't realized it immediately; and then the man asks. "Are you planning to curtail our communication?".

The man suffers from loss; every night he's crying while remembering the past--
It was their last conversation; and their last encounter that would weaken him. That caused him many times he tried to **** himself.
A few months ago the woman heard about him; that the man has passed away for so fast--
The woman went hastily through the grave of her dear man while blaming herself; She is crying now in front of the man's grave and talked that  "I shouldn't give up on you, I shouldn't depart you and I know you won't do such things to yourself."
This is have a part 2
There is a woman; looking at the sky,
I want to approach her; but I'm shy.
She was filled with sadness; and she was about to cry,
However; I chose to approach her and asked her why?
She just answered me; of her sigh,
I tried to sit beside her; but she stood up saying goodbye.

"What's your problem?" as I asked her,
"Stay away from me." as she told me but suddenly she held my hand and told me "my eyes starting to blur."
I was worried about that time; until she lost her sight,
She's fainting and I'm nervous about the incident; i know this is not alright.
I helped her and carried her; to the hospital,
Nurse asked "Is she your friend?" I answered "Yes, a little."
A man was there; but nobody could see him,
He's hiding behind the door; searching for the key and slowly moving his limb.

His voice couldn't be heard; and his presence couldn't be felt,
He tried to get attention at woman; but his confidence did melt.

All he ever wanted; was to be and feel a part,
Of the people around him; to know how to heal his broken heart.

But nobody even noticed, nobody helped; and he always was there every single day,
Trying to be a better person, trying to summon up the courage; to say the words he'd like to say.

As his mouth opened; nothing would come out,
Trapped upon the tongue again; depart in a state of self doubt.

The man just vanished; like a ghost who's slipped away,
Without a single sound; depart to yearn for another day.

All he ever wanted was to be; noticed, part of the world and people,
But instead they just ignored him; and realize that he's not approachable.
He met a woman. They talked about something; and they became friends.
He was very happy, every time they were together; until he thought that he could court the woman.
However, he was rejected by the woman; that's why he need it to ends.
But he suffered and weeps; and at midnight he's always awaken.

Many years had passed; he met the woman again but the woman just passed him.
He sighs and dashed her onward, towards the woman; so she asked the woman "Do you still remember our history?".
The woman faces her and answered "No and don't touch me"; then the woman acts like grim.
He was surprised when he handed his out; and he whispered "Why so mystery".
It's really hurt.
He have taken already the attention of his beloved woman; until their fellowship lasted.
The woman was very happy to tell him that she was pregnant but then he thought about what he have done to her; so he admitted.

The woman was surprised when he told the truth; and he begged the woman that she shouldn't leave.
He told the woman something that he wouldn't know what would happen; and the woman said "I couldn't believe".

The woman gave birth and they were both happy; until he was forgiven.
However, he showed his love to the woman; and that's what God's given.

They're completely happy with their child; but in just so sudden, he got an heart attack and couldn't move. Based of his action.
His early loss was unexpected; now, they're crying. That's how their reaction.
So yeah, this is the part 2. He died, because of the cruse.
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