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He was a man of colossal genius.

               - George Bernard Shaw
          ( upon hearing of Chesterton's death)
If Shaw and the vegetarians are right, we are all murderers.

                      - Gilbert Keith Chesterton
An Irishman's heart is nothing but his imagination.

                         - George Bernard Shaw

Why must Christ be crucified in every generation that lacks imagination?

                           - George Bernard Shaw
Dublin is the last outpost of Christendom in Europe.

                  - Gilbert Keith Chesterton (English)

Dublin is the world's largest outdoor insane asylum.

                   - George Bernard Shaw (Irish)
GBS, to see you, one would think there was a famine in England.

                        - Gilbert Keith Chesterton

GKC, to see you, one would think you were the cause of it.

                         - George Bernard Shaw
I've never seen a situation so miserable that a police officer couldn't make it worse.

                            - Brendan Behan
Don Quixote went mad from reading
Possibly, so have I

Yearning in that yellow moon
Oh! the Infinite silent sky

Speaking of Infinity
The endless digits in pi

I love three different women (differently)
But I'm not their kind of guy

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