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Mykro905 Feb 2018
Done work early this evening,
home I'm heading,
As I get there I'm wondering,
What tonight I'm eating,
I  walked into the house,
As I'm entering
Upstairs I can hear banging,
So I'm start rushing upstairs wondering,
What happening,
I hear in my wife in the bedroom Moaning,
I'm thinking maybe she got a new toy and I’m a ***** boy,
So I enter to enjoy,
As I open the door,
I see her on the floor,
Getting it by some guy,
I start yelling you are wore,
I knew you wanted more,
I was so  angry and my chest felt sore,
But what should I do,
Should I throw them both out the window,
Or let it go
and walk away,
Start a new life,
Never think about today,
But I have so much to say,
And ask why,
Then I looked at the dresser, Remembered where I hid the revolver,
Walked over,
Pulling it out,
Told my wife it could have been us forever,
Shot her
Look at him,
Then pulled the trigger,
looked at the mirror,
And Said life could have been better If I never married a cheater,
Then raised the gun and my life was done
This is a poem/verse
Mykro905 Feb 2018
The thought that I will never grow up,
Now the thought of my past makes me throw up,
Deep down the thought of today puts me to the ground,
The thought was my voice,
The thought was not my choice and always having the thought of wanting more,
Always having the thought that you can't ignore!

— The End —