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When I always think of you and I,
No words dare to cross my mind
'Cause in every lows and every high,
I thank God that you are mine
When life keeps you waiting,
Do you fall in line or keep on moving?
Will you have hope and start dreaming?
Or, do you make excuses you want to believe in?
A day like this is meant to be blank,
No words or actions can even be ranked
It's just a space for time to fill,
Hours and minutes are there to ****
In everything that we do, there is always a residue
Like going everywhere with a dirt on your shoe

After everything that you've been through,
Always know that the pain will be there for you.
It was a victory I taste, at last
Cherish it before it move too fast
A tiptoe from high to low,
Keep it constant, For I hope so.
As long as there’s a little light in front of me,
It will be enough to save me from my sanity.

No matter how dark, how void
A little light, a little movement
Wind stronger and stronger
Mind goes wilder and wilder

Just keep going, darker or blur
Just keep going, further and further
With every sigh and deep breaths
Tighter and tighter, I grasp

Alas, a striking light has woke me up
Come on and tell me
Our love is infinity
Promise me, oh please
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