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mygreatestescape Dec 2021
under tables he begged first for scraps
scorn the loving hand
big wide saucers
eyed up and down
you leaving and him following
with a bird in its mouth
- did the night take you
did they have you for dinner
at midnight when you crossed
the tracks
walking beside shadows
did they take you

did they take you?
smashing bowls over heads
and the dog still waiting
hands clasped open
it’s maws

is the bird alive or not
the last time I saw
I was horrible
taking spins in the car
you dragged me by my hair
and showed me what was love

we were two moonbeams dancing
on the cusp of our death
and i’ve burnt out for you
a million nights since you left
Sep 2021 · 1.6k
to be alone to remember
mygreatestescape Sep 2021
in heaven too
she cries only of this earth
and all her dreams are worldly still

if you are here already; stay a while
so the earth my seem less like prison
and more like boundless sky

writing as if to save a life
keeping death alive
for we live through the dead
as much as they live through us

you are walking and catch a glimpse of yourself
your hair, and your face not beautiful but perfect still
there are moment then when you feel alive
do you remember yourself as much as you remember others?
write poetry for how much you missed being you

no one understands who you are
you have to make a you that understands
like a little bird singing from the branches of your heart
you have to sing a song that only you know the words to

for no one else is living for you
only you are

there is a house
where we put away our hatred
and its walls are tiny
but tinier yet are its windows
you’re letting time
determine your ability
and turning to stone slowly

you keep your dead love alive
in another house
and you love so deeply
you get carried away in it

you live in the hair of your lover
and breathe when they breathe
you **** your self little by little to be someone
to anybody

I am not a poet Tulsa
I am a weak willed person
trying to hold all of life
in my weak willed arms
I wanted to hold it
and I wanted to face everything
scary because
I was walking one day when
a sudden rush hit me that everything
was possible and it was
almost unbearable
it was almost unbearable how
full of life I was at that moment

I wanted to try
I wanted to try
what is it with that and never being enough.
Sep 2021 · 849
mygreatestescape Sep 2021
I am tired of giving
sacrifice does not feel gratuitous
I am bent at the waist tired
I am tired of giving
I will be evil now.
Sep 2021 · 319
mygreatestescape Sep 2021
I bow my head and hide my tears from you
my ancestors swim in my bones
they cover my skin with a thousand years of
history forgotten
they dose me in their womb
and tell me to grow again
I bow and bow and bow and cry
my face ashamed
my race defines me then
so far I bow my skin raptures
and reveals my ivory spine
I awake rivers rising within
we all return to the earth
but I return to water
I am a fish drowning
rooted in decay
two lovers meeting
who created my
line my name
not even a bit is mine
my ancestors swimming in my bones
they ask me where it hurts
holding the moon in their hands
tell us where it hurts our dove
they say
and we will spread light there
they also say

but I am being carried further away
by the blistering angry brute
of a sun
and I crumble piece by piece

find me
my son my sun
find me
I am dying in a canvas
in the background
mi vida please look past the colours
mi vida mi vida
my heart is stuck in a clock forever in that moment
find me
before the sun eats me
before the paint fades.
Sep 2021 · 143
my 1 and only
mygreatestescape Sep 2021
the wax of new love has melted
and revealed itself like a sabotage
I am burning out and yet you love me
say it with your lips
say it once
people ruining beautiful things
loud voices
I felt your joy like it was mine
did you feel my pain the same beloved?
it’s been a year since I saw you
so of course I would cry like a child in your arms
if you leave again what will I do? you asked it with your mind
I could see it in your eyes
the leaving had already consumed you

I will grow again
a flower
who’s fragrance will carry my love to you
who’s death will birth a
thousand more flowers
who will sing to you when I am gone

all the reasons why I loved you
none for beauty
all for pain

the ocean has left the shore
and has come with me
to beg you to stay
it takes the shape of a woman
and wails louder than my own soul

I used to be concerned with the politics of the world
now I can barely move my body
or think past this mind numbing fog

my heart unfurling
all but a metaphor
- a hand lonely
a god dies in a

and another one takes its place
Aug 2021 · 227
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
my rage is anarchy
do you see how it melts off
when i’m with you
I am standing in the midst of our joy
pick up the phone love
I just need to hear your voice
I love you more than my soul
it is true
I wish to have two hearts
one to carry your sorrow your worries
the other to carry my love for you

No creas que no eres importante
Al contrario, yo te amé con toda el alma

do not believe that you're not important
     on the contrary, I love you with all my soul
Aug 2021 · 196
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
I am not good enough
do you know even in my dreams
I am not me, my name and my voice
are the same
I am prettier and you desire me
you want me because I am beautiful finally
even in my dreams I am not myself at all
I have no concept of who I am
I am this tapestry of bloodied hopes
not even the first blood could make me beautiful
in my future I am I am I am
pretty and you love me for nothing beyond that
I do not want validation I want your
what’s the point of kindness
without any aspect of beauty
you’d look past it if I could keep my
skin from slipping off to reveal my ugliness

even in my dreams I am not me

I want to walk away from it all
I ******* hate you
and myself for being weak

even in my ******* dreams I am not me
Aug 2021 · 420
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
it was over but wasn’t it beautiful?
here we are again
whispering you said
the remains that we haven’t buried
here we are again
i’m holding a ghost in my arms
and calling it love
Aug 2021 · 330
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
the most beautiful women are martyrs
with a spider on their hearts
it is eating away at their morrow
it is eating away at the part where they
finally ask you to come back to who you were

the most beautiful women are martyrs
the sun wrecking their skin
and the sun within is weakening slightly
so they birth another god for the land
from the palm of their worked hands
creating worlds that mature like wine

the most beautiful women are martyrs
those who are fluent in silence
the blood is not beautiful it is just red
a belief that comes from longing too much
the war ends and another starts

the most beautiful women are martyrs
those who do not love because of
they wish only their souls to be loved

the most beautiful women are martyrs
in moments weak- and unspeakably lonely
dark sobbing in a hallway
mobile cemeteries carrying parts
to fix the wreckage of a long forgotten war

the most beautiful women are martyrs
heroic grief
longing to be held by the light of the world

the most beautiful women are martyrs
liliac roses who hold the promise of
another horizon
singing a song of joy and painfully weeping after the music stops

the most beautiful women are martyrs
growing like flowers on a battlefield
Aug 2021 · 306
every angel
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
the sunlight touches you and stays
you are not made of false honey

to be the sun is your game
my ashes pay reverenace
at a hotel, on a road trip with friends writing to u
Aug 2021 · 167
libation am I
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
I didn’t become anything
i’ve returned at last to what I was all along
like all weak things I need to be touched to feel real;
I look like a stranger in the mirror, the bathroom light
dyes me inky white,
and my bruised heart still beats
it’s branches are reaching telling me to come home
say my name again and again until it too stops sounding like it’s mine.
the dog is following you, and I am praying with my eyes open
the music is getting louder but I will not face it
is this the price I pay for resurrection
is this the love I get for quieting myself
if so; more of it then
scorpionic - look in my eyes and heal me again

I was burning too quietly
the fumes of my love didn’t reach you
and yet you kept your silence

there is a sun in my heart
tear it in two and see what it whispers

in the midst of our joy
there is a snake my lapis lazuli
the quilt you knit
with weak thread is being stretched
over me
and it is your love that keeps it from tearing

I am an angel you said
you placed me on the pyre
you kissed my eyes shut
my eyeless eyes I have never closed before
this time the blanket you give is gore
and it rips like muscle
it tears like bones
it tears like heaven
it tears open
my honey my wounds
my sun in my heart leaking out
and finally you feel it don’t you
how much I love how much I love.
Aug 2021 · 153
you know how it
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
you know how it is
i’m losing my mind a little
but i’ll be better soon
call later

I’m crying when someone’s looking
and feel embarrassed - i’m laughing to myself
but then I cry again in a hallway, someone passes the corner
and catches me in the act of spilling myself over
their is a puddle of me on the ground and some people walk past
it or over it
depending on the day
and i’m ashamed to have been seen
my dreams are even more confusing
they are lizards that stick to my lobe
they are slow and melting over me
I try to chase them in memory but it is gone
and what remains is mystery and beauty
you know how it goes don’t you
this dance
we’ve danced it before
I am a star
and there is a gap between your teeth
and it is like the one I had
all the brightness inside of me
is spilling over
catch it will you?
Aug 2021 · 158
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
what is evolution and what is refinement
nicely packaged chicken
modified, glossy packaging
the light catches the saran wrap and it almost seems real
is it portable? is it good?
you’re salting your food
you’re salivating
you’re salivating like a dog



there is a needle poking there is a
gaping cavity
a pit in the stomach
and gingivitis for teeth

they’ve stretched bone ivory
you’re 80 years old with vellum like skin
and people walk past you

but food

you’re sitting on the toilet
and crying
your tongue lolling
index finger broken

and they come to get you then
wrap you in sheer cloth
put a bow on you

they’ve claimed worlds with their
mouths and now they will eat
you whole too

the collarbone
how the foot arches

your foot they’ve cut
tenderly and skinned the meat for it’s worth

I found them selling your eyes at the supermarket
this isn’t evolution
it’s refinement

I saw a man eating the cavity of your hallowed head
through his kitchen window
his face; ecstasy
Aug 2021 · 162
mygreatestescape Aug 2021
it is natural of you to share my hopes
you’re turning the pages while i’m reading my book

you have only to look at me once
and you’ll see your love shining like the horizon
Jul 2021 · 991
you were singing me a song
mygreatestescape Jul 2021

papa... I cry
I am only good for the evening
I am not a prayer I am a ******
I am not the banyan tree
you planted
- I am an eternal yawn
yawning before you
papa come back to me
to tell me I am god
my notebooks are covered
in decal stickers, hearts
hearts and teary eyed girls
hearts     you    sunk a pike through
Papa! Papa, come back to me
                                                     will you
will you


I was 13
I was


and ugly
she was ugly
I is ugly?
she is stupid
she is ugly
my teeth are straight now
and I am
I am pretty

was 13
was 13

why are you
you wake in the night crying
I am here
I am here don’t cry
don’t cry
papa don’t cry
papa don’t cry
i love you


the last summer I wanted to **** myself so bad
I tried it first with just some pills
than I thought i’d rent out a carbon monoxide tank
it costs 100$ and i think it’s funny
that it costs that much to

papa I would never leave you
you left me first though


somedays I am sleeping on land
and what is between my legs does not define me
time has never heard of me
I am beyond time
I am fire and earth
god crafted me on the pottery wheel
and he cursed me with a heart
and he told
he whispered
feel, feel, feel

I am a tree in my past life

I am weak again and I cry
it is the low wailing of my soul
my loving roots set fire by fiends
they’ve wandered my fields and
eaten my fruits
and killed me again for

but I do not mind them
it’s god shining in their faces too
i think

he asks me laughing
can you love me now?
when I am the one ripping and tearing
away at your soul
when I am setting aflame your peach trees
and raspberry meadows?

and through my acetic tears
I sob yes, yes

yes I can

I love you

I sob - I - I




my bedroom of grief
my kitchen of happiness
you barged in and tore down the wallpaper

I am not speaking my silence
i am living it
far off land
my roses are centuries old
they have ripped from the stems
they will grow

again and again.
Jul 2021 · 206
the female gaze
mygreatestescape Jul 2021
let me do it all over
you come back and sit down
you come back and sit down
take off your coat
your gloves
is it winter?
is it summer?
twilight or dawn
come back and take off your jacket
pick your teeth off the ground
and watch the gums absorb
those shark bellied whites
watch them
bleed back into your gums

the woman next door is watering a plant
the woman next door is looking over
to us, her eyes hold her contempt

my soul is a tree and you are setting it on fire
my soul is a tree and you are setting it on fire

let me do it all over
you come back and sit down
you come back and sit down
take off your coat
your gloves
is it winter?
is it summer?
Jul 2021 · 200
mygreatestescape Jul 2021
my hubris had deserted me
and the world had abandoned you
the one I was searching for
false umber lights
the truth I was searching for
like a well trained horse had
they treaded over you

I dusted you
offering my love as oblation
and then there was no desire
only you
and each face was you
and each hand was yours
and each flower was you smiling at me
women, martyrs, bent at the knee old in mind
men sitting besides the window
all you

our seperation has been long
has been long enough to dry out my tears
i’m shining like a dead star, i’m burning out
and loving you still
and my soul is screaming
and my soul awakens at night
crying for you
May apples in the winter
the insanity of eating mangoes in the fall
I gave it all up

there are birds on the branches of my heart
and they are wailing the song of
our love
and in the mirror there you are
in my smile in my eyes, I see you

come and meet me half way
and I will ask you to show me something
and you will show me
and you will show me beloved.
Jul 2021 · 892
eternal sun
mygreatestescape Jul 2021
let me go back and follow you into time again, your face is different
yet at a glance I know it’s you, you unfold in front of me blossoming like daisies  in the summer, you run past me and your laughter follows filling the spaces where you once were - you do not know me yet but I am a part of you, our souls are forever intwined aren’t they? I want to know how you laughed, what your hopes were, how you prayed or what you dreamed of, what are your dreams made of tell me let me know - before half your life was mine - before like the sun peaking after the monsoon you and I came to occupy the same space and time. your house, your eyes, your parents, parents that I will grow to love, what are their stories, are they too half of god walking around, do they too long for a home beyond the physical? the land where your feet touched, running through fields of yellow, your house half concrete half mud, did you think of me? in those short visions of the future, or was it only that moment that felt real to you. I want to become your braid, as it swings carefree in the wind, I would give my life to become but a paper in your half read books, to become the pencil held between your fingers, to become the dirt beneath your feet. I love you so, I love you so. I am but a loose thread on your brand new cotton suit - I am but the longing of finding a place without time, where you and I and all we love can dance again without fear. I love you so. I love you so. and we will work not for a day more when we return to ourselves, and there forever will be our eternal sun.
Mar 2021 · 439
your sorrow is not yours
mygreatestescape Mar 2021
the birds have left you
oh abandoned one
the sea is crying out
for you to come finally
to your senses
abandoned one
childless and native
to the sand
to the gravel

not the molten
or the graying buildings
or the stares of
passerby could
make you feel any less
of who you were

no half moon could heal the wound

and yet you sing
back to him the melody
you were taught
hoping he will listen
and meet you finally
at the cusp of all life
between the horizon
up the hill
he’s laying under a tree
and you walk quietly to him
and see his face coloured
with the reds and yellow of love
you start to cry then
a strong wailing like the canary
who flew away from you
and he listens quietly to your
how it ebbs and flows
over the hill and down again
how it grasps
and claws
ringing against the mountains
yet he does not get up to greet you
his face is serene

you quiet at last
and go to sit with him
and finally you are home
here your sorrow swirls
and becomes the yellow
light of the sun
it becomes flowers
that grow between your feet
the branches ivory reaching for your
how it wraps around the two of you
the moss growing
and crawling up your cheek

two becomes one
in the gentleness of sleep
Feb 2021 · 445
time doesn't exist
mygreatestescape Feb 2021
and I awoke again
in that ink blue
how grief gripped
me like a leviathan
it washed over me
where is my mother?
where is she?
in my panic
I look over and you're there
but still as I carefully put my
arm around you as if not to disturb
the pain does not leave me
it is a loss that had happened
at birth it seems
I know I will see you
I will see you
and everyone again

I must find my soul
I must merge
with the divine

I see god in you
those mornings
don't leave me
your soul and mine
all of ours
must be connected

when I die I will come back to you.
Jan 2021 · 1.1k
one truth
mygreatestescape Jan 2021
I want you to put your arms
around me, as if I was your world
-you my mother earth
and hold me there forever
your nose buried in my unshorn
hair, your breath matting against my skull
i’d bury my soul into yours
and merge with all the power
of never letting go
just hold me there forever.
Jan 2021 · 322
you’re flying darling
mygreatestescape Jan 2021
The summer before this one
the summer before the
last one as well
when you came finally
like Oshun
rising before the destruction
of her people

the summer before this
the leaves outside my window
the patio door open
and up on the balcony
I came to greet you
like the dawning of
a new god
stepping gently over
sleeping flowers
as if not to disturb the earth
I danced with you then
the grass kissing our cheeks
the sun lighting
your eyes caramel

life is painful
life is suffering
life is terror
life is the blood
of another being spilt

life is all the things we fail to become

I didn’t tell you then
the summer before
the touch of adolescence faded

rose bushes, ivory fences
summer skies, sweet heavenly
kisses, laughter

how could I destroy it
the terror in the beauty.
Dec 2020 · 236
I didn’t know then
mygreatestescape Dec 2020
and if you were to ask
just once truly how It felt
how it was going
I would blossom in your

and make a puddle of tears
I would slip away from your

only to come back to cry
my pain again as a cloud

and the mountains
would curse me
and the trees
would rejoice
for ending
their year long drought
wear your mask.
Nov 2020 · 595
and so I went
mygreatestescape Nov 2020
yet you are beyond
because you noticed finally
that the trees were swaying
only for you
as they have been since
the universe was created
and yet
everything you did
out of desire
greed, lust, fear
was creating nothing but karma
keeping you stuck in the
cycle of birth and death
lift away the veil
and it’ll all fall away
yet you understand
this and still become
you still become vindictive
that you are right
my rosary
had fallen from my fingers
the day I climbed past
it all

standing on a bridge watching
myself go by.
I am not born; how can there be either birth or death of me? - Guru Nanak
mygreatestescape Nov 2020
who we were is long gone
I left my coat at your sister’s house
that day in december
do you remember when you
told me how you fell
in love late november
sitting in the backseat
you’re rambling again
you’re  on some tangent
about how you’ll change the world
and me being the fool
I believed every word

Was it your sweet disposition
or was it your idealistic ways?
you still kept my scarf
in the drawer at your place

I could picture us dancing
your hands on my waist
the way I thought it was us
against the world
I was deluded
and it’s all gone to waste

I’d listen to all the stories
your mother told
my wide eyed gaze
I’d drink every word
I’d swallow my pride
to believe her lies
but I was never part
of any story
she’d unfold

But darling I meant it
that day we first met
the summer you changed me
the night I regret

you were so carelessly cruel
I passed it off as you
being honest

didn’t you think I was
too young to be messed with?
tearing out the ribbons in my
the picture books turned to chapters
and it was a tragedy
I could feel it in the air

I didn’t know then
you’d set fire to my rose beds
you’d swallow my pain
you’d burn down my peach trees
and bring wild terrain rain

And i’m still sweeping up the ashes
of the victims of your revolutionary war
still trying to figure
the decadent era you unfurled

brown skin
caramel eyes
I could picture us together
at 85

the picture beside your
twin sized bed
the one with you
your cheeks a rosy
turning over to you
thinking about a million
things I could’ve said

It’s been taking up space
a rancid smell that never
it was with little regret
that you left me

but I started having
of a future where’s its just me

I don’t mind it
going back to who
I used to be
it’s stupid but it meant something i suppose
Nov 2020 · 333
kinda outta luck
mygreatestescape Nov 2020
the summer we met
when I lied to my
I loved you so much
I put up with the
your car radio
always singing along

I didn’t know then
and I still don’t know why

I gave everything
to you
feels like a century’s gone by.
Nov 2020 · 240
mygreatestescape Nov 2020
If I pleaded
enough would
you come and see

lord, step down
from the altar
straighten the
rusted brass
of your joints

when your titan
feet meet the ground
and the earth trembles
again with the promise
of another god’s vengeance

then only will the weak
open their blinds
curtains to the side
outside again
walking down to meet you
stare at awe
marvel the towering
form of your
angered justice

its been centuries since
we’ve seen you last
when you fooled
us that there was a devil
worse than you

now your golden light
does nothing to the eyes
the mystery gone
with years of unloving prayer

let the stench
of disparity
guide you lord
to the place you forgot
to sing beauty into
the people hated
for being, existing
they turn towards
their sorrow and nurture
it at night
their faces haggred
grey with war and soot
gray with walking and
the eyes of other people
telling them in their dreams
they do not belong here
the land is
named after
it seems to have forgotten
what it was named after
but yet take pride in
the empire they built
the blood of their
injustice still running
in their veins
they feed their children
the skin of their sins
they drink the tears
of centuries long anguish
yet my lord
they still continue
like leeches over wounds
suckling dry
the forgiveness
they receive
let me take you lord
come and see lord
come and see
old men digging
graves for the children
and the children
reaching for
your tired

as you walk past it all.
Nov 2020 · 616
us and them.
mygreatestescape Nov 2020
In your furrowed brow
lies the cruelties of this

taking a step
past the trees
past the woods

I realized it was
best of me to leave.
If you truly look at an individuals actions and blame the entire people, religion, race, colour, or other sociological terms you are so inanely ****** in the head. There isn't any world order, except for the ones who proclaim it to excuse their bigotry, to excuse their hatred. Us and them we are all the same.
Sep 2020 · 315
flowers; in a cage
mygreatestescape Sep 2020
I know why they sing
moving mountains
to wail to you
their misery
I know why they sing
when late night
dusk brings
every hour
you realize you
are not welcome
you are stateless
a home that
never was

into arms that
never wanted you

I know why they sing

I know it too well.
I just don’t think I can continue on, somedays it’s just so hard to breathe and pretend.
Sep 2020 · 490
the leftovers
mygreatestescape Sep 2020
I was waiting for someone


I do not remember.
mygreatestescape Sep 2020
suffering and sorrow
are the branches
of your shade

my tears
of pagodas
reached you
well my lord

the roots
are deep

I do not fear the wind.
Sep 2020 · 181
letters to her.
mygreatestescape Sep 2020
here where
you found me

when I was still
younger still
and knew nothing

if i’m not changing the world
am I truly  changing
if i’m not
catching the last
train to my youth
am I
the same as the
people buried in
my veins

things that
are only seen by me

i wrote in my
the ones
littered with tears

the girl in me
that never leaves

the girl in me
that still believes
I could do
something more
than feel the
small hands of the rain
golden light
into the spaces
that never fade

life when i was young
there was always
someone to pick me
up in sleep

a world worth change
even now when
it looks at me
as if i was not the
child i was
someone who is
yet to be filled with
the hatred of
other people,

I never learnt it from
my parents
the braids in my
hair undoing themselves  

work to work
for your right
to buy
buy for your right
to die,

and dictators

i never dreamt of
anything but
happiness when
i was young

what am i to
do with the hate
that is taught?
life was young
and i saw
never the colour
of my creed
the words

no one
told me the good old
days when
genocide was publicly
were the good old days

who was supposed to
tell the mockingbird
that she was
to be killed

it was never taught to me.

I am  
the soul
travelling a mortal
not permanent
god just
her and I

just her

and the world
that keeps me away from her

a world coloured
in the blood of her
terrible horizons

when I was young
and I had yet to
the cruelty of
other people.
Sep 2020 · 121
the populist
mygreatestescape Sep 2020
I am the last lie
of the fallen
I am the
happening again
30 years between;
talk before
and talk again
born in the cold
and anger of man
against man;
if your nationalism
craves blood
than crave the
kingdom that
destroyed the
sunlight of others;
oh lord
oh lord
the world is
drenched in the
sunlight of your
the sunlight
of your
Sep 2020 · 157
dear, dearest.
mygreatestescape Sep 2020
I dreamed you
in a dream
a thousand years
when we lay in
the grass,
and you got
up and left
over at the
spot you lay
how the
bed you had
had yet to
any other

deep in me
I cried myself
Aug 2020 · 96
modernity has failed us.
mygreatestescape Aug 2020
in the summer
the peaches were
yet no one
ate them
yet no
one noticed

the degeneracy
became Marxism

and when
the hatred got
too much
I turned it off
and cried
to sleep

when the walls
of the cities
the crying reached
yet too pretended
not to see

it was politicized
it was hated
it was the screaming
of the 15th century

the batons
not doing any wrong
we never counted
the wrongs
of the uniformed

we published
in our minds
that all
deserve to die

you only got shot
because you ran

it was not the redline
the corruption
the violence
the lobbyists
the right
to shoot
the ghettos
that never
funding going
directly into
what was the
the military
societal control
the police
the media
the comments
again against
the protest
rather than believing
yes its 18/50
from a survey result
never double checking
voting for
saying save the
but when the children
are being shot
they shouldn't dare
to fight back

let us change that


we don't want to hear
we fight back
to chain
to change
to politicize
a movement
tie down
our morality to

there is a place
you and I

I will meet you there.
economic investment into communities help improve overall living, its not a new idea. we don't need new messiahs, we need kindness, listen, please just listen.
Jul 2020 · 364
mygreatestescape Jul 2020
there must
be somewhere
where we can weep openly
and still be called
Jul 2020 · 296
the summer you drowned
mygreatestescape Jul 2020
my soul had
few dreams,
one was of you

the other
was of sunsets,

my dearest
wrapped in white
hands cold
room cold

a grief
that has yet
to leave
room for anything

why did you leave me?
Jul 2020 · 258
mygreatestescape Jul 2020
it always seem
brown countries get
bombed the most,
I don't need ******
illusions to cover this,
I do not feel the need
for pretty metaphors,
such the birds are the bombs
and the children
are dying,
because when was the last time
the children weren't dying,
belatedly labelled,
the muslim
child different
than the christian child,
the beautiful god
that only loves the rich,
god bless war crimes,
the only thing
countries are good
at is war,
war not on white countries,
white the label itself non existing
but we must
incite the next race war,
America that created
terrorist groups,
funded guns,
***** the women
and the girls,
served no sentence,
labelled the
people fighting
been in the Middle East
since the 19th century,
what were you doing there?
does your freedom lie
in the foundation of
destroying the freedom
of life?
your illusionary god
who only loves
war criminals,
when they come
back wrapped and dead
honour them
for wrapping
someone else in
their grave,
km away,
a country, a voice,
a love, a choice,
taken away by
the very person
you honour,
the children you fooled
young into patriotism,
the young who were fooled
by the rich,
exploited due to their
lack of education,
join the military, the navy,
the police,
the system itself,
but god forbid if
you demand
education be free,
trillions a year spent annually
into killing,
but not into making
dreams flourish
in a nation built on dreams,
--no it was genocide,
so it is only given
that you continue
the tyranny that built
a nation
of hatred and lies,
the silent majority
is the loud majority,
do not confuse your
for being a patriot,
making love
to flags and
and anthems
and nations
fooled into believing they have
they're all symbols
and leave the symbols
for the symbol minded,
who vote
like sheep,
between two choices,
both the same
serving the same
who fight blindly between
each other
and label
human rights
a liberal
who call you
marxist if you
dare mention
the need
for humanism
the desire for
man and man
to see
there is something
beyond just man,
dumb *****,
stupid mother *******,
let me use this language for
once, let me rage,
who roll over at the command
of their governments,
who do not see that they
are all involved,
the media to keep
you embroiled in
nationalistic war,
to distract from the bombing,
to distract from the pigs
the police, the pigs, the police,
who ******, who ******,
the government, who murders,
no voting to stop it,
the people have no power,
the rich have the power
to fool the man
into thinking he
god has no power,
the priest has power
into opening charities
to fight
of *******,
divided into
land, and community,
and religon, and communality,
and borders,
and homes,
and towns and cities, and villages,
and places, and politics,
into meaningless
the universe beyond this
one, can you imagine
how much there is?
a war every 20 years,
what freedom
you have shown us,
maybe there is something
beyond your hatred
beyond your hatred.

China 1949 to early 1960s
Albania 1949-53
East Germany 1950s
Iran 1953 *
Guatemala 1954 *
Costa Rica mid-1950s
Syria 1956-7
Egypt 1957
Indonesia 1957-8
British Guiana 1953-64 *
Iraq 1963 *
North Vietnam 1945-73
Cambodia 1955-70 *
Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
Ecuador 1960-63 *
Congo 1960 *
France 1965
Brazil 1962-64 *
Dominican Republic 1963 *
Cuba 1959 to present
Bolivia 1964 *
Indonesia 1965 *
Ghana 1966 *
Chile 1964-73 *
Greece 1967 *
Costa Rica 1970-71
Bolivia 1971 *
Australia 1973-75 *
Angola 1975, 1980s
Zaire 1975
Portugal 1974-76 *
Jamaica 1976-80 *
Seychelles 1979-81
Chad 1981-82 *
Grenada 1983 *
South Yemen 1982-84
Suriname 1982-84
Fiji 1987 *
Libya 1980s
Nicaragua 1981-90 *
Panama 1989 *
Bulgaria 1990 *
Albania 1991 *
Iraq 1991
Afghanistan 1980s *
Somalia 1993
Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
Ecuador 2000 *
Afghanistan 2001 *
Venezuela 2002 *
Iraq 2003 *
Haiti 2004 *
Somalia 2007 to present
Honduras 2009 *
Libya 2011 *
Syria 2012
Ukraine 2014 *
Iran 2020
Yemen 2020
Iraq 2020

who mourns us.
Jul 2020 · 1.2k
before I go
mygreatestescape Jul 2020
I would like to
be strong enough
to teach you
mygreatestescape Jul 2020
under trees
cut do saints live,
in shades
where no god awaits,
under shades
where no childhood plays,
and children,
bodies strung
under blood
of black men
under oaths
of childhood
under schools
of race,
where race awaits
non existent
like flowers
who on further
note turn into wasps,
under gentle grace,
the face that *****,
and yet fawned
on verses of
teary eyed sinners,
under a few words
that fail to capture
the universe beyond this one,

to **** more in the name of
and dress the devil for
mygreatestescape Jun 2020
it is not that we need god,
not that we
need new governments,
not that we need
new faces,
or to cleanse our cities
of strangers,
not need new men
not need new women,
not need new those
who fall between man
and woman,
not need more hatred
not need more love,
not need
new religions,
not need new laws,
not need new patriots,
and nationalists,
not need armies
and war,
no we not need anything much
when we were born with this evil

a person does not see the
other for what they are,
and the man
does not see woman
for anything more than
what they wish to see,
and woman
do not see beyond the skin
colour of their neighbours,

and governments
do not see beyond money,
and I do not see
beyond looking and
doing nothing,

and god does
not see beyond worship,

we are cruel in our games,
we are not good to each other,

we are not built for this world.
Jun 2020 · 320
to justice
mygreatestescape Jun 2020
blind goddess
who’s  mornings bring
who’s eyeless
eyes i give
to see beauty in the carnage
to see truth
in the crying
Jun 2020 · 593
mygreatestescape Jun 2020
I am yours as
you are I,
the rage doesn’t let you see it

mygreatestescape Jun 2020
in his sleep he climbs a tree
and brushes his teeth with
white bellied bleached whales,
rotting creatures of the night
who awaken to rain
moaning, teeth yellowed gingivitis
rioting in their ivory cages
a passerby who drops memories
languidly drinking tea
at windows  the window
staring back
the abyss that seeps then into breathing
always ragged with the extent of life
lived for nothing

writing poetry for nobody.
May 2020 · 172
i can’t breathe
mygreatestescape May 2020
it took a fire for them to listen
streets filled with rage a grief so
powerful it burnt into
the pigs still standing, pigs defending
walking home from harlem
you met the ghost of your past
tell her softly how
nothin much has changed round here
wipe her tears
and prepare her graying skin
for the hoses
the hanging tree that never
grows tired of hanging
learning how to love
like resetting your very anatomy,
the oppressed majority
the intelligent master
“we duin do nofin”

shoot him shoot him again
make sure he’s dead
file a report

have an open casket for the media
a nation that treaded over the dead hands of beggars
expected to mourn thugs
the flag used to gag
as they ***** you behind barns

a black woman carrying her mistress’s child

did you see it
when you passed by?
the ***** in their eyes
the ***** in their eyes.
Apr 2020 · 940
mygreatestescape Apr 2020
what we need is poetry,
half maddening,
half nonsensical,
to see heaven
in wildflowers growing
and to not have
the urge to tear them out.
Mar 2020 · 319
no one is a stranger.
mygreatestescape Mar 2020
the city of my
heart where
there only exists you
winter. summer. long gone and yet the thought of you still returns.
Mar 2020 · 231
milo, my son
mygreatestescape Mar 2020
I do not know how many breaths I have,
and I cannot contain my desire to
experience everything,
I cannot bear the idea that I missed
the lights, laughter of standing
on a balcony, staring into a city that
has yet to eat you alive,
I ask of god only to give 100 years
more to my mother,
my father his hair greying
might somehow sprout anew,
my grandmother with
her creases, a face that has
seen more years than books,
might again sow the seeds
in her garden,
to see how each spring is another re birth,

my sister stuck on the dock,
pushing me into the water,
I would laugh then freely
because they love
you when you're young,

the eggs are still fertile,
the lines have yet to come,
spring is a season that lasts
all year round,
we go to bed with our dreams
and in the morning they are still there,

I say I might **** myself before 30,
but yet I am scared
to carry my body ashamed
because I could not bear
the world,
burying hatchets,
eating olive branches,
raining in the summer,
over my head goes
the future
and thats when I think of you,
you'll be everything and more
than I could ever deserve,
and ill love you
like a river,
ill love you how the
sun loves the earth

son, my sun
milo, my son.
Feb 2020 · 301
atlas in the summer
mygreatestescape Feb 2020
and knowingly
did the wonder grow,
that such small hands
could carry all he knows,
and his frowns yet
are fairer far
than the laughing
of passing maidens are,
whose eyes
and ears future bent
could barely hear
as he went,
and still he walks
a steady trip to the gallows
where my lover sits.
mygreatestescape Feb 2020
in the centre where
the center remains,
where the ocean is not pretty,
the sunset an ugly stain,
the nature artificial
and taunting

vanity said
its all vanity
I repeat staring at
the girls picking flowers;
I too felt the desire
to destroy natural things
-- like a small
rebellion against god

the world is not ok,
this is not a belief it is a fact,
to be happy in your
own little    cocoon      of
love and positivity
is also just another way
to die.
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