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2.6k · May 2020
Gara May 2020
the star knows
all my secrets.

the sun sees
all my sorrows.

the moon hears
all my miseries.

the night holds
my very soul.
if you wish to know about me;
1.4k · May 2020
at night
Gara May 2020
jazz and cigarettes
a cup of coffee in hand
they fill up the night
the flower looks up the sky
caught a glimpse of falling stars
the night is alive tonight
725 · May 2020
morning rain
Gara May 2020
sat by the window,
she watched as the sun rises
with a tear-stained cheek.
the room became too quiet
after the rain stopped falling.
a quiet room equals a loud mind
536 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
burn me like
the pictures we took
when we were still together,
like the ashes on the cigarette
we shared once upon a summer.
burning our memories captured on the polaroid
513 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
if everything
was all but a lie,
then why do i see
tears glimmering
around your eyes?
the truth in your lies
464 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
the bitter taste
of the cold night

the rasping smoke
of your worries

the burning ashes
of your anxiety

until there is none
457 · May 2020
dear, moon.
Gara May 2020
countless times, you've watched;
every time, there's a tear,
every time, there's just me.

countless times, you've wished
for someone to come,
and take away the fear.

countless times, you've whispered;
of profound confessions,
and bridled promises.

countless times, you're just there.
watching over me,
wishing for me,
whispering to me.

and, countless times, i'm just here;
always looking up to you,
forever hoping to be by you,
endlessly singing my love for you.
our stars cast a spell of a never-ending parallel
389 · May 2020
at the break of dawn
Gara May 2020
the stars has retreated
back to the darkness
leaving a lonesome moon
up in the changing sky
to great the upcoming morning
brought by the sun
good morning, my loves
318 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
clouds above my head
drape themselves around the moon
cover him with warmth
i wish i could be them sometimes
219 · May 2020
evening star
Gara May 2020
if the world would stand still
at this very moment,
i'd rather jump the fence
and let the monsters take me
to the other side.

i'd rather have the demon,
with its teeth bared
right at my face
and his claws clutched
around my neck,
take me to my
promised demise.


if the world would stand still
right this very moment,
you'd have her in your arms
and i'm cold under the everning star.
because you said i'd be the one you'll talk about to the stars
207 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
the early morning breeze
seems colder than usual.

the early morning light
seems darker than usual.

the drops that fell
and rolled down her cheek
seems far too cold
to be just her own.

and she looks up the sky
that was engulfed by clouds.

β£γ€€γ€€π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘œπ‘π‘  π‘œπ‘“ π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘–π‘›.⁣
γ€€γ€€π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘œπ‘π‘  π‘œπ‘“ π‘‘π‘’π‘Žπ‘Ÿ.

and she smiled
as she greet
the morning rain
with one of her own.
it feels nice to cry along with the sky, i think.
204 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
we were but
two lost souls
looking for
and sobriety
other things.
let's be alone, together.
195 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
the moon smiles upon
what once his solitude;
hunched back,
trembling shoulders,
and a face full
of blooming sorrow.
goodbyes were inevitable, i know, but i wish ours didn't have to be so sad
Gara May 2020
out of my mouth
and into the open
where it hangs
the clock
ticking by
the time
passing by
our shadows
that have closed
as well
as hearts
****** dry
and no life
you did
with nothing
more than
a goodbye
only pain
and heart
and memories
drownγ…‘ ing
and you
when there was still
a time
of us
of when
were abundant
and tears
were a myth
but now
there is
and maybe
there shouldn't be anything else
but, darling,
iΒ Β 
Β Β Β Β y eΒ Β  aΒ Β rΒ Β  nΒ Β Β Β  fΒ Β  oΒ Β rΒ Β  yΒ Β  ou
it's still you. and it will always be you
183 · May 2020
crescent moon
Gara May 2020
the moon rises
from under the darkness.

he greets the cold night
with a warm smile
that can be seen for a mile
for he shines so bright.
pretty, warm, smiling moon
161 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
we were lost;
whispered secrets
upon the stars,
aching hearts
guiding us.
i wish our paths would cross again, someday.
142 · May 2020
words, by the moon
Gara May 2020
were never

he sings
with his heart,
he reaches
with his soul,
he loves
with his everything.

it was never
for all she could do was read.
123 · May 2020
Gara May 2020
and i'll keep writing
'till there's nothing
left to write about
keep me writing, my moon.

— The End —