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Taylor Feb 27
and I dreamt of her
even in my dimly lit room
wrapped in the arms of my lover
I dreamt of the way her lips fell apart
and as i woke
I reached out for her
only to be met with the dull hum of my lamp
and the idea of what could have been.
Taylor Feb 8
I know you think that in a room full of people i've ever loved, I wouldn't choose you.
but you're the only one that has ever given me the love they claimed I deserved and made me feel whole.
id choose you until my lung's collapsed and I cant do anything but mumble your name.
id write your name over and over until my fingers became fused with the pencil.
id climb any mountain to you until my hands and feet bled.
id choose you.
in every lifetime.
in every moment.
  Nov 2022 Taylor
i'm so in love with the idea of you in my head it's driving me insane.
  Sep 2022 Taylor
Mrs Timetable
I looked over
Saw her take your hand
Reminding me of a time
That never existed
And yet
I wanted so badly
To go there
Dad daughter bond
Taylor Sep 2022
I feel allot more than you think
I see allot more than I let on

I know allot more than you think I do.

im not stupid,
I see the signs.

maybe its not me thats wrong but you.
Taylor Sep 2022
already regretting.

but I would regret caving more.
Taylor Sep 2022
you swore.

you were the glue that kept me together

the adhesive is wearing off,

you chose another warm body to cling to.
u promised man. ***. - jj
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