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797 · Jan 30
you and flowers
mere Jan 30
And it was you,
my love since I planted these flowers.
It is still you,
my love until now that these flowers died of thirst.
648 · Jan 21
mere Jan 21
i'm lost,
not on a place,
but on the words
you used to say.
315 · Jan 21
lost in waves [pt.2]
mere Jan 21
You left and I'm lost.
You left me without
leaving any trace of yours,
Only the small broken pieces
of the sand you destroyed,
In exchange of the service of joy.

Nights had passed,
I'm here waiting for you to
come back,
Thinking how memorable it was,
And those moments will flash back.

Waves are now gone,
together with my sandcastle
you took.
I thought it's something I can call "mine",
But to realize we're just both fools.

From your waves,
From your words,
From your thoughts.

Winter has finally came,
With the glimpse of your breeze,
But you are no longer the same,
You are no longer here.

You left,
and I'm lost.
You walked away,
and I was destroyed.

For you are the waves,
and my soul is the sand castle.
248 · Jan 21
mere Jan 21
I don't know to
what am I scared of,
Is it on the pain after
this last cry,
or on the no-more 'hello'
after this 'goodbye'?
145 · Apr 7
mere Apr 7
and the radio's on,
playing the music we used to listen before.
with this melody all along,
how could you let me be this torn?
120 · Jan 21
waves [pt.1]
mere Jan 21
Building my own castle,
With nothing but only the
sand and hope.
Knowing it is something that's
part of me,
And something that I can't tell.

Then suddenly you came
into my life,
Just like a wave from
my favorite oceanã…¡
Took all the sand from the
castle that I am building,
Letting my feet soak and dive.

You gave chills to my body,
Gave deep happiness to my heart
Wrapping me up with your
ocean hug,
Touching me with your
warm breeze.

I enjoyed every second,
That I forgot what people
I enjoyed every moment,
And I don't know where
my castle went.

You aren't any other waves,
You're different.
The only similarity of you
with them is
You left just like what other
waves do.
116 · Jan 21
mere Jan 21
As the doors opened,
a beautiful bride I found.
With a pure white gown,
matched with a pastel,
well-arranged flowers, and
a colored hair, chesnut brown.

It was her. The woman I love.
The woman who made me feel
good, and told me that I'm the best.

She is now walking down
the aisle, slowly taking steps
with her father in a celebration
that everyone had gathered.
You can see in her shining
blue eyes the pure love and
happiness she felt.

She made it. She is now in my
front, wearing the best smile
she could ever give.

And there, the moment that
I've been waiting for, the
moment that everyone is
excited for.

I thought I can say,
"I do, Father"
But I was wrong;
Because the right thing
that I should say is,
"You may now kiss the bride".
116 · Jan 21
mere Jan 21
You were white.
When I am with you,
my heart starts to feel
calm. Your heart is as
pure as white. When I am
looking at you, all I see is
peace in your lovely eyes.

You are a blank white
canvas, I am willing to use
all the crayons to color you
nicely. You are a plain white
wall, and I am willing to
paint you with my
incredible colors.

We are perfect match,
perfect hue combination.
For you are white, and I am black.
Perfect just like yin and yang,
two different colors combined
to create a whole.

But you chose him.
Because you thought he is black.
Have you forgotten?
You are color-blind.
mere Jan 21
As the skies go filled with darkness;
You are always stucked on my mind.
Thinking of a love that is ruthless,
Yet, a love that is surely one of a kind.

Can you help me, Zeus?,
The strongest God from above.
Because I don't wanna lose,
In a battle called "love".

Can you help me, Cupid?
This may sound stupid,
But I just want to hold your hand
Until the blazing time when you're gone.

Can you help me, Eta Carinae?
I just want to witness your rays;
Or to have just one dance,
Or maybe just to meet you even once.

Those dazzling eyes of yours,
My strength and energy source.
You make my heart skip a beat,
And my night complete.

I haven't met you,
I never did and I will never got the chance.
Because you always leave without any clue,
On how am I supposed to take some glance.

All I want is to see your smile,
To hear your laugh,
And to witness how you shine.

But I can't.

Midnight time setting us apart,
Time that keeps on breaking my heart.
Why can't you just be mine?
And just let our hearts intertwine.

I keep on wishing that I will meet you,
Or even just reach you.

Million of diameters between us,
Keeping you and me as anonymous.
Thoughts that maybe you're not the one,
But please stay beside me, Mr. Sun.
80 · Jan 21
mere Jan 21
and when you touched me,
our love started to collide.
and then you held me,
our hearts became blind.
and then when you left me,
suddenly, im no longer by your side.
67 · Apr 2
mere Apr 2
i knew it from that day
that you won't last real long,
that you're going to leave me anyway,
for another time around, i wasn't wrong.

we used to love different views
from different window panels,
but here i am today, farewell
to the view of your back in different hues.

the view of your back,
leaving me ; heading to south.

if there was only way to track
all things from the start without a doubt,
i will take the risk.
even though i know your heart,
and i know you are too sick of this,
but please don't leave me like this as a wrecked piece of art.

i am such a fool
for making a poem for you,
but i guess, i just made a mess,
i'm sorry if i forgot that you have already left.
63 · May 3
untitled hope
mere May 3
the acer fell,
unblunted that it can bleed.
yearning for you,
yet no fondness was felt.

just like the stars
that i can't reach,
just like a scar
that i mustn't touch,
and just like you
that isn't my match.

i must let go the acer,
for we are both bleeding already.
mere Jan 21
As the dark clouds covered
up the sky,
The raindrop started to
kiss my hair,
Wishing the road will
be once dry,
The same way my heart
will be free from ache.

As the cool breeze hugged
my skin,
I know for sure there will be
a storm,
I miss the cherry blossoms,
The way they bloom near
on the window's screen.

But I saw you,
The one that I've been
wating for.

As you covered my windows
with your rays,
Your light kissed my cheeks,
I am now experiencing
bright days,
As well as lovely weeks.

You are the bright spot
That I could see on the road
in every street,
You're so close to my heart
that I could even feel the heat,
The heat that I will never
let it stop.

But suddenly,
You disappeared.
As if nothing happened
Smiles turned into tears.

Because just like the
summer season,
You left.
And just like the rainy
season, he came back.
53 · Mar 27
mere Mar 27
i was wrecked.
but in the end,
you gave me wings
to fly again with you
in these cruel things.

but who would've thought,
that the person who lifted me up
with the wings he brought,
will also be the one who will
cut them off?

— The End —