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Rose C Apr 2015
I owed him nothing and he owed me the same
I didn't desire his body nearly as much as I lusted after his intimacy
Galaxies filled with luminous stars and chocolate milky ways can't compare to the moments we relished in
Those fleeting moments, his elastic cheeks,
that Dumbledore chin.
Baby, is this what you call smitten?
He's everything yet somewhat elusive and unreal.
  Feb 2015 Rose C
we try to play numb
to our thoughts and feelings
like there's a chance
they will leave us alone
as if they will disappear
if we try to avoid them
but they never will
they have no days off on their schedule
they make us who we are
they're parts of ourselves no one can see
at night
during the day
every second
every minute
every hour
we can't avoid ourselves, our minds
we can't escape the mirrors, the reflections
we can't be numb, and refuse to ever feel
  Nov 2014 Rose C
Maddie Ballentine
Roll me between your
Thumb and finger
Make me your art.
Hang me on your wall.

Maybe I’ll stay.

****** me
Into your pet,
Your tamed raven.
Keep me in your cage.

Maybe I’ll stay.

Let me drown  in-
Soak in-
Suffer through-
Your silence.
Ruin me.

Maybe I’ll stay.
  Nov 2014 Rose C
Some Person
I could stay up like I always do
Browse the web
Read or write a poem or two
Continue with the cycle:
Long for meaning,
Get eaten by pain,
Fail to sleep,
Barely get through work,
But tonight, instead,
I'll just go to bed
Rose C Nov 2014
We stand true and strong.
With our aching hands,
And our babies tied to our backs.
The struggle is real and long,
But we still stand true and strong.

How much longer will we remain unheard?
How long will it take for our potential to be realized?
Why are we strapped to the kitchen?
Are we not leadership material?
Join me in the struggle song,
As we continue to stand true and strong.

Bubble gum is what we are,
Stuck to tables and floors
And stepped on like ants.
And this game will go on forever and ever,
Till we stop singing under the bus.
And letting the dogs walk the cats
Cause sometimes, the cats have to walk the dogs.
We females make for fierce competition,
So watch out! As we try to change tradition.

Just as seasons come and go,
So shall leaders rise and fall.
The game is tough. But,
We will win!
Before we receive the death cup,
We will rise up.
Rose C Nov 2014
It is often said that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt.
But wait if each word were beautifully carved into stones, the size of each letter.
The smaller the word, the bigger the stone.
The bigger the word, the smaller the stone.
Idiot became much bigger than intelligent.
Dumb became much more common than bright.
Shy became an excuse for exclusion.
And the word friend had a double personality with adversary.

I didn’t understand.

Each stone formed a meteorite,
Hurtling down to destroy my purpose,
Slay my heartbeat,
Butcher my happiness.  

My happiness, however, was too powerful.
The exterminator disintegrated as it peeked at my face.
Each pebble hitting my skin like confused bullets.
It took my hands, then my shoulders
Then my back,
Then my legs,
Then my lips,
Then my voice.
It melted my skin,
Screaming demons lay atop.
Each layer of skin peeling, falling apart.
My smile had been long gone.

Instead of melting like a witch,
I remained.
Today, I stand before you, stronger than ever.
A message from the universe told me to tell you:
Never give up.
Rose C Nov 2014
my thoughts are daily nightmares
daily heart attacks
daily arguments
daily wisdom
daily wrestling match between emotion & common sense
daily insanity
daily nostalgia of him, of them, of the good ol' times

my only escape
is at night when I dream
I am at peace

with morning I realize
that I want my dreams to breathe life
but alas, there are responsibilities to carry
burdens to bear
loneliness to revel in
silence in extremity
I am conformity
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