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Mae Feb 18
Never doubt me
I promise
Never doubt you
You promise
I meant it.
And then autocorrect happened.
It sees what I do not see
It remembers everything
Even a girl’s name.
Mae Feb 17
in another life
you would be mine
and I would be yours
it would be
that simple
in another life
your heart would not be
promised to another
too soon
in another life
my heart would be free
in another life
if only
it would be
you and me
Mae Feb 14
bite my lip
pinch my skin and
rip my love fiercely
from within this flesh

grasp my hip
strike firm caress and
undress my lust thirstily
from within this breast

strip me bare
scald hot kisses and
devour my senses blissfully
from within this soul
Mae Feb 13
I have always loved the stars
And admired their simple beauty
But since you came into my life
They hold new meaning for me
For if I threw a pebble up
If I could reach those stars
It would fall down freely to your hands
And you wouldn’t seem so far
So now when I look up and smile
At stars that we both see
I know there’s nothing between us -
Just you, my love, and me
Mae Feb 12
This place is my secret
A world of words and angst,
Every exquisite emotion
Perpetually eluding capture,
A cacophany of thoughts in a crowded room, spilling out on our pages in a glorious,
thunderous chatter of
Love, anger, fear...
Bravely we expose them all
But this is not my only secret

Hidden in
Intimate wording that strips the
Meaning of truth


Oh so much love
   Verbosity bringing an
Escape in indulgent

Secrets within secrets
Sometimes we ‘hide’
Sometimes we bare ourselves for scrutiny
But the scrutiny remains within
Anyone else a secret writer?
Mae Feb 12
Our song starts softly
A beautiful murmur
Hinting at joys ahead
As Spring shyly blooms before the Summer
Mae Nov 2020
That feeling of warmth that nestles my heart
That calmness of safety you bring when you’re near
That feeling of longing when we are apart
That full happy feeling whenever you’re here
Happiness brimming until it spills over
All worries and pain in my heart washed away
Sweet moments we share through this distance, my lover
That blissful contentment a heartbeat away
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