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muna 2d
what makes you a poet..?
muna 2d
i almost hope some people
can get diabetic
living their ****** lives
and that i can just stop tasting mine..
too bitter.
muna 2d
i'm sorry i don't see the humour in life
sorry can't laugh stupidly about everything
with you
all you'll get from me is synthetic smiles
all you'll get from me is forced chuckles
and condescending nods
because really.......
i never get the joke
muna Jan 10
i have to admit
i'm pretty unimpressed
with life so far
don't ask me how today's going
i'm not even looking forward
to tomorrow
nothing new here..
muna Jan 10
i'll cut my hair
and mark my lips with blood
am I beautiful yet?

i'll grow my hair
i'll bleed I swear
am I beautiful yet?

my nails are long
enough to cut
scars deep enough
for these diamonds

and I don't get diamonds
i'm not beautiful
and god I hate my hair..

can't i just have nice hair....

to hide behind
muna Dec 2018
sometimes i'm scared
to look at myself
in the mirror

what if i'm...
muna Dec 2018
you're hurt
but it makes me so happy..
i hate this side of me.
sorry i don't feel sorry for you
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