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muhdzaim Jul 2018
Dear myself,
Why I can't feel anything?
There's pain but
I feel like  i'm "immune" to it,
I feel like i am addicted to that,
and love to play with it.

Dear myself,
Why I can't see anything?
I lost in the dark pitch world.
I am so "lonely".
Sometimes i feel like i'm "drowning",
and sometimes i feel like i'm "falling"
Every time i tried to reach for a "thing" to hang on,
I couldn't find any "thing".

Dear myself,
Why nobody heard my "whine"?
Helplessly crying and whining.
Why nobody "saw" me?
Maybe there's no door open for me
and no window for me to "face" the light.

Dear myself,
Why keep hiding from the "crow"?
Why keep crying "soundlessly"?
All the "dark" bruises and scars never leave,
Not even once to relieve.

I beg to myself,
Please hold my "hand",
Do not avoid me,
Please give me a chance to walk,
to show a grin and see the light,
Please do not "delete" me,
I know you still love me
Even I am you,
with all the "begs",
and all the "rainbow" dreams,
You know what you want to say,
"It's alright".
okay this is all about between my fake self and true self. feel like every time i want to change to my true self, i will said " its alright" or "maybe next time" .
muhdzaim Jul 2018
"Who fault is this?"
Nobody knows, nobody wanted to come out,
Too silent to hear a ***** sound,
Yes, the offender is too powerful,
and make us "zip" our mouth.
Forced us to point our finger to poor people,
and make us felt guilty.
This weakness kept hunt us down
and "dance" with us until we die.

Boy or girl, you can cry
but how long?
"How long can I endure ?"
I still do not know the answer.
While we "make" the world more worst,
we still lose deep in our mind.
Afraid to come out, afraid to speak out loud,
afraid to fight back and keep "lie" with our mouth.

"When we can stand together?"
"When the cry will stop?"
"When the dream become true?"
Today I stand on my own feet to fight back, tomorrow I am happy,
Today I stop the cry to make a great move and say "no" loudly,
Today I come out as a real person, no faker, no more "questions".
Yes, today I can change the "questions" to reality.
No more questions guys. It's okay you can cry even you're a boy because you're human too. But when the "questions" can change to reality? So let's be brave to come out, say "no", fight back, stop the cry because that's the only ways to change the world to a better place because we deserve to be happy and make our dream come true.
muhdzaim Jun 2018
Those "petals" start to blooming like a wing,
The "pleasant scent" start spreading with the wind,
While too much colors "they" wanted to be,
More "thorns" keep growing and freely hurting.

"They" are just like roses,
Roses have 14 colors,
But "they" have more than 14 colors,
Sometimes "they" mixed and
Hide behind the beautiful "images".
While the outside keep blooming beautifully,
The inside keep hurting
and "hiding" secretly.

I love "roses" because of their scent,
I have it but still forgot their "thorns"
Those "thorns" bleed me every time I touched,
Hurt me deeply yet still mesmerizing.
Yes it's true ,
"They" keep forgot why I love
and have them.
Well actually i relate "roses" to human who looks innocent, pure and beautiful outside but actually the inside as bad as we never imagine .  Too much personalities(colors) they wanted to be and show, the evil side keep hurting other people and hiding perfectly without no one know.  We all have fav "roses" in our life , but we always forgot their "thorns" that actually can bleed and hurt us deeply.
muhdzaim Jun 2018
When we were small,
Our parents want us to talk.
When we can talk,
Our parents want us to walk.
Today when we are walking,
We could feel the breeze.
Walk by the road, there's no peace exist.

When we could feel and see,
The world is all about pain.
That's time we realize that people only act like "saint".
When our parents dead,
We could feel the "bang".
Along by the pain,
They attack us like dark shadow fang.

There's no doubt without doubting,
There's no satisfactions without trying,
And there's no pains without causing.
We kept drowning by the "dark" pleasure,
Because the "dark" pleasure is more pleasure
While the ***** praise "them" and forget their sins,
All the poor people keep stitching and defending.

Today,  I barely can enjoy the rain.
Yes I hope I can turn back time and become kids again,
Too much shadow and pains I received today,
Most of it from the one i believed nowadays.

— The End —