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JD May 15
I daydream
even at night
of false hope
and love unreachable
I dream
of you
day and night
always on my mind
JD May 15
I’m a romantic
hopelessly lost
in daydreams
and fantasies
of your hands
in mine
guiding me
through a field
of thoughts
I’m overthinking
what could have been
if I had said the words
but now I’m lost
being a romantic
all by myself
JD Apr 14
what’s justice
in a world of
you ask?
JD Mar 20
it's all about you.
always about you.
every poem i write,
every song i like,
always you on my mind.
best friends to lovers arc
JD Feb 11
rose coloured petals
sunlight dancing joyously
a grassy field at peace
flowers blooming all around
music chiming gently
the touch of a friendly breeze,
that's what I see
when you look at me
JD Feb 10
i can thrive
all on my own
i can help others thrive
all on my own
i will not bow down
for others,
but you
oh you
i’d follow you
to the end of all worlds
literally about drukkari
JD Aug 2021
they don’t know.
they don’t know
who i am
how i write
the ways i’m hurting
they think they know
but all they know
is what i choose to share
what i choose to show
they don’t know me.
and they don’t care
enough to notice
they know nothing at all
family, eh?
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