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mtn Jan 2017
I've made it
As I throw my fist in the air
And show the world my widest smile
I rejoice with everything in me
For I, have finally made it
I let out the deep sigh
That I've been holding in
Since I crossed the starting line
I stand still, I stand firm
And I stand tall
For I, Joshua Humphries,
have finally made it
No more looking back
The point of destination has been reached
Didn't think I would make it
People threw knives
And words that cut me deep
But I went past the forks in the road
And with my head held high I went straight
For I, Josh Humphries
The one that even doubted himself,
Has finally made it
I traveled far,
After all the beams of sweat fell from my forehead,
And continued down to my eyes
I admit At first,
I couldn't tell if they were showers of sweat
or tears
I pulled them away from my blinded eyes
And after rowing down my own streams
For I,
Have found love
For I am content,
I need no more than what I have
All I need now is you to be in your presence
The one that fills my cup,
And seems to always overflow
It's the one that always gives
And gives more than I need
It's the one that looks at a shattered boy,
And has the time to piece me,
Back together, but better
The one that greets me in the morning
The one that makes me stand taller
The one that makes me run farther
Streams, nor serpents, nor words
Can stop this,
I used to be infatuated with
The clothes,
But because of you,
The things that fuel and motivate me
Are seeing you, making goals,
And having dreams to focus on
I pray that someday in the future
My best friend will never become my enemy
I give you all of me,
Because it's all I can offer
As I'm here reciting this to you
I might be stumbling on my words,
****, I do stumble on my words a lotIt only happens when I speak from the heart,
Just know that you're one of the best things
To happen to me in my young life
So as I give the world my widest smile
And throw my fist in the air,
I give you the other one
And rejoice,
As I can finally say,
I made it,
I found, love
mtn Apr 2016
sometimes it feels like I'm under the influence when I kiss her.
where am I?
i lose track of time when we talk.
about nothing of course.
the intelligent conversation is good, but we're practical souls.
when it's just her and I, I don't know where I am.
i enter a world of joy, love, and satisfaction.
no need to buy drugs when her lips are my supply.
i'm under the influence.
may our young, careful souls soar high.
and may a cloud catch us if we fall.
sky surfing, our love.
mtn Jul 2015
You have the power,
To form the widest,
And most sophisticated of galaxies
In my heart
Meanwhile, your touch,
Is like a black hole
That lurks in me,
Causing every feeling of fear,
And doubt to disappear
Leaving me would be impossible
My heart will literally be empty
Like a sheet of canvas,
Waiting for its creator,
And their muse in order to become,
A piece of art,
A piece of them,
All of me,
May my heart be your canvas,
Fill it with life beyond where my eyes can see,
And with stars that shine for eternity
mtn Feb 2015
56 minutes after two
My skies are 50 shades of gray
In my feelings so deep,
That you could probably paint
A picture will all my blues
mtn Feb 2015
Keep close to me.
Put your chest to mine so our hearts beat together in a sweet, synchronized symphony.
Let's lock arms and let time escape like the honest feeling in my poetry.
When others fall, I reassure you that we won't be affected by it.
Because if you keep close to me then the only people that matter in this world is us.
Yes, you, and I.
mtn Feb 2015
There isn't a better view
Than when the 6:00 sunset creeps
Through the ruffled blinds of the windows
And lands on one side of your face
As you're watching television
And laughing when something funny happens

There isn't a better feeling
Than when you're laying against my chest
Tracing the line of my veins on my arm
While I feel your heartbeat beat
In a harmonious composition with mine

There isn't a better sound in the world
Than when you let out that small,
Gentle, sweet laugh
That warms me more than any
Blanket could ever do
mtn Dec 2014
I wish I could tell you otherwise
But I'm going down
And the concrete has no competition
When it comes to the oppression
Pushing me down
Soon I'll be past the grass, and the dirt
And the roots
Maybe I'll stop in the center of the Earth
Where the heat is scorching
To the point where my skin and bones
Will shrivel,
Putting an end to the force holding me down
Or maybe I'll pass right by the center
And continue to make my way through the Earth
And popping out of the other end
Floating through the lonely universe
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