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Maggi Jan 2019
Dear world,
The way you look at me,
as if I was worthless.
You call me a mess.
You didn't even give my a chance,
to express,

But it's not over yet,
I will fight I will try to impress,
… and myself, but I have to confess,
I think it's too late,
I killed myself.
Maggi Jan 2019
You killed me.
You killed me the night I went off to your house, not knowing what was awaiting me.
You killed me the moment you asked how my day was and told me that you missed me.
You killed me to moment we started smoking on your roof and you leaned towards me.
You killed me the moment you started kissing me, even though I told you not to.
You killed me the moment your ***** hands started grabbing my body and you tried to take my clothes off.
I was begging you to stop ...
The only thing I can remember is your heavy breathing and your weight burying me in the ground.
The rest of me is dead.
You killed me.
Maggi Jan 2019
I am lying in my bed unable to sleep. My head is spinning like every night. Why should I continue living?
I finally fall asleep, dreaming of the sweet, red blood running down my veins, dripping on my bathroom floor… drip, drip, drip. Soon there is a dark red lake which drowns me ...
I travel far away to an unknown land. Different from everything I have known before. Slowly everything around me gets silent and dark.
My mind is finally able to rest. I have waited so long for this moment.
Sweet dreams.
Maggi Jan 2019
How am I so deep in love when I dream of dying?
Love is a really powerful feeling that can be the only spark in the darkness we call life, making the thought about death bearable.  It is a never-ending adrenaline rush that makes us feel alive and helps us through the pain of living. Always holding our hand saying: “Well done. It is nearly over.”

— The End —