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MsAmendable Oct 2021
The thin skeleton treesĀ 
in midnight blue dresses
Sway in the sparkling streets,
And reach their arms to the sky
Some still boast a firey red,
And blow Ruby kisses from high
MsAmendable Oct 2021
We choose
Until our choices
Make us
MsAmendable Oct 2021
Love in a mist
Tiptoe through shadow
Unuseful mystery-
Useful mystery;
Unuseful clarity
MsAmendable Sep 2021
And yet
Amidst the torments
And torrents of tragedies
I've had your arms to fall into
Each night, when I fall
MsAmendable Sep 2021
I suffered a quiet death
And in its quietness I was left
Filled with the sensations of
Displacement and non-existence

I graduated alone in a small room
From where I have now been evicted
All my cumulations of efforts
Have crumbled, unremarked, into dust

My sandcastles have been swallowed quietly by the ocean
And I, their queen, drown with them
MsAmendable Sep 2021
I see my face mostly
Reflected in the cradle of my palms
When my distractions cease.
I know I should go, but I
Cannot release
MsAmendable Sep 2021
It kept building, in the way all things do
Like a rising crescendo.
It took one and half years to break me:
The distance, the disease,
The divorce
The accumulation of pennies in my jar,
One for each heartbreak
I am become afraid of my own kitchen,
Of too many noises
Of trusting things I thought were mine,
My stability crumbles on sandy foundations
The tighter I hold, the greater the cold.
Its not within me yet,
but the many lashed open wounds
Might yet grant entry
To fill the warm spaces that were emptied
A bloodless, blood loss eviction
I write this to stand guard
Against new tennants

And I am afraid
They may have already arrived
Or perhaps
They never left
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