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 May 2016 MS Lim
Only to You
 May 2016 MS Lim
My all is strong,tender and attuned
only to the sound of your music
Your heart was in so much hurt
This time the sincerity is in my eyes

Open the veils on the castle gates
See the floodgates of my sunshine
Open your soul, trust the feeling
See the promise on the scripted nirvana

My all is silenced, our arms safe
Holding only to you in light and dark
I will twinkle my respect on your skin
Keeping you proud as you lay on me

Close the chaotic temperaments of the past
See the depths of my oceanic tides
Tying us in synchronised beatific resonance
One of the eons gone, our other level
 May 2016 MS Lim

*If I were a poem
I’d ask you to fold me up
and put me in your pocket,
then at the end of the week,
toss me in the wash
with the rest of the clothes

And when you find me later,
smudged and smeared,
ripped and tattered into
little unrecognizable pieces,
don’t worry about it,
I was already like that
I have been notified that this poem was plagiarized and posted on Poetfreak by someone using the name Blurry Face. I can assure you, this is my poem.
 May 2016 MS Lim
Marithe Munoz
Forever was thought to be a million hours,
But forever felt like seconds I could count on one hand
if I had the time.
 May 2016 MS Lim
Nathan Pival
When everything hurts and you're broken inside
Where do you run
When there's nowhere to hide?
Who do you call when you can't even talk?
The tears mumble up your words
The judge and jury
Of your broken hopes and dreams
Have found you guilty of being human
Worn and weary
Your soul is tired of fighting
Your eyes are tired of crying
The reality of what has been lost is horrifying
Inside, broken dreams linger
Where will you go to pick up the pieces?
Will you ever forgive yourself?
 May 2016 MS Lim
Maple Mathers

*Voices ignored

Sanity stained

Conscience aside,

 May 2016 MS Lim
Maple Mathers
in a story,
As in,
once upon a time*,
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)

Shoutout to MS Lim, who wrote this in response:

 May 2016 MS Lim
Marithe Munoz
trees will fall
and skies will turn to dark eyes.
i'll fall for you
and my heart turns
to black nights
 May 2016 MS Lim
Maple Mathers


we've forgotten to simply

(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
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