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Jul 26 · 24
- Jul 26
sloppy wrist
snotty nose
teary eyes

i laid there
and realized
i gotta let go
Mar 10 · 51
to be honest,
- Mar 10
for the longest
my only friend been my brain
and it promised
not to gossip
but now the news have been passed on
sitting in solace
i know its alright
because i ***** all these thoughts around
no one but me and him
will hear them though
because i closed the gates
ignorance is bliss
i placed the bars myself
wouldn't let anyone near me
but the hate still palpable
Jan 13 · 25
who is he?
- Jan 13
who am i?
i don‘t even know myself
alone with my demons
how should they even know?
nobody is knocking on the door
there are worse things
than being alone
though the feeling
is known
May 2020 · 62
painting called life
- May 2020
my life’s a painting
not yet finished
but the outcome is clear
dark tones mixed with light ones
the light triumphs the dark
so it seems
a glimmer of hope
eaten alive from the overwhelming darkness that may be called life
the light gives hope
which is then demolished immediately
thinking it won the fight
but the war goes on
the more paint used
the darker it gets
only the painter and i
understand the meaning of it
May 2020 · 65
tones of life
- May 2020
the depressing colors
of everyday life
are more present
than the happy ones
but they shine brighter with the sun
theres always a window or a door out
even the weakest light beats the darkest tone
so always ask yourself where to set your throne
Apr 2020 · 54
- Apr 2020
humans will always find a way to make their problems seem bigger than they actually are
Apr 2020 · 78
- Apr 2020
one does not need intelligence to be loving and compassionate

intelligence and knowledge are not every- and anything in this world
Apr 2020 · 127
- Apr 2020
stuck in-between not caring at all and caring for the wrong things
Mar 2020 · 66
- Mar 2020
we all get put in a box at birth
how do you except to grow,
if you never crawl out of it?
Mar 2020 · 64
- Mar 2020
life is like war. if you fear it before you live it, you‘ve already lost
Mar 2020 · 302
- Mar 2020
people hate things they couldnt have
Mar 2020 · 62
- Mar 2020
people love to think about the end of things;
end of the month
end of the week
end of the day

but never will they think about the end of their life and only sit and wait like fools til the day comes.
Mar 2020 · 58
- Mar 2020
nowadays nobody thinks about the world anymore. life became too static and the way to passive. the path is already there, surrounded by walls left and right. so why even bother to know whats behind them?
Mar 2020 · 51
- Mar 2020
only if the door of the mind is open
you can change the inside
Mar 2020 · 71
- Mar 2020
i know lifes absurd
i know it doesnt matter
but i still
try my best
lifes weird
i know what the end has coming for us
but i sill try
searching for a meaning,
i already know
everything and nothing
Feb 2020 · 48
- Feb 2020
in a constant discussion with the universe
and i lose every single time
Feb 2020 · 75
- Feb 2020
the past
is like wind
blowing towards you
one is stronger than air

when the time
of the tornado
you have to dodge it
or it will vaporize you
Feb 2020 · 131
light and dark
- Feb 2020
and you will know
when the
clouds move quick
and the colors
of dark and light mash
and noise turns into silence
when the world seems balanced
perfectly even,
then you will know
that nothing is going to be
Jan 2020 · 64
short lived life's
- Jan 2020
the heart beats temporary
people must realize this as ordinary
their time limited
why choose to be a foe to the world
if you can think rationally
Jan 2020 · 62
- Jan 2020
feel your chest ponding at night
your whole body
this is what keeps you alive
but your brain is what keeps you refined
people care when their heart fails
but not when their brain starts
to smell rotten, in its little shell
Jan 2020 · 123
- Jan 2020
live life to the fullest
don’t lay there
strangled by the voices
in your head
doing nothing against it
Jan 2020 · 118
- Jan 2020
lost the urge to talk to people and became happier
Dec 2019 · 459
- Dec 2019
failure or not
at least my grandchildren
will remember me
remember that i
Nov 2019 · 213
- Nov 2019
moment of clarity
some say
you‘ll see white or black
go deeper or get out

the only thing you‘ll really see
is white
looking above
of the hole
Nov 2019 · 190
- Nov 2019
doesn't matter
if you got the mask on
even hermits could see
your true intentions through these
Nov 2019 · 177
- Nov 2019
drunk with doubts
self inflicted wounds
just you can heal them
Nov 2019 · 164
- Nov 2019
humanities fall
and constantly
loosing leaves
once the season
and the anguish
settles in
we will grow
Nov 2019 · 126
- Nov 2019
i dig my own path
no disturbance
if i want you here
ill tell you
Nov 2019 · 180
- Nov 2019
the cities are ugly
balanced and symmetric design does not
fit into this world
its unnatural
only divides us more from the
Nov 2019 · 204
red and green
- Nov 2019
the red bricks destroy the green woods
leave them alone
do not interfere
if you do
do not ask why it despises us
Nov 2019 · 127
- Nov 2019
my eyes
underlined black
you'll see the importance of them
and you'll never look back
they‘ll tell you a story
a story you will never forget
Nov 2019 · 167
- Nov 2019
all it takes
is to watch out the window
any window
it’ll give you a frame
a frame to observe
observe out of it
and you will learn
Nov 2019 · 172
- Nov 2019
thoughts and innovations trapped by steel bars of prejudices and doubts, will never be able to come out
Nov 2019 · 157
black and white
- Nov 2019
the keys
hit me like a brick
a wake up call
and i get the jist
of it
Nov 2019 · 224
the sun
- Nov 2019
i climb the ladder up
in the cold
no gloves but my hands
still aint froze
every day one step
till the final end
to the west
where the sun descends
- Nov 2019
nowadays i keep the light on
my desk organized
my bed made
my floor clean
i see world through a different lens
summers have the sun up
even the fog see through
in the winter
i changed my way of living in
Nov 2019 · 192
the circle of life
- Nov 2019
id rather .... myself
than pass on
some of these thoughts
lingering in my head
but... never mind the killing part
ill just say whats ripping apart
my brain
all my friends may be fake
no similar interests
no same views and perspectives
no inspirations collected
but thats to be expected
nowadays, where man views itself
as an ant
every single bit of hope rejected and neglected by the world
until the bitter end
no confidence, so nothing to
boost there
all the dreams and hopes
planted inside the ***
overshadowed by doubts and insecurities
no sunlight
be aware of life, don’t follow the snake
and it‘ll eat you too
on its way back
the circle of life
Oct 2019 · 523
- Oct 2019
dont follow the green
dont follow the snake
it'll eat you too
on its way back
Oct 2019 · 366
- Oct 2019
a dead-end job or as a boss
doesn't matter
better than to
sit at home
thinking about
what to work on
Oct 2019 · 159
- Oct 2019
the wolf shouldn't be alone,
it's weak alone
but even weaker
within a pack full of sheep
Oct 2019 · 241
- Oct 2019
the serpent eats its tail
in my backyard
it waits patiently to
scar my back
remove the snakes,
they'll come again
the circle of life
fight back in vain
don't mind them
Oct 2019 · 104
- Oct 2019
remove circles in your life
where you cannot be yourself,
if you can't be you
in them,
then you are not apart of them.
not you
but someone else
Oct 2019 · 103
- Oct 2019
do what you want
opinions, won't be there after
you are dead
Oct 2019 · 171
- Oct 2019
goals are just pitstops
your goals to achieve
are above the clouds
ignore the clouds and go beyond
of the universe, don't stop at your goals
Oct 2019 · 110
- Oct 2019
wake up, look in the mirror,
this is you, if you dont like it,
change it
Oct 2019 · 201
- Oct 2019
decline the call,
delete the e-mail,
ignore the speech,
ignore the message,
focus on yourself and yourself only
Oct 2019 · 101
playing with fire
- Oct 2019
burst into flames, step into it
be the flame
and burn the whole world down
Oct 2019 · 138
life's a structure
- Oct 2019
life's a building
one day,
it'll get demolished
you'll build it higher
and higher
and it'll stand forever
Oct 2019 · 185
think again
- Oct 2019
it's your time to shine
this probably won't send shivers
down your spine but
i hope,
i hope,
it'll make you think twice
about life
Oct 2019 · 81
- Oct 2019
life is like a labyrinth
explore it all the way even
if you know where the exit is
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