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- Mar 2020
we all get put in a box at birth
how do you except to grow,
if you never crawl out of it?
- Mar 2020
life is like war. if you fear it before you live it, you‘ve already lost
- Mar 2020
people hate things they couldnt have
- Mar 2020
people love to think about the end of things;
end of the month
end of the week
end of the day

but never will they think about the end of their life and only sit and wait like fools til the day comes.
- Mar 2020
nowadays nobody thinks about the world anymore. life became too static and the way to passive. the path is already there, surrounded by walls left and right. so why even bother to know whats behind them?
- Mar 2020
only if the door of the mind is open
you can change the inside
- Mar 2020
i know lifes absurd
i know it doesnt matter
but i still
try my best
lifes weird
i know what the end has coming for us
but i sill try
searching for a meaning,
i already know
everything and nothing
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