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- May 10
my life’s a painting
not yet finished
but the outcome is clear
dark tones mixed with light ones
the light triumphs the dark
so it seems
a glimmer of hope
eaten alive from the overwhelming darkness that may be called life
the light gives hope
which is then demolished immediately
thinking it won the fight
but the war goes on
the more paint used
the darker it gets
only the painter and i
understand the meaning of it
- May 2
the depressing colors
of everyday life
are more present
than the happy ones
but they shine brighter with the sun
theres always a window or a door out
even the weakest light beats the darkest tone
so always ask yourself where to set your throne
- Apr 19
humans will always find a way to make their problems seem bigger than they actually are
- Apr 11
one does not need intelligence to be loving and compassionate

intelligence and knowledge are not every- and anything in this world
- Apr 8
stuck in-between not caring at all and caring for the wrong things
- Mar 25
we all get put in a box at birth
how do you except to grow,
if you never crawl out of it?
- Mar 24
life is like war. if you fear it before you live it, you‘ve already lost
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