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Sarah Ann Nov 2019
you’re going to waste your life
squeezing blood from that stone
you’re surrounded by gashed foreheads
but that’s too easy, isn’t it? you think
if i keep squeezing this stone
(it gives up a drop now and then)
if i keep squeezing this stone
(i’ve been squeezing it for years)
if i keep squeezing this stone,
i can wring from it the blood
of every wasted year and more
a flood to baptize all
(and never need do it again)
Sarah Ann Jun 2019
we were out on the lake, and just for one day
my self-consciousness left me
i took off my shirt and joined the world
the entire world was six teenagers in the water
and the world failed to notice
when i went under and i didn’t come up

after the incident something was broken
the part of my brain that kept me
from biting off my fingers like carrots
the part that made me keep routines
and ignore my sensitivities
now i’m a muscle and everything else
everything that isn’t a dark room and a cool bed
is an electrical probe making me twitch
Sarah Ann Jun 2019
i’m sick of recycled air
but one foot out the door
reminds me of my ugliness
eventually hunger wins out
i swallow my shame, brush my hair
and drive to the grocery store
and when i get back
the sun is just behind the peak of the roof
and i can smell something sweet
but i cannot ask what it is
i cannot ask out loud
is it the clover or the honeysuckle?
i will never know
Sarah Ann Apr 2019
Your head is an egg on a hot sidewalk
Skull cracked and thrown to the gutter
Glimmering ooze of the soul exposed
White matter sizzling maddeningly
Big yellow eye staring, unseeing
Burnt, shrunken, stuck, *****
Endless summer, inedible novelty
Sarah Ann Apr 2019
A dandelion, picked and discarded
A little life, quickly departed
I mourn the loss, as you decompose,
Of a yellow dusting for my nose
Sarah Ann Mar 2019
I have two faces opposed
One looks back in time, one looks ahead
The present moment always in my blind spot
I see it come, I watch it go
But only experience the premonition
Or the memory —
What’s happening now
Forever eludes me
Sarah Ann Mar 2019
Though my ears were frozen through
And had begun to tingle
Though I know well the dangers
Of loitering in the dark
Still I lingered on the bridge
And looked into the eye of the train
And watched it go under me
Loud and certain as a river
And then I went on home
As though I had never paused
As though I had not considered
Jumping onto its back
Just a true story about watching a train, not much else to it
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