mrc Oct 2018
i'd like to believe that they were in love when they had me
i'd like to believe that they're in love now
mrc Oct 2018
i could be wrong about ***
i could be wrong about heaven and earth
and the way that things came to be
but if i am
what a beautiful thing to be wrong about
mrc Oct 2018
looking in the mirror today
i saw where the sun must have loved me best
where it decided to linger and wait
to stay a while and have a conversation with my skin
mrc May 2018
kissing the cold lips of a marble statue
didn't feel too good until i remembered that
yours were always cold from the rain
mrc May 2018
the melancholy of the moment hit me hard
like a rain check ten minutes before meeting
i've been on that road probably a thousand
times since last may
but something about the sunshine and the
slightly balmy breeze of late april
made me crave you in a way i hadn't before
i craved the way you always smelled like
essential oils and organic moisturizer
the seashells on your window frame
the creak in the floorboards in your entryway
the wind in my hair as i rode my bike to your
house, barely even able to wait long enough
for the white walk signal
i miss that
and it vanished right before my eyes
it's like every i touch falls apart
and i can't do anything to stop it
the funny things was
it started raining
mrc May 2018
you don't realize how strong gravity is until you're getting up off the floor
bathtub thoughts
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