Mr Uku Oct 31
When Jenny Hodges killed her dog and took its insides out
Nobody tried to stop her, nobody gave a shout.
She’s just a little girl they said, and not an awful brat
She’s curious, inquisitive, no harm can come of that.

So Jenny took the puppy’s eyes and laid them on the floor
Its kidneys, heart and little tongue, He won’t need them no more.
She carefully removed its guts and then pulled out its spleen
Finally she took its lungs to complete the horrid scene

Jenny stood to view her work and felt quite satisfied
And was happy with the gore and blood and how the pup had died
Then Jenny Hodges wiped her knife and gave a little smirk
And wondered what it was that made her baby brother work
A creepy poem for Halloween. If you'd like to hear the recorded version and see the picture I drew to go with it, you can do so on my website:
Mr Uku May 17
a crunch
in the dark bathroom —
sorry spider
I ****** love haiku, me.
Mr Uku May 13
on a sunny day —
bee in my face
Really enjoying writing haiku. No idea if they're any good but I'm already thinking about putting together a small chapbook. There's nothing as delusional as a poet :)
Mr Uku May 10
pigeon flies a circle --
no reason
My second haiku and my second poem where I don't hide behind funny. Still not sure about that.
Mr Uku Apr 3
Rain soaked
Still the birds sing their
spring welcome
Look out! It's my first proper haiku. I got a lovely new book all about writing them and learned that everything I knew (including the 5-7-5 structure) is wrong.
I hope you likes it.
Mr Uku Mar 4
Wind blows
It snows
My nose
It goes
All froze
As doze
My toes
Oh noes!
I wrote this poem on account of how cold I am.
Mr Uku Feb 17
The pangolin's a scaly chap
His armour's made of keratin
If you attacked him with a sword
You really could not get it in
Written for World Pangolin Day.
Please do not attack pangolins with swords. They are very nice and deserve to be allowed to go about their business unmolested. Thank you
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