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Ricky J Jul 2019
Where is the point I ask?
I know I am blind.
Surely you see me?
Well, can you?

I am sure I’ve missed something.
This really is of urgent matter.
Are you not aquatinted with the mentally ill, you know?

Shallow, yes indeed,the grave is the crown.
This is dignified drama, the finest around.

Mellow? Seems more grey.
A Pesky limited view
Superfluous in knowledge
Don’t ask me anything though
For I do not know.
Ricky J Oct 2018
Novelty delays fine work.
A lack of interest in persistence as it were.

Oh Novelty you and your cousin Naivety
wrap me in delusion and play on my vanity,
You tell me Rome was built in a day,
that riches come quick to those who simply play.

Oh consistency, are we here again?
The constant whip to push through the day,
I'd rather just theorize and think my way.

Yes, a lazy poet I am, I rarely speak of grit.
Such a millennial they say,   I think therefore I can.
Ricky J Oct 2017
A glimpse, a shattered glimpse in time.

An atom of knowledge appears to me through art of the ages.

Countless events, immeasurable lives been and gone.

I am part of this great landscape, just another perspective that echos
the others before me.
Ricky J Jan 2017
Not a crumb ingested today, but simply a diet of chemistry materials and caffeine for at breakfast, lunch and tea.

My body's a temple that's been the dumping ground of old junk

I feel like was a temple but is now full lf broken clocks that faintly ticks.

I lay there before bed, maddening thoughts toapple my restful position, either chaos or sleep will ensue, it just depends on which way the devil plays his hand.

******, , so the devil has played an ace,there wont be rest tonight.
Ricky J Jan 2017
You're trancending at every turn
You evaporate my troubles into mist

Your smile entrances the angels
Your elegance stills the roaring giants

It is you that bekons my fate
your mind sharpens the mighty sword of wisdom.

For time has treated you well
A beauty embellished with grace

Your essence sparkles like majestic jewls
your presence so precious, so warm yet so cool.
Ricky J Jan 2017
Their eyes glance at me, I sense the awkwardness, what shall we say to him?

You see I'm the man next door who's mind who they say
has crossed the line , the Drs call it mental illness, I say that's a crime.

For it is true that I'm chaotic and rapant at times,  
creativity should be nurtured, not medicated and fined.

You see I'm the man next door who's seen as 'unwell' for they see the police take me to the cells.  

I tell you honestly that this is no curse, just a alternate state of mind, try opening your eyes, you maybe suprised.
Ricky J Jan 2017
Make no mistake I don't like the cold
for it tinkers with the prospect of getting old.

The feel of wood thrills me, it reminds me of the old tree it used to be.

I am perplexed by the ordinary, like how I can move my hands, or touch my toes.

My note book is full of junk, maybe useful for some. Scribblings of the day, so much undone.

This seat is comfy for now until I get an itch, thoughts run wild, feelings fleeting. What exactly am I meant to be teaching?
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