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Stop trying to be
Someone you are not.
Soon or later the mask
will  fall off
 Aug 2015 Mr E
Dr O
England Rains
 Aug 2015 Mr E
Dr O
No clouds hang in the sky
Despite those England rains
Some say heaven just cries
Some call it England pains
Some say love goes away
Some say its just a game
All these girls in my life
They say its a gamble of names
One will come, one will go
As clouds fill the sky
True feelings will start to show
Love will come, love will go
The rain will start
Then it will snow
But no clouds hang in the sky
Despite those lovely England rains
And if no clouds exist
Then my love always remains
Even though it rains
On those lovely England hills
The sun still reigns
And my love stays still
Even though it storms
On those pretty Florida trees
Nothing can separate you from me
 Jan 2015 Mr E
Dr O
If the Sun truly loved the sand
Then it wouldn't leave during the night
The air wouldn't turn cold
The desert would forever be bright

If the Moon truly loved the sky
Then it wouldn't leave during the day
It wouldn't disappear in a hurry
And take all of our stars away

If Romeo truly loved Juliet
Then he wouldn't have drank the venom
He wouldn't have been so foolish
To believe love was possible in heaven

If I truly loved you
With all my heart
Then I would never give up
For one day we will not be apart

I think you are the Sun
And I am the Moon
And we can not find each other
Whatever we try to do
 Dec 2014 Mr E
Dr O
Perfect, straight hair dark as ever
Fabricated smiles, pearly forever
Beauty like Gatsby's Daisy under the sunset
Eternally grinning with life, so perfect in your mindset

Graceful mask, made from fine gold
The most elegant way your story can be told
Loneliness eradicated by the tug of a rope
A fake presence, one to give false hope

Superficial heart pumping to seem so kind
Your actions serve to turn the angels blind
Perfect, straight hair real as never
Fabricated smiles, bleached however

For a face to resemble to one so charming
Then unravel something much more harming
For your sorry forgiveness you should not ask
As to pretend that the Devil pities your mask
 Dec 2014 Mr E
 Dec 2014 Mr E
I take cold showers because
they're supposed to help
To cure depression
They don't
I just shiver
Like I do
When I'm depressed
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