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I wait for you night and day to tell me something
Tell me something new and unexpected. Something that will give my life
some type of meaning again and bring back what was once there.
I linger in the shadows of every day modern society just going through the motions and you aren't in sight.
I try to keep my head clear by keeping busy but it just feels pointless at times. I wonder did you ever love me? did I ever love you? Or was our love just a phase that passed us by?
I know I don't have the answers right now to give this broken heart at least a little bit of relief but I hope fate doesn't set me up just to tear me back down again.
My soul right alongside my body and heart are quite tired and I can't help but feel lost.
Before I met you I was like a vagabond wandering this world looking for a place to home.
I ache and pray till the day you come back
and make me feel like one less stranger
and make me feel not so broken down once more.

— The End —