challenge me to this face
abruptly sound closes

I smell the blood from finger
as it runs down a blade
metal for body

Covered face in a sheet
the darkness cannot affect
protected in fibers

Pull them off to discover
there is no one underneath
anagrams and languages opening new ways to perceive
this  story is
a. rumor  
and binding
where your            
Or end
the anagram
of your  intentions
there is an
immortality to
What  you lend                                                   |      d a r k n e s s      |
upon  the  gaping
maw stirs callus

no. punctuation. my throat


and invites the nails

   the proxemics of horror
here i . s the length    
the divides and

Sage mint pine
Snow outside
Mocha pit fire
Heat on my face
Seasonal depression
Kept a bay
By my senses
Its 4:30pm
Feels like 9
But we're by
Eachothers side
At it again
I'll laugh with you
Today dear friends
Tomrrow may be grey
And I'll think about
The shadows we cast
Round these holidays
Heart black as oil
mind slipping in age
solves everything with violence
brags about too many guns
doesn't shoot them but
on the weekend
thinks presidents are
mouthpieces for ***
doesn't understand
foreign anything
Look deep inside
Those tear gassed eyes
And tell me what is right
I set your throne on fire
Gutted my sword through the black


Grey and white flames burning
Valor and velour up in smoke
There could be no further cast
Of spell or ballot or line
The waves of the mind
Bash against the masts

The red sea parts
I raise my hands
Starboard; land
The night sky heart

Blue in the face
Scream till the ocean knows me
Till boughs are breaking

Upon the shore, I've traced
The yellow badge
Escaped the camps; land of the free
In your arms losing blood, cold, shaking
I mourn for the lost... Pittsburgh synagogue.

Eitz Chaim Hebrew words for Tree Of Life
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