The triple threat; life shadow and secrets
We flee the violence, and hope others keep it
Master of words, flavor, and a friend none the weakest
Low flying thoughts
All memories from the gut
The bed knows my anxiety
Please lay closer
You were there for me until things got good
and left me there more confused
with a pain greater than the suffering you
helped one time shoulder

Where are you, you are not here?
Remember tears... Remember there?
It's not all flowers but you stood in the rain
letting it wash over you too

I thought we knew just what we meant
when we said words
but meaning has left
and I am left with my reason

It's lonely and you are right
and you are lonely because you know its
only momentary

Is it easy for you? I am sure it's not
we are still it seems a stubborn bunch
childhood hoodlums

Someday we grow up

Hanging my head
moving on

Part of me doesn't want to understand
How do you handle the Falling Out of a close friend?
It's in my nature to believe in the best of people.
But nature is a force to be reckoned with.
Flesh sacrificing itself to movement.

Wine drunk in the dance I am the fire.
Yellow amber sap and autumn,
Orange leaves flickering I am free
within the hemoglobin
That I have been so worried of the blue sky and its impossible return. Have I forgotten of the splendors of the night. I keep to myself this humor and gossip. Seeking out the tabloids of my mind. Paranormal are the long walks with sound in my ears and street set alive with light. Entire plays fully staged in my blind. Researched the movement of strangers with all their own clamor.  Sat out the words of greeting to passers-by. One day this night will end and the thoughts will slowly pass from me. It is a requirement that I step beyond my doors to flee from the impending.  Knowing deep down the creature comforts are not a sin but an alienation of my joy. Now a prisoner of dissociation like me is enslaved by what I think is freer. Over dramatic as it might be I am well aware. What spoiled lows I have been raised.  Many gutters and glassy gazes. Your feet are dragging between the grasses. So this is how life reacts. Exactly as I dream. Control the alternative in me and delete it. Refute the muses whispers and sterilize it in the road.  Even though the thought is terminal. The fortuity of memories will serve.  Love the younger parts of you. In the fields, we go. For some time I walk the winding ways when under wonders haze. "Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature".

The significance of every start. The words traced in the sand swallowed by the shore encrypted lake. Sever the seven crossings. From the first letter, I have ever sent.
Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood inspired this. It was written by: William Cullen Bryant

The inscription is on a bridge very very nearby in Milwaukee, the inspiration for this. I hope you enjoy.
I am named but you all know me by the feeling of dread
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