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MP Martinez May 2020
moon teardrops falling
casting cloud shadows above
the snow weeps tonight
MP Martinez May 2020
rose-tainted lips
what does the pomegranate taste?
you born with crown upon your head
choose the darkness instead

flowers upon your wake
wilted as you walk ahead
yet only the pomegranate remains
standing tall with arms spread

oh dearest Persephone my goddess
didn't you know you had been deceived?
the seeds you ate tasted so sweet
was just a trap, a sin for you to commit

what really bind you two wasn't love
but the fruit that bore his darkest desire
desire to have you by his side
the warmth that his world never had
and the pomegranate laugh
Greek mythology inspired.. Hey I'm back
MP Martinez Feb 2019
Oh dear Zephyrus
You who chases the wind
On your journey what did you find?

You who loves the wind the most
Have you ever been in love?

Running after the half that you had lost
Does your heart never get tired?

As fleeting as the zephyr like you are
Haven't you realized that it was you who were gone?
MP Martinez Jul 2018
I've always knew that regret would follow me forever
Such is the curse of those words left unsaid
Yet I still keep on stacking lies and denials

I know I have been always a coward
Despite of all those bravery I tried to act
I still couldn't look directly in your eyes

I know all I have been doing in the past is pointless
Because no matter how I stay by your side
I still couldn't tell you all the feelings I had

I know that it have been too late, that I have been too late
Even how much I wanted to say my I love you's a million times
I still can't make those word come out in my mouth

I know deep in my heart that all will come this
Those next time's and maybe tomorrow's I have been swallowing
Now became the regrets I'll keep on remembering

I know that this is really the end of the story
A story without happy ending
A story without US
Yet I am praying that perhaps we will be given a sequel

I know... I keep on telling  these words, the same words I failed to convey
Words fleeting like a snow
It is right there when winter comes
But as the spring draws nearer, it will be gone

I've always knew that regret would follow me forever
A wicked cursed that had never been broken and never will be
Yet I am still trap in those flashbacks I know will never come back
But as long as I can see you there
I can delude myself that our story didn't end
MP Martinez Jul 2018
lonely lonely drenched in tears
in muddy streak lies your heart
when will it blossom?
when will it die?
until your journey stop
stay alive
MP Martinez May 2018
If only I could travel back time
Will I be able to make everything right?
Those flowers bloomed beautifully
Died leaving only wilted thorns

Hey the letters you sent
I haven't read a single one of it
But now I regretted it

And it fall, fall all had fallen
Like the white snow during that December's winter
You too, fall along the snowflakes

If only I could see the future
Will I be able to change my present?
What I had lost
I lost without knowing

I see you laughing
Yet to me it sounds so sad
But I didn't care

And it fall, fall all had fallen
Endless rain poured
Upon my eyes, thunderstorms came in
Ah, raindrops started to fall

Seasons repeatedly change
Same as people who I had met
But sadly memories couldn't
Like how my I love you's
Didn't turn into 'I had loved you'

Lovely lovely you
Who I deeply cherish
Who I deeply care
Who I had taken for granted
Who I had lost

If only I could rewrite the past
Those flowers will remain as pretty as you are
But now isn't the same with then
Just how you will never be here
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