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Jun 18 · 377
cat’s meow pt. 2
monica Jun 18
i found you,
  i found me in you.
  you don’t love me,
  but i love you.

i kissed your nose,
  you stare at me.
  i hugged you,
  and then you purr.
you meowed at me,
   so, i kissed you.
   you meowed at me,
   so, i opened the door.
   you meowed outside,
   so, i opened the door.
   you walked in,
   and then i hugged you.
you are my only happiness. orange please come back. mommy misses you so much, don’t you miss mommy?
Apr 30 · 93
monica Apr 30
Tokio desu, wearing a dress
Feel like a mess, making a mess
Wearing a dress, I was the best
Apr 20 · 548
monica Apr 20
when moon rise,
      you will shine
      be who you are
      and you will shine
Apr 20 · 186
monica Apr 20
end means end
there's nothing we can do if it's dead
grab on and let it go
take the opportunity and let it grow
forget the unworthy,
find your victory
Apr 10 · 101
monica Apr 10
too lonely to beat
too painful to bear

hold on tight
and make it right

take off the mask
and let them watch

they are the judge
to make things right
Apr 5 · 368
key : peace
monica Apr 5
i pressed the key
a sad, yet sweet melody
i missed the key,
so does he

you are the piece
that completes the peace
you are the music
that gives me bliss
Apr 4 · 64
monica Apr 4
thoughts are dark as night
    hands are gently intertwined
    wanna hold you close
    but your heart already froze
Apr 2 · 206
monica Apr 2
birds are chirping
flowers have bloomed
love is flowing
but yours is fading
Mar 31 · 1.0k
i just can't
monica Mar 31
i love you,
i want you,
but i can't have you.
will soon post the full poem hehe this is an old poem i made when i was in 10th grade though
Mar 28 · 864
monica Mar 28
stories are made for enchantment
our hearts are even meant
we hold hands
staring at each others eyes
and there's a spark
the hints of lies
Mar 27 · 375
my boo
monica Mar 27
you are my boo
  and i wish you knew
  you flew like an ooh
  then vanished with pew
Mar 27 · 118
cold night
monica Mar 27
a pillow is something i can lean on
suddenly, my favorite song played
i hugged my pillow
pouring all my strength in it
not realizing how many tears
i had let out

"i give up... i g-give up"
i repeated
tears continues to ran down
"i hate this... i hate this feeling-"
a scream echoed in an empty room
a scream of a sad
and lonely little girl...
Mar 23 · 228
lonely night
monica Mar 23
it's an empty shed,
and my mind's been dead.
before you—
i was alone in bed.
Mar 18 · 220
it was the eyes
monica Mar 18
it was a crowded place
they were on their own world;
people are dancing and singing—
but your eyes found mine,
fixed and locked
this is the second part of "truthful eyes"
Mar 18 · 171
cat's meow
monica Mar 18
it was a cold night.
    i have no shelter.
    cold, tired, and hungry.

you were so down.
    heart's been thrown,
    looking from afar,
    wishing on the stars.

it's already late.
    you, walking around,
    found me on the Nile.
    too blue,
    but happy to be found.
Mar 17 · 167
monica Mar 17
you're my fire,
  you give me life.

with you,
   i will not die.
Mar 15 · 1.5k
once upon a time
monica Mar 15
you said,
    "love is war,
      i am your soldier".

i'm in pain,
     yet you never came.

you held my hand,
     and there's no spark;
     you pulled me close,
     but then you fall.
Mar 14 · 624
monica Mar 14
the sun is gazing at me
though tried, but still on me
i look away
i run away
still, the sun is smiling at me
Mar 14 · 141
truthful eyes
monica Mar 14
behind those sweet,
     and eye-catching smile.
     there's a story
     behind those eyes.

— The End —