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Mouthpiece Sep 2018
i know
there’s nothing left
at all
when you eulogise
as the whole world
took aim
and fired
millions of imaginary bullets,
one for every
human being
he was paid to ******
one for every
human being
he burned alive
he’ll never die
he’ll liver forever
haunting the halls of power
so i’ll not be
speaking ill of the dead
by celebrating
his life

i know
there’s nothing left
at all
when bush
killer in chief
is given relief
because he opposes
hot air
in word alone
whilst buying
new thrones
with the taxes he saved,
cuts that send
your core support
to their graves,
the cuts you
carve your name to
and profit from,
the bombs you vote
to buy
while you cry
about the election
you rigged
and still lost

i know
there’s nothing left
at all
when you embrace
the hawks
that have always circled you
when you serve
your corporate overlords
when you disenfranchise
half your country
and leave them destitute
when you can’t
even care for them
when they’re dying
but happily
sends them off
to their slaughter
for no other reason than
because you’re
by the profiteers
of war

there’s nothing left
at all
about you
Putting the feelers out there. The American left: wake up.
Mouthpiece Aug 2018
please s/top [the car]

you’ve been
me incircles
all day
and all life

we’re not

and i
must separate

split from y/our



stop [the car]
of your
un[%]naturally white
teeth mal/function in
the m[irror]s
the c[rack]s

in the


/just a ride/

i’ve gambled

never won

- .-. .- -. ... .--. .- .-. . -. -.-. -.--

01100001 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101100 01101100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101

it’s all sordid
mor>bid+hate+*** too



[/the car]
[/the car]
[/the car]
[/the car]

     ———————— • ————————
I’ve been trying to write this for about a year. This is the best I can do, and the way HP uses underscores has ruined the form.
Extremely experimental, so I estimate split opinions and a fade into the background.
Mouthpiece Jul 2018
i tell myself
i’m not Your

my chains are Golden
so i must be free


all the money in the world
will never buy me

that is
i think of how You’d
kiss me,
until You show me how
You’re all around
yet nowhere,
and there’s never any
escaping Your
vulturous capitalisation
Your invasive marketing
Your pseudosentimental
the beautiful
indoctrination of Your
talking head
the only one
we both want me to see

we both want me to think
i can **** the system
and i keep hoping i can
but You know
i never will

it’s ambivalent
but i only love You
because You tell me to
and i don’t know any better

i am surrendered
rendered legally tender

there’s no escaping
the one i’d
blindly follow,
fall off this Earth
face first,
blindly stay
and never leave,
blindly believe
Your cancerous
Yellow ribbons
over my own
First draft. Don’t know how I feel.
Mouthpiece Jul 2018
you’re free

to do what, exactly?
Mouthpiece Jun 2018
keep secret
the crimson wakes
ebbed on your
screaming out
your steaming sands
when you’re bound
in twitching chains
drenched in the dead night
and gagged
and choking in
my bare hands
with a wide smile

we can’t speak of
your rattling bones
our scorched friction
and our guttural
carved into you
with my teeth,
cutting into you
like my embedded fingerprints do,
pulled out
by my mouth,
forced out
by my invasion

we **** like
endangered animals
in our own
dimmed corner
dogged and primal
shrouded in
evaporating sweat
and salivating libidos
with which we’ll
paint your room

nobody can ever know
how we cast shadows
on your cave
we take it
bound and crushed
to the grave
love is only ever blind by choice, not by nature. love is blindfolded. anything that doesn't fit perfectly into our own tiny little ideal box is dismissed as worthless. it must end.

will probably end up rewriting this.
Mouthpiece Jun 2018
it’s summer
and i’m
waiting for you
in your locked car
parched, dry,
ready to die
waiting for you
to return,
to throw me
your bones;
i’ll never learn
if i don’t want to—
i’ll still wait for you
ragged, tail-wagged
calmly being cooked
by the yellowy sunbeams.

there’s no place
i’d rather be
True love is choosing not to exist without, even if unrequited.
Mouthpiece Jun 2018
i check this site
every day
and every ******* night
hoping to know
you’re alive
and well

you’re as good as
but the memories
you gave me
won’t die
with you
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