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Mouthpiece Sep 2019
two pulls. that’s all i had;
just two pulls of someone
else’s joint, and four
overpriced beers,
and i’m more ****** up
than i can ever
remember being.
flat bloodless faces
stuck to the walls
won’t stop looking at me
and i think a girl
is looking at me too
for the first time
in a long time. and there’s
a woman talking about
her feelings, and her voice
comes in threes and
sinks sinks sinks
and it’s all so important,
so important that
the vignette strangles me
more than it ever has.

somebody’s talking about
how she should stop going
to bristol. and there’s a guy
talking about getting fined
and my skin is tingling
where it usually dries and flakes
and it feels like the ******* i took
two years ago is seeping
out my pores and balling up
and i’m getting real quiet.
and there’s a trans person
talking about bleeding
on the bathroom floor,
i think, and they’ve lost me
in the words. i’m too dumb
to understand the not-basic
language they’re using, and
probably too dumb to know if i’m a
man in a man’s body or
a woman in a man’s body
that is just attracted to women.
******* weird, man.
getting so messy on so little is such an embarrassment.
Mouthpiece Aug 2019
as you bleed, remember that
another’s love
can never fill you
while you pick
holes in yourself
Super excited to announce that my book, after writing it for about 3 years, is at last finished, edited, and I’ve submitted it for publication.

Keep your eyes open for a little title called Golden, everybody
Mouthpiece Jul 2019
I finished my anthology today.
So 42 months after I first started it, it is done. I bled myself dry, and finished it.
It’s called Golden. And if any of you want to know more about it, get in touch!

(You all got a mention in it, by the way).

— The End —