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880 · Jul 29
the real power of words
as poetry writers
we may pick and precisely place
our words upon the page
      or we may cast them as dice
      and let them fall where they may
but the words themselves
      are only our heartfelt emotion
      like musical notes upon a staff
they do not become poetry
until the reader hears our voice
and finds their own interpretation
according to their own life's experiences
and therein lies
              the power of words
                            the magic of poetry
to elicit emotion in someone's heart
by sharing the emotion in our own
314 · Jul 30
Nights Like This
there are nights like this
when I would just as soon
caress you with my words
as I would with my fingertips
with my lips or my tongue
My tongue lays braided

By words I might ever say

The overflow of my heart

Weights heavily on my mind

And "I love you" is all I know

That testifies to these feelings

That dance deep within me

To the sweet song she sings

As she rises, waking in my arms
you are the scent
of my rising smoke,
the sweet fragrance
of my burning

A re-write/re-post of an earlier piece.
The "American Sentence" form is simply a single sentence consisting of seventeen syllables, created by Allen Ginsberg.
114 · Jul 23
her gentle harbor
having set sail upon my sea
pulling life from the waters
catching the wind and flow
of the currents she sends me
they bring me to her harbor
where she welcomes my anchor
allowing her claim to be mine
there i shall be hers, always
as the stone cutter does not meddle
with the placement of his work
by the stone mason,

neither will i meddle
with the interpretations of my words
by the you, the reader.

as the fire burns
let the smoke rise as it will.
101 · Aug 3
To Burn As A Poet
Slowly, my tongue glides
along the razor-honed edge
of your glistening sensuality
feeling the exquisite pain
as the crimson poetic inspiration
flows in tender verses upon the page

from within my heart you glow
illumine the fringes of my soul
fingers of flame brand its skin
claiming this life, this love, as yours

your ****** scent gently mingles
with the leather and patchouli
of my seething essence
your fingers slowly glide
along the length of my arousal
your lips taste the savor
of my deeply rending moans

together, within our own world
we dissolve the hands of time
as the hands of yours and mine
survey the verdant fields of love
in dulcet sighs, and coos,
whispers of harmonic endearments

slowly we melt and we meld
as two passionate wildfires
burning unmercifully into one
hungrily licking the erogenous fuel
with fervent heat we etch ourselves
writhing in otherworldly ecstasy
we mark this moment in time
upon testaments of parchment
our gospel of adoration we bind
within the ancestral bible of our love

As inspired by South City Lady's own
beautifully inspired poem, "To Be A Poet".

the atmosphere carries yet
the currents of our heated breaths
loosed in the consummations
of our ancestral love.  

we have long ago
kissed each other's scars
even before we became
wounded and hurt
by life's misfortunes,
the flesh held
our soothing balm
until released
to reveal its healing
87 · Aug 4
forever forward
together, we stand
on the edge of forever
never looking back
what lies before us
are all our possibilities
and so hand in hand
taking one step forward
fearlessly into the void
with faith in each other
that we shall find
a solid foothold
to keep us ever
moving forward
within our love
74 · Jul 31
All the Light
All the light in the universe
Explodes inside my heart
When you whisper my name
Telling me that you love me
70 · Aug 1
midnight offerings
as we gaze into each other's eyes
sharing our muted moans of pleasure
uttered blissfully from our lips
each from the intense giving
and the deeply sweet receiving
we ride our sensual expressions of love
upon the writhing flesh of our sweating bodies
and all i know it is you that i love, only you
and all that i give is in dedicated devotion
my heart pouring itself into yours
as you pour your ecstasy over my offered flesh
56 · Jul 25
Mono-Soul (Pt. 1)
thoughts of you
dripping slowly, languidly
sensuously oozing and
drizzling over my heart
seducing each beat
to utter the
unspeakable words
that they may be
plagiarized by my pen
that we are more
than soulmates
that we are one soul
entwined within two bodies
that your thoughts are my thoughts
your dreams are my dreams
we are not "you and I"
you and I are "We"
the way we intuit and read
each other so well
having no need of translation
because we simply KNOW
because you and I are "We"
we are that we are
we are
In our sweet silence,
I can feel her thinking of me
"I see pieces of you in others, but it’s not enough for me."
-- stephen stilwell

She is every woman
In the world to me
No one else can compare
My eyes can see no other
For looking any further
I have no need or desire

A gentle breeze, warmly caressing pastel blossoms in this field of flowers,
Wafting their fragrance, light and sweet, filling the air, stirring the senses.
Across the valley, a string quartet pours its music into the wind currents
Mixing with the sweet fragrances, creating a rich symphonic experience.

I see her approaching from across the field, and she seems to see me also
As she quickens her pace, her long billowing dress as an approaching cloud.
I hurry to meet her, my heart quickened by her countenance, her elegance,
Anticipation of taking her in my arms, pulling her close in a welcoming kiss.

At last, arms reaching out for one another, we press together in warm embrace,
Lips seeking that first anticipated kiss that transports to one another’s desire.
We fall together into those pastel blossoms, feeling their feathery gentle touch,
Taking in the full aroma of their pleasured sacrifice under our anxious bodies.

With string music continuing to waft and build upon the gentle warm breezes,
The now heady mixed fragrance of flowers and grass and rich loamy earth,
Semaphores, quietly signaling the onset and inevitable arrival of an inner storm,
Lightning flash and deeply rolling thunder, unseen but fully and richly sensed.

High clouds billow across the clear sky, a Morse code of sunlight upon us
Winds rising to wash over the rolling and roiling waves of a crystal sea,
Ancient spirits stand in awe looking jealously upon this sensuous stage
Trees rattling their leaves in perceptible poly-rhythmic percussion.

The bull elk stamps and trumpets a declaration of his royal possession,
A meadowlark presents her heart's song in counterpoint to the string quartet.
And the inner storm, receding into the soft outpouring of a spring rain,
Clouds clearing, creating the soothing aura of a gentle sun shower.

Senses withdrawing from their heightened pique, tingling in the afterglow,
Now, in self isolation, begins the recovery from an enraptured encounter
Drifting down thru soft silken veils, finding ourselves in each other’s arms
We breathe each other’s breath, sharing heartbeats as we gently embrace.

A gentle breeze, warmly caressing pastel blossoms in this field of flowers,
Wafting their fragrance, light and sweet, filling the air, calming the senses.
Across the valley, a string quartet pours its music into the wind currents
Mixing with the delicate fragrances for a luxuriously quieting concerto.
An earlier piece, written a couple of years or so ago
46 · Jul 25
Mono-Soul (Pt. 2)
silver stardust spindling
spiraling softly across time
from a single shining star
glittering contrails seeking
a visceral manifestation
embodied as one single soul
impregnating our two bodies
we sense the profound connection
the bond, a mystic attachment
a destiny imbued in our hearts
the bright heat of a single star
the eternal truthfulness
of our sweetly expressed adoration
the intensity of our sensuality
a love that can never be denied
46 · 1d
Love Poem
there is nothing that can befall us
that our great love cannot conquer
there is no fear that can threaten us
that our hearts can crush and defeat
what we possess is the wondrous power
of a love and devotion that shall always win
that shall always lift us above the darkest clouds
that will tide us over the roughest of seas
that shall always bring us to the peaceful shores
where our sun always shines
and our moon always blesses
Uncertainty is no longer a word
We find in our love's vocabulary
41 · Jul 28
then she writes of me
if i had the seas, oceans and lakes as ink
and all the heavens as my parchment,
it wouldn’t be enough to pen my love for her.

           she asks if she is real to me?
                  she is as real to me
         as the breath of air in my lungs
as the heartbeat that i now feel in my chest

there are portals where she places me
where i feel that i am
that i mean
                            to this crazy world,
that i mean
                            so very special to her.

and then she writes of me
i feel the deeply rooted meanings of her words
blooming in radiant fragrance within my heart
               they are not simply words,
they are fragments of her heart that she gives to me.  
and i treasure all of them as precious gems.
40 · 6d
become the poet!
so many words inundate
shards of
                well-worn definitions
you tell me that you hurt
i’m so familiar with that *******
then tell me about your pain
where does it start and end
what color and flavor is it
if you must write to me of it
then take me into your hurt
push it hard into my face
interest me in your emotion
shine a new light
                            your own light
upon the emotions that you write
make me feel the way you do
and not the way that i have
Advice that I must often remind my own self.
39 · 5d
lucid dreaming
your hand in mine,
we glide thru lacy curtains
of soft Spanish moss,
tangles of our dreams and wishes
swaying gently in the breeze.
our scent mingles with the rich petrichor
of the forest that we have nurtured
where soft beds of thick moss
awaits our ecstatic repose

our moon speckles our nakedness
with the soft beams of our love
filtering thru the night blooms
that burst forth as we walk by.  

this is our place, our realm
where no other may ever enter
because it is of our essence,
a love so pure
that even we cannot fathom
the fullness of its riches

38 · Jul 22
Meant (A Love Poem)
she created the vision within her youthful dreams
a crystalline image of someone whom she desired

she sang the keening song of her wildest desires
a song that called to me thru the walls of my tomb

she wished away the stone that once imprisoned me
giving me release to begin my life’s quest to find her

she broke the moorings that shackled my emotions
and forged them into a beautiful chain for her neck

she carved herself a cross from the bone of my heart
and above her heart, hung it there from my moorings

she appeared to me always as my guiding star
leading me slowly, surely, to the fullness of our time

she enchanted me from afar, captivating my mind
hearts then claimed by our undeniable connection

she proves herself that she has become my muse
i feel her infused in everything that i may endeavor

she is found woven through every fiber of my being
imbued in every good and creative aspect of my living

she possesses me across space and time in her heart
and, together, we are helpless in resisting this bond

we were meant to be, we were meant to love
36 · 3d
c o v i d - 1 9
“The Coronavirus is
very much under control in the USA.”
Trump 02/24/2020

“When you have 15 people,
and the 15 within a couple of days
is going to be down to close to zero,
that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”
Trump 02/28/2020


so many of us leaving
with so much labored breathing
who is worth believing
while we are still left bleeding

we buy the lie as numbers rise
no one tries, just say goodbye
don't ask why we have to die
they won't cry so dry your eye


Just over 162,000 covid-19 deaths in the US to date

And it's not over yet.
Are you a part of the solution
or are you part of the problem?
With you, our knowing extends far beyond (and so much closer) that any distance that might lay in between.  
Fingertips have played in pleasured sensations as lips have tasted the vintage of our ancient kisses.  

The atmosphere itself now carries the currents of our heated breaths loosed in the consummations of our ancestral love.  
Our eyes remember the glorious vision of our nakedness becoming vulnerable to each other in ages past.

We have long ago kissed each other's scars long before we became wounded and hurt by this life's misfortunes, the flesh holding the healing balm until released to reveal the healing.

Our vulnerability becoming the key to unlocking the secrets of our adoration.  

We have somehow known that we should let go of everything that could be held back and the lock becomes revealed to us that other's only hope to find .

Without ego, without pride or vanity, we come to each other unashamed and unafraid in the soft velvety shroud of this amazing gentle conflagration we have come to call "LOVE"
31 · Jul 24
the magic and hunger
and we lay
s  p  e  n  t
upon our sheets
awaiting dawn
when we begin
a  g  a  i  n
the pursuit
of our love's
magic and hunger
23 · 1d
She / He (Chat)
She: I love how you are still trying
         to fathom the enigma of love
         despite being immersed in it.
         How delightful!

He: It is a beautiful puzzle,
       a delightful rebus,
       a wonderful mystery
       that I hope I may never solve.

— The End —