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there is nothing that can befall us
that our great love cannot conquer
there is no fear that can threaten us
that our hearts can crush and defeat
what we possess is the wondrous power
of a love and devotion that shall always win
that shall always lift us above the darkest clouds
that will tide us over the roughest of seas
that shall always bring us to the peaceful shores
where our sun always shines
and our moon always blesses
Uncertainty is no longer a word
We find in our love's vocabulary

emit a soul i can barely feel 

standing along the precipice 

of touch and wondrous sensation

billowing through my blouse 

tickling my laughter 

aching inside this want


form in the ripples
that pool 
inside my tears

the mist gathering 
each tender thought before
morning makes
light of
their melancholy


gravitate in the creamy wisp 

of dreams my heart takes refuge in 

the lines streaked in fancy 

to suggest rather than convey


reside in the wintry mix
of colors
cast as shimmering glitter
in the snow
the smell of distant embers 

trembling in my homesick memory


dwell within the deepest caverns

of my hunger satiating this desire 

with morsels of stars and sprinklings

of moonlight filtered through
the leaves 
of conversation


an enticement

a Luna moth in flight 

the dew on blades of grass

the sustenance of silvery clouds
You bh
She: I love how you are still trying
         to fathom the enigma of love
         despite being immersed in it.
         How delightful!

He: It is a beautiful puzzle,
       a delightful rebus,
       a wonderful mystery
       that I hope I may never solve.
"I see pieces of you in others, but it’s not enough for me."
-- stephen stilwell

She is every woman
In the world to me
No one else can compare
My eyes can see no other
For looking any further
I have no need or desire

you hope you live long enough
to see it

and full of itself

mirrored on the ocean
or some other body of water

the moon just being the

and no one's crazy

Whit Howland © 2020
A word painting.
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