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the static discharge
a divine electrocution
of a primal intuition
withdrawing myself from
the immediacey of
this dark and filthy world
and its nasty little beasts
it is there
centered in an exquisite sting
the undeniable pin-***** of inner light
where i begin to feel the rumble
of a distant thunder
from an approaching

strange noises i've never before heard
beautiful creatures licking my wrists
and with but little regard
to those great bards
that have proceeded me
patience be ******
they live in my world now
Written under duress of a
pulmonary thrombosis recovery
To those who have noticed my lack of presence here lately, i have been in the hospital recovering from a non-surgical pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung).  Fortunately, it was a minor event, although very, very painful, and I should be making a full and complete recovery. Your prayers and best wishes are greatly appreciated.
the day descends in whispers
her heart, safe in my hands
sleeping doves, soft and warm
that i may keep my pledged vigil
and no harm shall come to them
until, like billowing summer clouds
she comes for me upon the winds
and her heart awakes from dreams
waking my heart to take flight
they circle around our embrace
gentle coos in our tender kisses
coax fragrant blooms from our garden
sweetening words yet unspoken
our moon, her glowing pearl
beckons the approaching darkness
velvet curtains, soft as whispers
we bid them, open, take us
from the world's bitter hyssop
where we may seclude ourselves
to imbibe the exquisite liqueur
distilled from the creamy nectar
that drips so freely from our love
In the moment we thrive
On the edge of being alive
Don’t be afraid
We’re all going to die
You see this is a reminder
From the wizard in the sky
From the witness behind
We’re all in this together
And this world
Isn’t getting any better
Traveler Tim
rise within our hearts gentle beast
come prowl our emotions seeking
the pathway of glowing embers
as our hands unlatch the gateway
fingers caress the bristling feral pelt
beckoning our primal spirit, enter --
we, with soft whispers of adoration
linger in vespers of tender passion
crepuscular affections awakened
the gentle beast senses our hunger
your breath becoming my breath
conjoined rhythm of heartbeats
striking the hearth of our desires
firing love's impassioned forge
our vespers evolve as divine howls
the beast feeds ravenously tonight
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