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I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry is my new favorite words.
It comes so natural to my tongue.
I say sorry, sorry that I liked you.
Sorry for showing that I cared.
Sorry for letting you know that I admired you. Sorry if I seemed too into you.
Sorry for all the texts and calls.
Because I didn’t have better things to do with my time.
Sorry that I let it go this far.
And most importantly, sorry to you my poor heart.
Sorry for all the torment and sleepless nights.
I is sorry for dragging you through this mess. And back to you mister, sorry I didn’t respect myself enough to know that I was too good for you!
 Nov 2017 Rachel Gosby
 Nov 2017 Rachel Gosby
Guide me
..................Hide me
Show me
..................Love me
Protect me
..................Tease me


Never leave me!!

 Nov 2016 Rachel Gosby
Just Melz
Throughout this soundtrack that I call my life,
       your heart is the beat,
          your voice is the lyrics,
   your soul is the slow and steady rhythm,
             your kisses are the chorus
       and your face is the album art.
Without you,
  I would never hear music the same again.
And then you changed
With each passing day I saw you in
A different light.
But I didn't mind
Because I knew I was just starting
To see you clearly.
in the darkness,
there are different kinds of light
there are lights that;
too bright for you to see the truth,
too dim for you to distinguish the reality from fantasy.
there are also lights that may burn you down.

but the best of all is the light that comes from him---
Our Father.

Our God

lesson #4 from moth

To be able to distinguish the different kind of lights is to open the eyes of your heart.

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Loving Her
My darling princess
It's your heart I love
Under the moonlight
I truly love you with
All of my delight

My dreams come true
And my heart smiles
Passion love peace together
You're my true only desire

The magic I feel with you
It clearly tells me it's true
Now and forever
Our strong love will go on
And forever I'll always be loving you.
David P Carroll
Loving Her
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